November 8 - 14, 2015: Issue 239

 Bilgola Surf Life Saving Club Hosts Round One of 2015-16 Season Boat Premiership: A Great Day of Competition


Bilgola SLSC's Under 6 Nippers getting ready for a row ! - picture courtesy Carol McManus

 Bilgola Surf Life Saving Club Hosts Round One of 2015-16 Season Boat Premiership: A Great Day of Competition

Saturday, 7 Nov 2015

Bilgola Surf Lifesaving Club set a high standard with the first surf boat carnival for the season launching a great a competition at Bilgola beach today.

Over 50 surf boat crews took to the 1.5metre surf under blue sky and sunshine.

It was a rough start on the high tide with lots of roll overs and slews and plenty of crews found themselves out of the boat and into the water.

“It was a great day and a strong round of competition to kick start the season, all the Bilgola Surf club crews put in a huge effort”, said BSLSC President, Romilly Madew.

Spectators on the shores of Bilgola beach enjoyed a great morning watching the action on the waves as the surf boats pushed through.

Caroline and Marcus Blackmore were on hand to congratulate the winning crews in each division, along with Bronwyn Bishop MP Member for Mackellar.

Bilgola Beach Surf Boat Carnival Results 7th November 2015

OPEN MEN                                                                                            OPEN WOMEN  

Dee Why Team A 1                                                                                    Manly Malarki 1

Bilgola Bennys 2                                                                                    Palm Beach Pterodactyls 2

Cronulla Wildcards 3                                                                            Manly Mighty Ducks 3

Sth Curl Curl LAMP 4                                                                            Bilgola Bennys 4

Newport Makos 5                                                                                    Collaroy Caballeros 5

Bilgola Gold 6                                                                                            Bilgola Gold DNS


RESERVES                                                                                            UNDER 23 MEN  

Manly Boat People 1                                                                            Mona Vale Rude Dudes 37

Newport Sea Cucumber 2                                                                    Avalon Beach Pinkies 36

Manly MOJO 3                                                                                            Sth Curl Curl The Thunderbirds 30

Bilgola Billygoats 4                                                                                    Sth Maroubra Sabers 29

Palm Beach Projects 5                                                                            Newport Team A 28

Bilgola Old 6                                                                                            Palm Beach Parallax  


UNDER 23 WOMEN                                                                            UNDER 19 MIXED  

Avalon Beach Avocados 35                                                                    Sth Curl Curl The Lamp 38

Warriewood Whips 30                                                                            Mona Vale Junior Burgers 34

Bilgola Sweet Cheeks 29                                                                            Sth Curl Curl Slickers 32

Newport Mad Dogs 27                                                                            South Maroubra Rookies 32

Palm Beach Pumas 20  

Pittwater Online News has loaded a Bilgola SLSC Boat Carnival 2015 Album HERE - including the 'fuzzies' for those who like to use these for Training. If anyone wants a full sized image, please email us with the image number*. 

Some of Round One of the 2015-2016 Boat Premiership runs below.

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Report by  Kath McKenzie, pictures by A J Guesdon, 2015