December 6 - 12, 2015: Issue 243


Jo Brigden-Jones and Naomi Flood Win K2 500 Final at Grand Prix 1 – Adelaide

Pittwater's Jo Brigden-Jones in Action - Picture courtesy Team Australia


December 4, 2015:  Australian Canoeing Regattas

Australia’s top female sprint canoeists have taken the first step towards erasing their disappointing 2015 with a solid performance on the opening day of the first Grand Prix in Adelaide, on Friday December 4.

Just 0.03 seconds split the top two boats in the women’s K2 500, with London Olympians Naomi Flood and Jo Brigden-Jones prevailing over under 23 World Championship bronze medalists, Alyssa Bull and Alyce Burnett.

After failing to qualify a boat for next year’s Olympics at the Milan World Championships, Australia will need to rely on qualifying through Oceania events early next year.

“Obviously it is really early, but any race you get to do is always good to line up and have a good crack,” Flood said.

“To come away with the win is great for us, but it is more about the processes, just things like getting time in the boat together because we live in different states at the moment.”

Prior to the Grand Prix starting Jo Brigden-Jones stated she is determined to bounce back in 2016 after she and her fellow teammates learnt some tough lessons this year.

Brigden-Jones was part of the women’s K4 500 crew at the World Championships which finished 11th to narrowly miss out on qualifying four quotas for Rio.

“I am definitely very motivated to make sure my performances next year are very strong so I can qualify myself onto the team,” Brigden-Jones said.

“There will be some tough racing this season as everyone wants a spot on the team but I’m looking forward to the challenge.”

Since the conclusion of the World Championships in Milan, Jo has completed her university degree in paramedics, and spent a month on placement with a NSW Ambulance paramedic crew.

The 27 year old has also been focusing on building an endurance base for the season ahead which commences with the GP1 in Adelaide running from 4 to 6 December.

“My focus for GP1 is just to have a good hit out and to see where I’m at,” Brigden-Jones said.

“Part of the national plan at GP1 is identifying some K2 crews to race for the rest of the season, so we will be racing three different K2 500 races.”

This season Brigden-Jones will focus on three Olympic events – K1 500, K1 200 and K2 500.

“I believe it’s possible to be successful across all these events.”

Later in the day the senior women also contested the K1 500 heats with Brigden-Jones, Burnett and Bull each securing a safe passage through to the final on Saturday after winning their respective heats.

Sunshine Coast paddler Alyce Burnett won the gold in the women’s K1 500 final at the first Grand Prix in Adelaide on the Saturday.

In the first event of the domestic season, Burnett edged London Olympian Jo Brigden-Jones by 0.33 seconds to secure the victory in 1:53.81.

The women’s major event of interest on the final day of racing, today Sunday December 6th, will be the K1 200 with Jo Brigden-Jones, Alyce Burnett and Brianna Massie the front runners after automatically qualifying for the A final after winning their respective heats today.

The other key finals to be raced on the final day include the men's and women's C1 200 and C2 200, women's K2 200 and men's K1 500. Plus a host of paracanoe and junior events.

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As can be read in the results when we searched for those for Jo - Northern Beaches paddlers are excelling in South Australia: 

Grand Prix 1 Date: Fri 4th - Sun 6th December, 2015

Results for Jo Brigden-Jones  

Event 22  -  WK1 500    Womens Open K1 500

Heat 1 Race 32


Place Name                                                            Club                                        State Lane 500M Margins

1st Brigden-Jones, Jo                                           Sydney Northern Beaches NSW 4         1:52.55 0.00

2nd McArthur, Catherine                                           Holdfast Bay                          SA         6          1:53.99         1.44        +1.44

3rd Mann, Rebecca                                                   Bendigo                                  VIC         7          1:56.55          2.56 +4.00

4th Massie, Brianna                                                   Kawana Waters                          QLD 3             1:57.77  1.22 +5.22

5th Godoy, Deandra                                                   PaddleNSW Direct                   NSW 8             1:59.58 1.81         +7.03

6th Dober, Keily                                                           Sydney Northern Beaches          NSW 2            2:05.64 6.06         +13.09

7th Silvester, Samantha                                           Canoes Plus                           VIC 1            2:16.64 11.00 +24.09

  Nicholls, Alana Bayswater WA 5 SCRATCHED

Progress: Plan B: 1->A Final; 2..7->Semi Final

A Final Race 66


Place Name                                                          Club                                        State Lane 500M Margins

1st Burnett, Alyce                                                          Sunshine Coast                         QLD 4       1:53.81 0.00

2nd Brigden-Jones, Jo                                          Sydney Northern Beaches NSW 5        1:54.14         0.33           +0.33

3rd Bull, Alyssa                                                          Sunshine Coast                         QLD 6        1:56.36         2.22           +2.55

