February 22 - 28, 2015: Issue 203



At the Pittwater Council meeting 16 February 2015 the following Resident Questions were asked.

“Question 5 – When the “Fine Tuning” is complete, will the Mona Vale Post Office car park comply with Australian Standards? Answer: Yes

Question 6 – What is the additional cost of the “Fine Tuning” to Bungan Lane car park?Answer: The approximate cost will be $100,000”

The $100,000 cost of the “Fine Tuning” does not solve the vehicular turning problems in this car park as the vehicular entries into the ramps do not comply with the Australian Standard AS 2890.1 (2004) as demonstrated.

In February, the General Manager Mark Ferguson announced the “Fine Tuning” of Mona Vale’s Bungan Lane Car Park to solve “teething problems” to improve vehicle turning. The problems are more serious than can be described as “teething problems” and are the result of the poor design of the car park and not complying with Australian Standards.

The issue of vehicular turning on the exit ramp has previously been raised with Council, (28 November 2014 “Danger Inside The New Bungan Lane Car Park”). The vehicular turning, known as swept paths, do not comply with Australian Standards AS 2890.1 (2004). 

These swept path diagrams are copied here.

The required swept paths, (shown above in red), cross the kerb as constructed, (shown in green), resulting in difficulty in vehicle turning, evidenced by the indication of black rubber from tyres shown on the kerbs, as evidenced in the photos included.

The “Fine Tuning” has reduced the length of the guardrails down the kerb and the kerb has also been reduced in length. This however does not solve the vehicular turning problems as shown in the photos with black rubber from tyres still being deposited on the newly cut corners of the reduced length kerbs.

The approved drawings showed the exit ramp, (shown in the included photos), to be 4 metres wide extending to the adjacent column but the construction certificate drawings and the ramp as built is only 3 metres wide.

The attached photo shows the void between the ramp and the column, which is where the extra 1 metre of vehicular ramp width should be.

The exit ramp must be rectified to the design as shown in the approved drawings to solve the vehicular turning problems here.



This is additional to the “Fine Tuning” as described by the General Manager.

The included photos show the “Fine Tuning” shortening of the guardrail and the tyre marks on the kerb before reduction in length and after. The “Fine Tuning” has not resulted in compliance with the Australian Standards for Swept Paths and is still causing problems.


by Phil Walker


Small Car Very Tight fit on Ramp

Article and Images by Phil Walker, 2015.