January 10 - 16, 2016: Issue 246

Pittwater to Coffs 2016

 Above: RMYC Broken Bay at Newport member's boat - Morticia won multihull line honours, Skipper and crew with RPAYC Commodore Ian Audsley - photo by Stephen Collopy

Below: Line honours winning crew Beau Geste - photo by Stephen Collopy

 Coffs race fleet all in and placegetters declared

4 January 2016

A straightforward final night at sea for the Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race fleet brought the last boat, Out of Sight, from 42 starters to the finish line at 0632 hours this morning, Monday January 4, 2016.

All boats are safely tied up at Coffs Harbour marina on the NSW Mid North Coast or heading for home ports and the final placegetters have been declared. What was touted a promising smaller boat race for handicap turned out to be a big boat run north, at least for the major IRC trophy. 

Line honours winner for the second year, Karl Kwok’s 80-footer Beau Geste (RHKYC), also takes home the key IRC overall and IRC division 1 silverware, a bonus prize pack says Kwok. Beau Geste maintained a decent pace for most of the 226 nautical miles in the predominant sou’easterly winds and came to the finish hot doing 20 knots of boat speed, with bow spray flying. They missed Wild Oats IX’s 2003 race record by just 16 minutes.

“Getting the record is something on our minds, but with the line honours and IRC overall win we achieved full marks,” Kwok said today. “Taking IRC overall is definitely an unexpected bonus! For all those who participated in this great race, they must be diehards like me! It was so nice to have big fleet for this event.”

Second IRC overall, first in IRC division 2 and first on ORCi handicap went to Adrian Van Bellen’s J/122 Jackpot from the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. “It’s unbelievable; the conditions were perfect for us,” said the first time Coffs race owner/skipper. “I cannot speak highly enough of the crew; the credit should go to them. They are an inspiration to me.” 

It’s been a steep learning curve for Van Bellen given he bought his first boat, a Compass 28, less than eight years ago. 

Jackpot’s navigator Carl Crafoord said they competed without all the usual Rolex Sydney Hobart aids like MetEye and weather routing, instead “looking at the sky and sailing by seat of our pants… like back in the 80s. It was fun!”

In the downhill slide the planing asymmetric boats fared best, third overall on final IRC standings going to Bob Steel’s Mills designed Quest, the current Australian Yachting class B IRC champion.

Steven Proud’s Kernan 44 Swish from Middle Harbour Yacht Club, raced north by co-skippers Billy Sykes and Murray Gordon in the owner’s absence, took out PHS division 1. 

Dockside Sykes recounted a very random mid-race attack. “We went through a school of squid… we had 4 or 5 jump on the boat flicking around. I was standing up and one hit me in the back; I thought it was one of the guys winding me up. It was pretty funny…a first that’s for sure!”

Another beamy downwind flyer, Marcus Grimes’ Elliott 10.5 High Anxiety sailing for the race organiser the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club, finished the lead PHS division 2 boat.

“We had a great ride with big smiles all around and we are thrilled with the result,” said Grimes. “I am very happy for the crew and would like to thank the organising committee at RPAYC and the Coffs Harbour Yacht Club.”

Peter Wilcox’s Schionning Force catamaran called Mojo beat the rest of the multihulls in division on corrected time and Jeff Dusting’s AdventureSafety Jem from Sandringham won the Shorthanded division.

Video of the start on Saturday January 2 at 1pm from Broken Bay https://youtu.be/0z54yHqa930

Full handicap results in all divisions at www.pittwatertocoffs.com.au/live/race-results 

This evening two members from each crew will attend a Mayoral reception at Coffs Harbour Yacht Club prior to the end of race trophy presentation at approximately 1700hrs. All crews are welcome to attend the prizegiving.

Tomorrow is the pursuit style Club Marine Solitary Island race kicking off with the race briefing at 1030hrs at CHYC where starting handicaps will be issued. The fleet of 17 will start and finish in the harbour from midday onwards and the BOM has issued a strongwind warning, which should make for a fast, fun race. The fleet can be tracked here 

Black magic Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs finish for Beau Geste and Morticia

1200hrs, 3 January 2016

From the bulk of white coloured yachts contesting the 35th edition of the Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club’s key offshore event, the Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs yacht race, the charcoal coloured Beau Geste won the monohull line honours contest and the black-hulled Morticia easily took out the multihull race. 

A final fast reach to the finish line in morning sou’west breeze swept Karl Kwok’s maxi Beau Geste to its second consecutive line honours win, this time tantalisingly within 16 minutes of the 2003 race record.