4th McArthur, Catherine                                          Holdfast Bay                                 SA         7        1:57.35          0.99    +3.54

5th Roberts, Jaime                                                  Bayswater                                 WA         9         1:58.53          1.18 +4.72

6th Minogue, Hannah                                                  PaddleNSW Direct                NSW 3          1:59.63          1.10 +5.82

7th Mann, Rebecca                                                  Bendigo                                        VIC         1          1:59.89          0.26 +6.08

8th Massie, Brianna                                                  Kawana Waters                        QLD         2          1:59.98          0.09 +6.17

9th Godoy, Deandra                                                  PaddleNSW Direct                 NSW 8             2:05.44 5.46 +11.63


Event 25  -  WK2 500    Womens Open K2 500

Heat 1 Race 1


Place Name                                                         Club                                        State Lane 500M Margins

1st Brigden-Jones, Jo                                              Sydney Northern Beaches    NSW

Flood, Naomi                                                           PaddleNSW Direct                 NSW         4 1:53.05 0.00

2nd Bull, Alyssa                                                              Sunshine Coast                        QLD

Burnett, Alyce                                                                   Sunshine Coast                          QLD                5 1:55.62         2.57       +2.57

3rd Reynolds, Shannon                                                 PaddleNSW Direct                    NSW

Minogue, Hannah                                                           Bayswater                                 WA                      6 1:56.69           1.07          +3.64

4th Bryant, Allison                                                          Manly Warringah                        NSW 

Mann, Rebecca                                                           Bendigo                                 VIC                  3 1:57.13          0.44 +4.08

5th Duncan, Rachel                                                       PaddleNSW Direct Sydney     NSW

Dober, Keily                                                                   Northern Beaches                NSW                 7 1:57.98          0.85 +4.93

6th Cummins, Deanne                                                  Bayswater                                   WA

Silvester, Samantha                                                    Canoes Plus                        VIC                   2 2:14.91           16.93 +21.86

Progress: Plan A: 1..4->Final + Fastest 5th

A Final Race 13


Place Name                                                        Club                                       State                     Lane 500M      Margins

1st Brigden-Jones, Jo Sydney                           Northern Beaches                NSW

Flood, Naomi                                                      PaddleNSW Direct         NSW                       5 1:46.84 0.00

2nd Bull, Alyssa                                                          Sunshine Coast                     QLD

Burnett, Alyce                                                               Sunshine Coast                      QLD                                3 1:46.87            0.03 +0.03

3rd Nicholls, Alana                                                     Bayswater                                 WA

Roberts, Jaime                                                        Bayswater                                WA                                4 1:50.37            3.50 +3.53

4th Massie, Brianna                                                   Kawana Waters                       QLD

Gilliman, Caitlin                                                        Kawana Waters                      QLD                     6 1:51.98            1.61 +5.14

5th McArthur, Catherine                                            Currumbin Creek                       SA

Wallace, Bernadette                                               Holdfast Bay                            QLD                     2 1:52.69             0.71 +5.85

6th Reynolds, Shannon                                             Bayswater WA

Minogue, Hannah                                                        PaddleNSW Direct             NSW                     7 1:52.95              0.26 +6.11

7th Bryant, Allison                                                       Manly Warringah                     NSW 

Mann, Rebecca                                                        Bendigo                                             VIC                              8 1:55.29               2.34 +8.45

8th Kidd, Francesca                                                   West Lakes                           SA

Bulmer, Josephine                                                Onkaparinga                             SA                    1 1:58.46               3.17 +11.62

9th Duncan, Rachel                                                   Sydney Northern Beaches  NSW

Dober, Keily                                                               PaddleNSW Direct                  NSW               9 1:58.49            0.03 +11.65

Event 47  -  WK1 200    Womens Open K1 200

Heat 2 Race 95


Place Name Club State Lane 200M Margins

1st Brigden-Jones, Jo                                      Sydney Northern Beaches   NSW                5 0:41.94 0.00

2nd Roberts, Jaime                                              Bayswater                                    WA                4 0:42.28          0.34 +0.34

3rd Godoy, Deandra                                              PaddleNSW Direct                    NSW                7 0:44.55          2.27 +2.61

4th Minogue, Hannah                                              PaddleNSW Direct                    NSW                6 0:44.81          0.26 +2.87

5th Kidd, Francesca                                              Onkaparinga                            SA                8 0:46.52          1.71 +4.58

6th Bryant, Allison                                              Manly Warringah                    NSW                3 0:47.27          0.75 +5.33

7th George, Phoebe                                              Perth Paddlers                            WA                2 0:47.82          0.55 +5.88

8th Cummins, Deanne                                      Bayswater                                   WA                 1 0:48.95          1.13 +7.01

Progress: Plan B: 1->A Final; 2..7->Semi Final