May 22 - 28 2016: Issue 264

Mobile Wildlife Clinic for Sydney's Northern Beaches: Please Help Save Our Resident Sick and Injured Animals

Mobile Wildlife Clinic
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When our pets get hurt or sick, we rush them to a veterinarian and are happy to pay whatever it takes to make our furry/feathery/scaly family member all better, right?
But what happens to our wildlife when they get sick?  They don't have owners to rush them to the vet or pay for their treatment.   Who takes care of them when they are in pain and in need of care? 

We are Sydney Wildlife
We are an organisation made up purely of volunteers - and we rescue these wild animals and care for them.  However, we are not veterinarians and sometimes they need treatment that can only be provided by a professional veterinary surgeon.  

At the moment we are burdening our local vets with injured wildlife and they are having to bear the medical costs, while our volunteer rescuers bear all other costs.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if there was a service that helped our precious wildlife, our volunteer rescuers and our wonderful vets...? 

We need your help to fund a brand new, state-of-the-art Mobile Wildlife Clinic!
The Mobile Wildlife Clinic will provide first-class treatment to our injured and sick wildlife.  The clinic will be staffed by veterinarians who are experienced at treating wildlife and the clinic will also provide hands-on training for veterinary students who are all desperate to learn how to treat wild animals.  

Your money will be used to purchase a van, have it fitted out for first aid, consultations and medical emergencies for animals in times of natural disasters.  Your money will also be used to provide training for our future veterinarians.

With so many dangers to face - vehicle-strike, entanglement, habitat loss, attack from feral and domestic animals, human interference etc - our wildlife are in desperate need of our help. 

As you know, myself and many other wildlife rescuers work long and crazy hours to save our wildlife and we don't often ask for help... But this week we reached a crisis point when 10 of our local wallabies were killed on our roads - in just one week!

Please encourage your friends to share this to their pages to get us as much support as possible. We may be able to save what's left of our precious wildlife if we all help with funding a Mobile Wildlife Clinic.
Our wildlife needs your help. I need your help.
Thank you

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In a world of problems, our Mobile Wildlife Clinic is the answer. 
Thank you for saving their little hurt paws, their sore bodies and their precious little lives.