February 12 - 18, 2012: Issue 45

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What do Clients Say about DFE work?

Rockdale City Council: Coolibah Reserve Bardwell Valley
DFE produced a clear Concept design Report for the restoration of a degraded wetland in Coolibah Reserve. This included an explanation of the design aims, a schematic diagram showing key features, concept design section through the wetland, and  advice on species type and numbers to be planted throughout. It also included advice on water levels, scour protection, headwall widening and spillway construction.  DFE were subsequently engaged to undertake all planting works following civil works by another contractor and the result has been a great success. They have also been engaged for the last 12 months to maintain the wetland and associated creek embankment works (also planted by DFE).
Ted Pirola. Senior Landscape Architect, Rockdale City Council

Port Botany, Ecological Maintenance
We found DFE to be a fantastic contractor. The quality of the work is always of a very high standard with direct supervision from management/owners.  DFE were always very conscientious about the work including schedules and cost.

We found DFE to always be willing to work longer hours and provide the needed resources at all times.  DFE worked closely with Baulderstone engineers and environmental manager at all times to ensure the work was completed in a timely manner. 

DFE are one of the most professional organizations I have worked with on large infrastructure projects.  They were always well mannered, polite and hard working.  Their efficiency and professionalism was consistent at all times throughout the project which lasted three years. The uniforms add a nice touch! 
Quentin Pitts, Environmental Manager Baulderstone Pty Ltd (NSW) Port Botany, Ecological Maintenance

I have witnessed “before and after” snap shots of vegetation areas that Dragonfly have worked on and the results after work has been carried are very noticeable, plants are healthy looking and vegetation areas look vibrant and well maintained. The bush regenerating team spend time in ensuring that the work is done to a high standard. No detail overlooked or task too small. Highly recommended.
Ian Henderson,  Landscape and Ecological Maintenance Manager Sydney Ports Corporation

 Shell Cove Wetland




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 Related Works–Restoration

Port Botany Expansion Penryhn Estuary Saltmarsh Enhancement and Recreation for Sydney Ports Corporation and Baulderstone Hornibrook, (2007-2014): Dragonfly Environmental was awarded the contract to project manage environmental restoration works in Penryhn Estuary, and is employed as the Saltmarsh Ecologist for the site. Works include GIS mapping of existing Saltmarsh, technical information relating to the Saltmarsh community and restoration works, translocation of 1500m2 Saltmarsh, collecting seed and propagating 220,000 Saltmarsh plants, scientific monitoring of existing Saltmarsh and re-created areas (3 Year monitoring programme), planting and maintenance of existing and newly created areas. Over four Hectares of Bitou Bush was eradicated from the Penryhn Estuary foreshore dunes as part of DFE’s bush regeneration works. Subsequently over 300,000 provenant dunal plants have been installed post regeneration works by DFE.

Bush Regeneration for Warringah Council Manly and Curl Curl Lagoon, (2010-2011):  Involves the suppression of noxious and environmental weeds at 12 sites comprising of estuarine lagoons, creek-line corridors, riparian and terrestrial areas. Works involve 1800 of bush regeneration hours for the contract and plant supply and installation of 2500 plants.

Noxious Weed Control South Creek Warringah Council, (2010-2010): Involves the control of Ludwigia peruviana, vine weeds and juvenile Coral Trees along a 2 Km. length of South Creek. Works involve 288 hours for works within creek-line and riparian area.

Bush Regeneration and Wetland Maintenance for Hornsby and Shire Council, (2006-2011):  Involves the suppression of noxious and environmental weeds at 15 sites comprising of creek-line corridors, sedimentation basins, water quality control ponds, and wetlands, and terrestrial areas working in Blue gum High Top forest.  Works involve 1400+hours per year. 

Cooks Park Dune Restoration Kyeemagh for Sydney Water and Water Delivery Alliance (2009-2010): Involved planting over 100,000 dunal plants. The dune restoration site and erosion control materials are being bush regenerated and maintained by DFE for six months.

Coolibah Reserve Riparian Rehabilitation for Rockdale City Council, (2010 - 2011): DFE were involved in the creek bank restoration and were responsible for all the riparian planting and the on-going maintenance.  The wetland and creek works have been recognised by the Sydney Metropolitan Catchment Management Authorities and others as exceptional.

Coolibah Reserve Wetland Design, planting and maintenance, (2010 – 2001): DFE designed a wetland for Coolibah Reserve transforming a weedy puddle into a wetland dominated by native aquatic plants and surrounded by terrestrial native species.

Scarborough Park Wetland and Rehabilitation Works (2010 – 2011):  restoration of wetland and surrounds including Endangered Ecological Communities; Sydney Fresh Water Wetlands and Sydney Coastal Estuarine Swamp Forest Complex. Involves over 1800 bush regeneration hours are required to complete the regeneration project.

Fern Creek and Narrabeen Creek Detention Basin (2004-2008) for PIttwater Council: Included works over 48 000m2 of riparian zone restoration and landscaping in the Warriewood Valley.  Soil amelioration, mulching and planting works were carried out.  220,000 tube stock, 10,000 6-8 inch pots, 300x25L, 250x 75L and installation of 7x3m Cabbage Tree Palms. DFE currently manages noxious and environmental weeds in a section of Fern Creek.

Cronulla Industrial Estate for Australand (2006-2007): Bitou bush and other noxious and environmental weeds were eradicated from the works site. Works included planting of 330,000 plants in stormwater detention facilities and on dune areas. Work was completed within two months.

Doonside Reserve and Breakfast Creek for Mirvac Homes and Blacktown City Council, (2004-2007): Bush Regeneration and hard works were conducted to restore and maintain the largest remaining stand of the Endangered Cumberland Plain Ecological Community in the Blacktown City Council Area (13 Ha.)  This Involved maintenance of Breakfast Creek, Riparian Zone and Terrestrial Areas and translocation of the endangered Cumberland Plain Land Snail.  Installation of 40,000 plants, 800 metres of fencing, 900 metres of pathways through reserve, installation of 1km of bollards, design and installation of interpretive signage for the Reserve.  A Weed Management Report was compiled for the site that outlines targets and monitoring requirements to be carried out by Dragonfly Environmental.


Wetlands Projects: Lake Gillawarra Beauty


Turquoise parrot eating Salt Marsh seed at Gough Whitlam Park