June 29 - July 5, 2014: Issue 169

Essential School Holiday Travel Tips From Monika’s Doggie Rescue 

School holidays have come around again. They are perfect time for families to relax and get away, but let’s not forget our four legged family members as well. It’s an exciting time of year but travelling can be stressful for all of us, but with just a little bit of preparation you can ensure you are all set for the perfect mini break with your dog.

“These days there are so many more pet friendly places you visit with your pooch and there are on line directories where to find them. I think there are many more holiday places that have never considered being pet friendly as they have not been approached, so it really worthwhile checking before you make plans to leave your pooch behind.”
Monika Biernacki

TIP 1: Introduce the car
Cars can be scary, so a little time making sure your dog is comfortable riding in one goes a long way. Start taking your dog on trips to the park using the car or even just for short drives around the block that have a reward at the end. Don’t just use it for trips to the vet!

TIP 2: Safety is key
Seat belts are not just for humans, they are also essential for dogs to keep them safe in the car. Again, practice before the big trip is key to ensure a stress free ride. The last thing you want is a frazzled seat belt fitting the morning you leave. 

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TIP 3: Take your time
Too much time in the car can drive anyone crazy so be sure to plan breaks along the way for the whole family to stretch their legs. Take plenty of water to keep your dog hydrated and happy.

TIP 4: Give nervous dogs a little extra TLC
If your dog is anxious before car travel, consult with your vet for advice and remedies which can assist in keeping them calm and happy. Over time, car trips will become a source of excitement and fun for your dog. If your dog has nausea, make sure you don’t feed them prior to travel.

TIP 5: Research your pet friendly options in advance
Pet friendly accommodation options around the country are increasing, so be sure to check if yours is. The more people who ask, the more establishments which will provide these services. Going somewhere your pet can’t? Think ahead and book either a pet minding service for your dog to stay at home, a kennel or friends and family who can give your pet the love he needs!

And finally, NEVER leave a dog unattended in a car!
Even in winter, a dog should never be left unattended in a car, especially with the windows closed. Dogs need proper ventilation and a closed car is incredibly dangerous.

School holidays are the most difficult times for pounds all around the country with the same period in 11/12 seeing a 7.5% increased dump rate—that number represents a lot of lives at risk. By taking a little time to prepare using the simple steps above, your dog can be an integral part of your family holiday. Remember, a dog is a lifetime commitment, holidays and all.

DoggieRescue.com is Australia’s largest No-kill charity, in operation since 2001 with the primary objective of saving dogs from death row from council pounds. DoggieRescue has saved almost 11,000 dogs and has more than 200 dogs looking for homes. It relies on dog lovers to keep its doors open and is largely a volunteer run organisation. Visit www.DoggieRescue.com or call 9486 3133 for details.

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