October 2 - 8, 2011: Issue 26

Barton Lynch's Blast Off 2011.


Above; 'Curly' and 'Butthead' or, as their mother prfers to call them, John and Wayne Rixon. Below: Peter Roberts, coaching judge for the 6th year running. Below this; Craig Claridge.

Above: Grace. Below: Commentators James Mitchell and Paige Houden. 

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Families and Friends

Above: Mickey and Tony McDonagh with Rabbit and Jagger Bartholomew.

Below; Laura Enever helps Paige out during the girl's Heats.

Above: Koby and Will with their dads. Below: Tess Mawson and Jemima Hutchens. Bottom: Laura Phelan and Madison Poole. 

Below: Laura Enever, Mitchell Tomlinson and some of the children at Blast Off Idol 2011 held at Palm Beach RSL.