October 6 - 12, 2013: Issue 131

International Fleet Review 2013 - the Re-enactment of the Australian Navy's Entrance to Sydney harbour of 4th of October 1913 on 4th of October 2013

When large events are occurring on our waterways the Water Police are on duty and rostered into these areas from all divisions - the Olympic Games or visitng V.I.P.'s are all escorted during water visits, by the Water Police.

I had the pleasure of being onboard Water Police 31 to escort seven of the Royal Australian Naval ships into Sydney Harbour this morning 4th October, 2013. My skipper was my old mate Sgt. John Cox and his crew who escorted the RAN's HMAS Perth from Line Zulu to it's berth in Darling Harbour. As usual I took my trust memory card (camera) and these are some of the pics.

The International Fleet Review, 3rd-11th October 2013, commemorates the centenary of the arrival of the first Royal Australian Navy Fleet into Sydney when seven warships, state of the art for their time, entered the harbour on 4th October 1913. They were led by Australia's first Flagship HMAS Australia:

The Navy is never late. And the time fixed for the entrance was half-past 10. That was why the advance of the ships was slow. They were waiting till the clock should strike. Out of the south-east they came in beautiful single line, like a long, lithe snake, turned, and came in direct from the east, so that, looking from inside the Heads, the flagship was for a time all that was visible.

And exactly at half-past 10 H.M.A.S. Australia, flagship of the Australian Fleet, Rear-Admiral Sir George Patey, K.C.V.O., in command, was passing through the Heads. And as she did so her band played "Rule Britannia," and the crew stood at their stations.

Following her:

And so with the light cruisers Melbourne and Sydney, which followed the flagship in; and so with the Encounter and the destroyers Warrego, Parramatta, and YarraTHE FLEET, LED BY THE FLAGSHIP, ENTERING THE HEADS ON SATURDAY MORNING. THE ENTRANCE. (1913, October 6). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 5. Retrieved from http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article15455420

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To find out more about the formation of our Australain Navy and this Fleet's entance to Sydney Harbour in 1913:

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 Awaiting the arrival of our ships to escort.

 My skipper

 The HMAS Sydney giving a 21 gun salute to Bradleys Head where the mast head of the original HMAS Sydney is displayed.

 The rest of the crew: S/C From Manly and a Naval assistant.

 Sydney Opera House with Police vessel, HMAS Darwin and Sydney skyline.

 The HMAS Perth and the Harbour Bridge.

The RAAF's elite formation aerobatic display team are known as the Roulettes. this group perform breathtaking displays, using only hand-eye coordination to fly at speeds of up to 590 kilometres per hour. The six Roulettes may experience up to 4.5G (or 4.5 times the normal force of gravity) during a display in their PC-9/A aircraft. When the Roulettes are not showcasing their skills, they teach qualified RAAF pilots to become flying instructors at the RAAF Base East Sale in Victoria.

 The good ship Nemesis 7.

 Mr. Bruce Tape esq.

 HMAS Perth.

 The old Nemesis 3 gliding past Pier 1.

 Heading back to sea for more escort duty.

Report and Photos by Brian Friend, OAM, 2013. 

International Fleet Review Videos by Brian Friend OAM - Friday 4th of October, 2013.