Members of the The Save Beeby Park Committee expressed concern earlier this week about witnessing flooding issues and run off from the newly constructed car park where this reserve once was.

Their email:

During the rain yesterday, Monday 18th November 2013, inspection showed several problems with drainage from the recently completed car park.

•The main drainage of the new car park is to a grass swale behind the Scout Hall and this is now producing flood flows beside the Tennis Club resulting in extensive flooding in front of the Tennis Club.

•The stormwater pit in front of the Scout Hall on the Scout Hall Lease has not been connected resulting in flood flows with mud in front of the Scout and Guide Halls.

•The Sewer Inspection Opening in front of the Scout Hall has been recently tampered with and needs rectification. The lid is now raised creating a trip hazard and needs to be rectified to prevent damage to the lid and the fitting.

•The edge of the main footpath in the centre of Beeby Park is collecting floodwater and depositing it and debris onto the footpath along Barrenjoey Road.

The Members of the Save Beeby Park Committee received a reply from Pittwater Council's Manager- Urban Infrastructure: "Thank you for your interest in this project. The issues you have mentioned will be investigated and rectified if necessary. "

We requested they provide photographs to illustrate what they had seen. Yesterday, Saturday 23rd of November, Pittwater experienced a severe storm – the Terrey Hills weather stations records '19.4mm since 9am' when we checked the BOM at midnight for their statistics.

Last night pictures showing flooding at the rear of the Scout Hall, Guides Hall, Golf Course, Tennis Club House Grounds and Tennis Courts were sent through. The email they were sent on states material is being washed away with an overland flow path that never existed before. Silt protection barriers cannot cope with runoff from water funnelled by the bitumen hard surface area of the new car park. 

The Guides and Scout Halls are also being flooded underneath with 200mm depth of water between the two buildings.


Save Beeby Park Committee


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