September 28 - October 4, 2014: Issue 182

 Meemoes: A Fun Global Warming Solution You Can Contribute To

 Warwick Willcoxson and some Meemoes at Avalon Beach.

 Meemoes: A fun global warming solution

By Warwick Willcoxson

Global warming is a serious problem... but so are death and taxes and we can laugh about them. Meemoes are an important part of the global warming solution that hasn’t had the fun extracted… and there’s no added pain. 

A simple mass purchasing switch to more environmentally aware companies will get the world economy working for the environment and against global warming. It’s one of the most effective things an individual can do and we’re about having a lot of fun getting them to do it.

Imagine a toy that changes colour. It’s a pretty cool trick to show friends. It’d be even better if it came with a daily story you could share with your friends. Ours do.

Meemoes are creatures that used to be invisible till pollution got in their hair, so there’s always an environmental back-story. They have their own language. There’s an education program and lots more.

It’s not just confined to kids though their pester power will be a factor in the promotion’s success. We start with school age but once we move beyond promotional stage to our website the spread of prizes will give us a demographic of all ages. 

Meemoes will be part of a promotion in the best behaved (environmentally) retail chains we can find. All is environmentally themed so our clients’ market share gains will push their rivals to revamp their environmental image to maintain market share.

It’s cool for kids and promotions come and go however ours will introduce people to our website. The website will have all you’d expect; environmental themes, bits of wisdom, entertainment, people contributing, getting recognition and prizes… except our prizes won’t be for one off competitions or diddly squat things. Our prizes will be full on 100% of the time, you’ve got a good chance of getting one of our prizes.

The reason is we’ve a different digital model. Our clients will be, of course, the most environmentally aware we can find and they, like most other companies, will always have given samples. That sample mentality will become part of their advertising. It’s more emotionally involving and, again, combines the environmental themes with market share gains. Rivals will be forced to appear environmentally positive to maintain market share.

How can you get one?

Collect some crazy fun environmentally themed trading cards… or support us on Indiegogo.

Everyone knows you can’t beat big business but they’re chasing the dollars as hard as anyone else and if profit is in environmental image that’s where they’ll be. Politicians will find it easier to agree to necessary measures if that’s where economic pressure points and we, the people, will be giving what we’re comfortable giving, our care and consideration.

The world is full of concerned people and they’ve always had the power, when united, to change… but why rally behind Meemoes?:

We care and there are too many years behind us to be another greedy grab for dollars. We consistently give back rather than just take the money from a great toy or maximize advertising revenue.

About Us

Our Team is a creative and determined group.

Warwick Willcoxson is crazy enough to believe he can change the world yet still exists in the real one.  Meemoes started as a great idea and he’s refined it to real possibility.  Lessons learnt on the way are the foundations upon which we've built.  Regular bodysurfing has given him respect for nature and a determination to help find a more sustainable balance for all life.

Chris Croft is angry enough to want to make a difference.  A life of running large-scale building and environmental projects means he can.  He’s another who washes his tensions away in the sea. 

Dave Archer is our computer genius.  It helps to be a little crazy when doing high-end websites and he makes bodysurfing handplanes (Garage Handplanes) in his spare time.  His happy days are spent testing them.

Gary Tilley seems like a normal teacher yet his numerous awards and projects suggest more a peerless pedagogue.  

Risks and challenges

We can’t even define the box people would like to put us in but we know what we want to do.  The toys can’t be made with off the shelf material but we’ve sourced all the components.  There'll be some development required as we plan to make the toys using better quality woven material rather than the short lived dying of our samples.  Our manufacturers have proved reliable but there’re always challenges and we want to minimize our environmental footprint.

No one has ever tried our digital advertising model and the challenge will be making it financially viable.  Keeping all light, fun and generous yet not losing sight of our goals, marketing and growing, people, even finding clients of good environmental intent… there’s plenty of challenges and there will be mistakes.  As long as we remain honest, open and willing to act appropriately they’ll be overcome.

There are many ways to help Meemoes.  

We’re always open to ideas and feedback.   Use our Facebook page to submit designs, concepts and thoughts.  If we use them we’ll acknowledge their source and reward their creator as we are able.  Our aim is to turn Meemoes over to the public and let them decide directions.  Of course we need capital but people telling other people about us is and always will be vital for our success.  Use the Indiegogo share tools.  Tell your friends.  It all helps.  

Help make it happen at HERE