December 16 - 22, 2012: Issue 89                 

 Christmas Dessert – Orange Obsessions Cake- By Head Chef Gavin Hughes from Byron at Byron Resort 
“This cake is just delish!”

Chocolate sponge 
4 Eggs 
120g Castor sugar 
100g Plain Flour 
20g Dutch Cocoa Powder 
1 Tea spoon hot water 
Extra cocoa for dusting (about 40g) 
Line 2 large trays with baking paper 
Whisk the eggs and sugar in machine until very thick. Sift the flour and cocoa together and fold into the egg mix-gently but enough to mix in all the dry ingredients. Add in the hot water and stir through. Spread between 2 trays and bake at 170 0C for 8-10 mins. Lay out 2 sheets of paper and dust with some of the extra cocoa powder. Turn out the sponges onto these sheets. Leave to cool, then remove baking paper and cut into 18x7cm circles. Dust with more of the extra cocoa powder and set aside.

Milk chocolate and orange mousse 
200g milk chocolate 
40ml milk 
280ml thickened cream 
2 oranges –zested 
Melt the chocolate with the the milk, stir until really smooth. Cool slightly. 
Fold in the orange zest. Semi whip the cream and fold into the chocolate cream. Set aside.

Chocolate sauce: 
100g dark chocolate; 40ml milk 
Melt together and mix until smooth 
18-20 Duck Creek Macadamias Orange Obsession roughly crushed 
To assemble: 
Line flat trays with baking paper. 
Place metal rings on the trays. 
Cut strips of paper to fit the rings (25cm x 7cm) and line each ring. 
Place 1 circle of sponge in the bottom of each ring. Carefully ladle in some of the chocolate cream. Put another sponge circle into the ring (gently push in to level it). Add in another ladle of the chocolate cream. Finish with a circle of sponge (gently push in to level it). Refrigerate for 20-30 mins 
When set, cover the top piece of sponge with a tablespoon of the chocolate sauce. Sprinkle with the roughly crushed macadamias. Return to the fridge to set for 10 mins. 
Serve with crème fraiche or cream

Copyright Duck Creek Macadamias, 2012. All Rights Reserved.  



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