October 13 - 19, 2013: Issue 132

Lion Island Challenge 2013 - Avalon Beach SLSC Hosts its 8th Ocean Paddling Race 

 Lion Island Challenge 2013

The 2013 Lion Island Challenge Ocean Paddling race included ocean skis, spec skis, OC's, SUPs, Racing Mals, 12 foot and unlimited paddleboards. Those who participated said there was a bit of backwash coming back around Barrenjoey and strong currents when paddling around Lion Island but it was a great day, a good paddle, and although those returning to station beach couldn’t wait to get into the water and cool off, there were smiles everywhere.

Run by Avalon Beach SLSC who provide water safety, helpers when everyone gets back to the beach to move their skis out of the way of those still coming in, commentary, this year by John Dick who kept everyone entertained, fruit for those returning and water to hydrate.

The race attracts other surf club members, members of paddling clubs, social paddlers, professionals and this year one gentleman who had travelled from Italy.

The courses are a 14 kilometres for Skis and OC’s, 8 kilometres for SUP, Boards and the social racers and a 6 kilometre board race for the racing Mals.

This year a brand new Lion Island Challenge Perpetual Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) trophy donated by Stuart Murray from SUPEXPLORE made a welcome addition to this fast gaining popularity form of getting on the water and enjoying yourself. Mr. Murray SUP Explore donated a SUP Paddle as a lucky door prize on offer to all SUP paddlers in the Lion Island Challenge this year for the second year in a row. See: http://www.supexplore.com/

The winner overall was Tim Jacobs for the seventh consecutive year who commented when receiving the trophy that he loved the sport and “Would do anything to support and promote paddling,” and that “It’s great to win again.”

Tim came in before two of the best in Australia this year, Jeremy Cotter  (North Burleigh SLSC), 2013 Molokai 3rd place getter and Olympian Nathan Baggaley. Tim also teaches paddling so if you want a few lessons from the gentleman who won this year, head over to http://timjacobspaddling.com/ and sign yourself up.

Christine Hopton, President of Avalon Beach SLSC, was everywhere all morning, handing out drinks to those coming in, making sure everyone was well looked after but not competing even though she is pretty good on the water herself.

This year the list of sponsors has grown, recognition of what a great race and day this is, and includes LJ Hooker Avalon as major sponsors and those whose logos appear as our way of supporting those who support this great event. 

Avalon Beach SLSC has done it again – wonderful morning, great people having an excellent time together.

Official Categories

Male: 12.6 and under, 14 foot and under

Female: 14 foot and under.

The Race Categories for this years Lion Island Challenge

SKI & OC 14km

U19 Men Ocean Racing Ski
U19 Men SLSA Ski
U19 Women Ocean Racing Ski
U19 Women SLSA Ski
20-39 Men Ocean Racing Ski
20-39 Men SLSA Ski
20-39 Women Ocean Racing Ski
20-39 Women SLSA Ski
40-49 Men Ocean Racing Ski
40-49 Men SLSA Ski
40+ Women Ocean Racing Ski
40+ Women SLSA Ski
50-59 Men Ocean Racing Ski
50-59 Men SLSA Ski
60+ Men Ocean Racing Ski & SLSA Ski
Open Double Ski
Open Men OC1
Open Women OC1


Open Male 12’6 & Under SUP Board
Open Male 14’ SUP Board
Open Female 14’ & Under SUP Board
Open Male Paddleboard 12’
Open Male Paddleboard Unlimited
Open Female Paddleboard 12’
Open Female Paddleboard Unlimited
Open 8km Social Ski (Male & Female)


U19 Male Racing Mal 10’6
U19 Female Racing Mal 10’6
Open Male Racing Mal 10’6
Open Female Racing Mal 10’6

All Results can be found here:
Volunteer Photography - Lion Island prize winners and other pictures ‏ - photos by Mike O’Flynn and Michael Mannington at:  http://gallery.volunteerphotography.org/p676440363


 Jeremy Cotter (2nd), Tim Jacobs(1st) and Nathan Baggaley (3rd). Picture by A J Guesdon. 

 Winners of the 8km Womens 14 Foot and under Stand Up Paddleboard- Terrene Black, Tammy Mongomery and Nikki Gillies. Picture by Mike O'Flynn.

 First Back: to Station Beach -  Daniel Hilly, 8km Social Ski (Male and Female) Time: 46:59. Picture by A J Guesdon.

Robert and Christine Hopton. Picture by A J Guesdon. 

 First Lady Back: Deb Salmons, 8km Social Ski (Male and Female) Time: 48:50. Picture by A J Guesdon.

 First for the 7th year in a row, Tim Jacobs, 20-39 Ocean Racing Ski Men -Long Course (14km), Time: 01:02:59. Picture by A J Guesdon.

 Race director Brett Greenwood, Dirk Dramer and Louise Lindop - Avalon Beach SLSC members. Picture by A J Guesdon.

 Local Legend Nick Carroll, 50-59 SLSA Ski Men, Time: 01:20:29, being interviewed by John Dick, post-race. Picture by A J Guesdon.

 Local Legend Colin Campbell, 60+ Ocean Racing Ski Men - Long Course, Time: 01:32:22, being interviewed by John Dick, post-race. Picture by A J Guesdon.

Still smiling while coming on home. A J Guesdon Picture.

Still smiling too! Picture by A J Guesdon. 

Not sure this counts - but they were paddling!  A JG Picture.

Report + Pictures by A J Guesdon and Mike O'Flynn, 2013.