Their official finish time of 0745hrs on January 3, 2016 gave them an elapsed time of 18hrs, 45mins 17 seconds. Video of the finish 

First multihull was Shaun Carroll’s 9.2m trimaran Morticia at 0855hrs. The four crew on board worked around the clock to keep the boat powered up and well in front of the two larger catamarans. Video interview with Shaun Carroll 

Now the nervous wait begins for the Hong Kong and New Zealand crew of the Botin 80 Beau Geste to see if the gap back to the threatening 40 and 50 footers is wide enough for them to maintain their IRC overall handicap lead. The outcome is one they have no control over as it depends how quickly the others in with a chance take to complete the 226 nautical mile ocean passage that began yesterday at 1pm from Broken Bay.

Both TP52s, Peter Hickson’s M3 with Brenton Carnell skippering, and Mick Martin’s Frantic, are in the hunt for the major silverware. The pair is staging a match race within an ocean race, now off Nambucca Heads.

Adrian Van Bellen’s J/122 Jackpot and the Kernan 44 Swish, with a crack young crew bringing the boat north for owner Stephen Proud who disappointingly wasn’t able to join them, also feature high up in the current standings 

There was very little rest for the hard-working crew of Morticia, Carroll said. “The boys will probably tell you I get the Golden Pillow (most sleep) award. It took us a few miles to get going after the start, when the breeze filled in. We always had a plan to go out to sea and it paid off. 

“We spent a lot of time doing prep work for this race; we usually put 10 hours of prep in per one hour on the water, so we are confident we’ll get through OK.”

Sailing master Dale Mitchell spoke of last night’s unique challenge, “Trimming a black boat with black sails on an overcast and moonless night is a bit tricky!” 

Pre-race video of RPAYC head coach Tommy Spithill talking to Dale Mitchell about sleeping arrangements and sailing with rangas (red-heads) 

Kwok wasn’t fazed by narrowly missing the record; “I’m happy. Generally we had very steady wind and the boat never parked up. I didn’t realise we were so close to the best time....that’s the way life is.”

The maxi yacht is already on its way back to Sydney aiming to beat another cut-off, Monday’s strong wind warning, and the rest of the crew are ashore at Coffs Harbour enjoying a hot shower and a feed and welcoming the early arrivals in. 

Marine Rescue in Coffs Harbour did a fantastic job of cooking and ferrying bacon and egg rolls out to Beau Geste’s delivery crew this morning, and they’ll continue to cook all day for the teams arriving tired and hungry at the marina.  

Today’s Macquarie coastal waters forecast is for south-easterly winds 10-15 knots reaching up to 20 knots offshore south of Crowdy Head in the evening, exactly as the Bureau forecasted. All but a couple of yachts are due to finish this afternoon and evening and there is still only one retirement from 42 starters.

View the entry list here.  

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By Lisa Ratcliff /RPAYC media

 Club Marine Pittwater to Coffs Harbour - Line Honours

Hosted By Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Race 1   (2/01/2016)  Provisional Subject to Audit

Updated:  4/01/2016  7:53:40 AM Line Honours - Line Honours results Start : 13:00

Place Sail No Boat Name         Skipper                            From        Design                   Fin Tim             Elapsd

1 HKG1997 BEAU GESTE Karl Kwok                    RHKYC Botin                   01:07:45:17     18:45:17

2 AUS52         M3                         Peter Hickson         RFBYCFSC Tp 52                   01:15:16:40     01:02:16:40

3 GBR5211L FRANTIC         Michael Martin            NCYC         Tp52 Donovan   01:15:42:09     01:02:42:09

4 226                 SWISH                 Steven Proud                    MHYC         Kernan 44           01:16:32:59     01:03:32:59

5 M166365 SHAKTI                 Doug Coulter                    LMYC         Rogers 46           01:17:51:49     01:04:51:49

6 M400         IGNITION         Ian Bower                    LMYC         Farr 400                   01:17:56:17     01:04:56:17

7 65007         ELENA NOVA Craig Neil                    CYCA         Judel & Vorlijk 42   01:18:00:23     01:05:00:23

8 NZL88188 YOUNG GUNS Mark Nagle                    RNZYS         Fred Barrett-35   01:18:00:39     01:05:00:39

9 7075         QUEST                 Bob Steel                    RPAYC  Mat 1180           01:18:00:44      01:05:00:44

10 18889         NINE DRAGONS Bob Cox                            MHYC          Dk46                   01:18:12:02      01:05:12:02

11 545           PRETTY WOMAN P.W. Syndicate            RPAYC  Farr 45                   01:18:22:11      01:05:22:11

