November 23 - 29, 2014: Issue 190

  Great news for Pittwater’s sister village Soibada in Timor Leste

 Great news for Pittwater’s sister village Soibada in Timor Leste

After years of effort the hard work has paid off.  Pittwater Friends of Soibada Inc (PFOS) is now a registered charity that is partnered with Pittwater Council and several community groups, schools, churches of all denominations and Rotary Clubs. Volunteers have been facilitating sustainable development projects in Soibada since 2010 when Pittwater Council signed a Friendship Agreement with the people of Soibada, and their local government. This relationship centres on empowering the people.  

There will be a special opportunity, for everyone, to hear all about the current projects and the latest developments in Soibada at Avalon Recreation Centre on the evening of Monday 8 December. Our volunteers will provide an update about each of the separate projects:

• Education

• Health

• Sanitation

• Water

• Construction

• Small business development

• Tourism

• Friendship school program

• There will be an explanation about our governance and future strategic plans.

Jen Cincotta of the Education Development Committee in Soibada in Oct‏

Please come along and find out how you can help – all kinds of assistance are needed. We need people with varied skills, even those with only a small amount of time to give. Here is an opportunity to see the results of your efforts and know exactly where the money raised is going.

Become a “Friend of Soibada” for $20 a year. (Every little bit helps – it is only $20 a day to feed all of the 50 children in the orphanage.)

Thanks to the huge support this project has received from Pittwater locals and others the scope of our endeavours has expanded remarkably over the last few years. Our goal is to facilitate the change that comes from within the Soibada community.  

Computer donated to Principal of the high school

There is a lot of initiative in the village and vast improvements have been made over the last few years. There are some fantastic proactive and forward thinking leaders in Soibada. We must enable the people to help themselves and restore the dignity that has been stolen from them during years of oppression.  We work with NGOs already based in Timor Leste and staffed by Timorese people.  

With your support we will change the future for the children of Soibada and Timor Leste by helping them to help themselves.

If you would like to see more have a look at the videos below and to keep up to date please 'like' and follow our Facebook page at:

Please come and hear about the latest projects. 

Find out what volunteers from your community have been doing in Soibada.

See how you can get involved – we need your help.

Tamara Sloper Harding

Chairperson, Pittwater Friends of Soibada

 Soibada Visit 2011

 Soibada Visit 2013