September 29 - October 5, 2013: Issue 130

Reef 2 Reef Ocean Fun Paddle - 2013

Reef 2 Reef Ocean Fun Paddle - 2013
"Bringing the paddling community together"

The Newport Kinghorn Surf Racing Academy was proud to host the second ever Reef2Reef Ocean Fun Paddle last Sunday, September 22nd. The Reef2Reef is designed as a fun paddle to capture the spirit of the paddling community and allow paddlers to be part of an enjoyable ocean experience. It is also a rare opportunity for the weekend paddlers amongst us to paddle with some of the elite names in the paddling community.

The Paddle was first run in 2011 attracting a host of support from all areas of Sydney’s broad based water community. The event was a resounding success embraced by the many different paddling clubs and institutions that were represented by a diverse range of craft and participants. The camaraderie experienced between the groups was at the core of the events success and was the underlying attribute taken away by all.

The 2013 Reef2Reef again sought to promote this unique bonding between the ‘water based’ people that all enjoy and share our wonderful aquatic environment. There were 131 racers this year who started at Newport Beach and finished at Fishermans Beach, Long Reef.

We spoke to the President of the Newport SLSC Rob Emerson, who stated it was a fantastic event that everyone enjoyed. “It’s great to have events like these on our doorstep.” Mr Emerson added.


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Event Categories
The 2013 Reef2Reef aimed to cater for all craft with the main categories being:
Ski’s (Ocean, Spec)
Stand up Paddle Boards (12’6, 14ft, Unlimited)
Paddle Boards (Racing Mal, 12’, Unlimited)
Out rigger’s (OC1, OC2, OC6)
Surf Boats

Race winners

Category                                              Winner                                     Winning time                               Total racers
Overall                                                  Stellar2                                    45:09.7                                         131
Board - 12 ' Open Men                       Gordon Layard                       1:24:41.                                           53
Board - 12 ' Open Women                 Sophie Elliott                          1:39:40.                                           31
Board - SLS Club Open Men             Mitchell Trim                           56:52.0                                              4
Board - unlmt Open Men                    Chris Mcguckin                      1:08:58.0                                           4
Board-SLS Club Open Women         Fiona Tschaut                        1:26:01.0                                          1
OC 1 Open Men                                  Daniel Bova                               50:38.5                                             5
OC1 Over 40's Men                            Trevor Groeneveld                    52:18.7                                             5
OC2 Open Men                                   Fabric Grandou                         54:24.3                                             1
Ocean Ski Open Men                         Luke Morrison                           46:31.5                                             6
Ocean Ski Open Women                   Jessica Duncan                        55:43.7                                             2
Ocean Ski Over 40's Men                  Dean Gardner                           46:18.0                                            15
Ocean Ski Over 40's Women            Dee Calvesbert                         53:59.1                                             4
Spec Ski Open Men                           Luke Jones                                45:33.1                                            13
Spec Ski Open Women                     Maddison Murray                      57:17.9                                              5
Spec Ski Over 40's Men                    Peter Grimes                             55:18.9                                              4
Spec Ski Over 40's Women              Lise Layard                             1:01:11.4                                             2
Spec/Ocean dbl Ski Mixed               Balmain Recreation Padlers     45:46.5                                             4
Spec/Ocean Dbl Ski Open M           Stellar2                                         45:09.7                                            1
SUP 12'6 Open Men                         Fletcher Davies                        1:15:00.4                                            5
SUP 12'6 Open Womens                 Terene Black                            1:08:44.1                                            2
SUP 12'6 Over 40's Men                  Brett Babet                               1:11:50.6                                            7
SUP 14 Open Men                            Sam Parker                                 58:52.7                                          13
SUP 14 Open Women                      Angela Sawers                         1:15:18.7                                            3
SUP 14 Over 40's Men                     Peter Brereton                          1:03:47.9                                          16
SUP 14 Over 40's Women               Vanessa Smith                         1:12:43.0                                            1
SUP Unlimited Open Men                Stuart Murray                             1:05:46.2                                            3
Surf Boat Open Men                         Warriewood Platinum               1:03:11.7                                            1

photos by Michael Mannington, Volunteer Photography, 2013.