12 8008 OCC.COARSELANGUAGE 2 Warwick Sherman    CYCA          Ker Gts 43           01:18:28:33      01:05:28:33

13 46                 KHALEESI Andrew&Pauline Dally            MHYC          Dk46                   01:19:10:30      01:06:10:30

14 SYD5  MARGARET RINTOUL V Graham Buckeridge    MHYC          Frers 61                   01:19:44:02      01:06:44:02

15 11011 ANGER MANAGEMENT Phil Arnall            NCYC          Corby 43           01:19:49:45      01:06:49:45

16 11744         XS MOMENT         Fran&Ray Hudson            RPAYC X Yachts Xp44   01:19:53:11      01:06:53:11

17 8181 ESPRESSO FORTE Peter Schwarz            CYCA         Farr 55                   01:19:56:24      01:06:56:24

18 B101         RUNAWAY         Drew Carruthers            RQYS         Sayer 11                   01:20:17:02       01:07:17:02

19 7700         ABOUT TIME         Max Poyser                    CYCA         Cookson 12           01:20:36:08      01:07:36:08

20 6774         JACKPOT         Adrian Van Bellen            CYCA         J/122                   01:20:48:46      01:07:48:46

21 8009 OCC. COARSE LANG ONE Robert Alder            RPAYC Cookson 12           01:20:49:08      01:07:49:08

22 51408         HARLEQUIN         Williams/ Fluhrer            RPAYC Farr 40                   01:21:12:48      01:08:12:48

23 SM6518 ADVENTURESAFETY JEM  Jeff Dusting            SYC         Sydney 47cr           01:21:50:25       01:08:50:25

24 6419         PEKLJUS        David Suttie                    RPAYC Radford 50           01:22:07:33       01:09:07:33

25 11044         KERAZY                R.Curtis/ G.Tailby            RPAYC Ker 11.3                   01:22:20:06       01:09:20:06

26 7027         THE GOAT        Mitchell Gordon            CYCA         Sydney 38            01:22:24:14      01:09:24:14

27 10447         LE BILLET M.Waterhouse M.Tinwo    RPAYC Beneteau First 44.7 01:22:47:52      01:09:47:52

28 6808         FLYING CLOUD Howard Piggott            CYCA         Beneteau First 40    01:22:52:45      01:09:52:45

29 M161         FRANTIC.        G Furtado B Pozzey    RQYS         Sayer 11.9            01:23:03:21      01:10:03:21

30 3242         SOLUTIONS        Stephen Dadour            RPAYC Dehler 41            01:23:11:04      01:10:11:04

31 4570         HIGH ANXIETY     Marcus Grimes            RPAYC Elliot 10.5            01:23:13:40      01:10:13:40

32 6893         IMALIZARD        Michelle Gilfoyle            RSYS         Welbourn 12m    01:23:35:02      01:10:35:02

33 6609         AMANTE        Dennis Cooper            CYCA         Sydney 36cr            01:23:42:16      01:10:42:16

34 A164         STICKY                Richard Harris            SASC         Salona 38            01:23:55:57      01:10:55:57

35 6166 SWEET CHARIOT       Ralph Pickering            CYCA         J109                    02:00:14:49      01:11:14:49

36 77                 STAMPEDE J Lattimore M Mcdona     LMYCNCYC Inglis 39                    02:03:57:35      01:14:57:35

37 8126         REVERIE        John Turnbull                     RPAYC Beneteau 40.7    02:04:52:25      01:15:52:25

38 6967      OUT OF SIGHT Mark Gorbatov             CYCA          Hanse 385            02:06:32:00      01:17:32:00

RET  M62          AUSTRAL         Peter Mayo                     RMYCT Sydney 38

Line Honours - Division 2 Mulltihull results 

Place Sail No Boat Name Skipper              From              Design                            Fin Tim          Elapsd

1         3002 MORTICIA Shaun Carroll      RMYC      Lombard Tri                    01:08:54:00 19:39:00

2         M165 MOJO         Peter Wilcox      MYCQ      Schionninggforce1500    01:10:16:07 21:01:07

3   AUS888 TOP GUN Darren Drew     RMYC/MYC    Crowther 50 Catamara    01:10:17:44 21:02:44

 Beau Geste at the start - photo by Crosbie Lorimer

 Morticia at the start of 2016 Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race - photo by  Crosbie Lorimer

 Darren Drew's Top Gear at  the start of 2016 Pittwater to Coffs Yacht Race - photo by Stephen Collopy

 Beau Geste coming to the finish line - photo by Stephen Collopy