November 27 - December 3, 2011: Issue 34

Avalon Golf Course Restoration works

Bushcare Volunteers and workers

Careel Creek works 

 Catchment Management Authorities: What are they? What do they do?
by Marita Macrae

NSW is divided up into 13 Catchment Management Authorities (CMAs). The CMAs have the task of natural resource management, of natural resources such as land, water, soil, plants and animals, with a particular focus on how management affects the quality of life for both present and future generations.

Natural resource management is congruent with the concept of sustainable development, a scientific principle that forms a basis for sustainable global land management and environmental governance to conserve and preserve natural resources.

Natural resource management specifically focuses on a scientific and technical understanding of resources and ecology and the life-supporting capacity of those resources.

The Sydney area falls into two CMAs – Sydney Metro (SMCMA) and Hawkesbury Nepean (HNCMA). Pittwater local government area is covered by both.  The northern boundary of Sydney Metro runs west from Turrimetta Head, up Mona Vale Rd, so that Warriewood and Narrabeen Lagoon catchment is in the SMCMA area. The HNCMA area covers the enormous catchment of the Hawkesbury river, into which flows water from the northern part of Pittwater. The coastal strip from Turrimetta to Barrenjoey Headland is included.

To achieve this goal, the CMA works closely with landholders, councils, community and Landcare groups, nongovernment organisations and other government agencies to plan, fund and carry out practical environmental improvements in priority areas.

The CMAs funnel funds from Federal and State government for environmental projects. The Pittwater LGA has received many thousands of dollars this way over recent years, through Pittwater Council, Pittwater Natural heritage Association and Pittwater Environmental Foundation and other groups. The funds are matched by similar Council and community contributions of money or in-kind (volunteer) work.

Current HNCMA –funded projects are (November 2011):
Restoration of Bushland on Avalon Golf Course, Bush Regeneration at Bothams Beach, (near Church Point), Pittwater Water Estuary Care (Careel Creek revegetation and Asparagus Fern removal)
Current SMCMA – funded projects:
Weed Control in Warriewood Wetlands

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