November 27 - December 3, 2011: Issue 34

Before and After Examples of Belinda's Work

Family Room Before

Family Room After

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After

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Belinda Grundy

Back in the 70s in between the orange and green swirls, flares and headscarves I was the lucky last daughter of Rob and Gwen Woolrych, a naval family.  We were lucky to grow up around here for a number of years then needed to move to the UK for a period of time.

I’m firmly back in Pittwater after our stint overseas in my younger years and since then have enjoyed a long career with Woolworths.  I have completed my Post Grad Dip in Management at Macquarie and have subsequently studied Interior Design.  I was married in 2004 and have been blessed with our two gorgeous children who are now five and three.  After 16 years with my previous employer, I took the plunge into the exciting world of small business and opened my Sydney Property Styling business: BG Property Styling.  At BG Property Styling, we help northern beaches real estate agents and home owners spruce up their property presentation for sale.  We have a passion for helping home owners and agents alike to help them achieve their maximum profit, as soon as possible with the sale of their property.  I have always had a love for interior design and have enjoyed completing property makeovers on my own property.  We have proven the advantage of property styling time and time again!

A real highlight during my first years of owning a business was being an award finalist in the 2009 Working Women's Network Awards & Pittwater Council Sustainability Awards.  It is great to stop and reflect on the positive work that we do and being recognised with this was just fantastic!

Since the start of BG Property Styling, we have found ourselves specialising in a complimentary niche and opening a new arm to the business called Senior Movers.  In this business we are helping our fellow Pittwater locals with downsizing from the family home to a smaller residential property or into an aged care facility.  So often we find the seniors are left to themselves and just need someone to trust and be capable of organising the move and their belongings to either a re-sale, reuse or relocated place.  We help our seniors decide how they can do it and make their downsizing project a reality with ease.   Senior Movers is a speciality relocation assistance business geared towards the beloved seniors in our community.  We can then of course let BG Property Styling take care of the property makeover to maximise the sale or rental value of their home.

Keeping on my training qualification and work from Woolworths, I’m teaching in Small Business for Northern Beaches College of TAFE.  I love to help new business owners succeed by teaching and sharing knowledge and experience.  It can be a bumpy ol’ ride out there for new businesses owners, and if I can ease it for them I’m really fulfilled.  I have a passion for helping people succeed and making a positive impact on others’ lives, whether it is my clients or my students – we can all succeed – we just need to help each other.

The future is exciting for the business and family alike.  I’m going to see my sons first day at school soon and my little lady is on her way to the ‘big girls’ room’ at kindy!  I’m really enjoying the momentum of the business and our northern beaches real estate agents and home owners as well as the senior downsizers are loving what we do for them.  We have enquiries regarding franchising of the business.  It’s a great model and will work well in many areas!!  The plate is pretty full but all in a good way!

What is the Working Women's Network ?

Working Women's Network are gone now; they were great.  The networking I'm involved in now and love is WISE (Women in Small Enterprise), Inspiring Women, Pittwater Businesses Limited. I'm also on the committee of the Narrabeen and Districts Chamber of Commerce.
You were a finalist in the 2009 Pittwater Sustainability Awards, what was this in recognition of?

This was for our policy, procedure and actions in the small business category.  Our philosophy is “less is best to landfill”! In our industry it is easy for one to consume more items in order to stage a property.

We’ve opted to go the opposite route. We work to find new homes for any of the items we don’t need for a property. We re-cycle, reuse and sell (auction or Ebay). As a business owner, I know that from our smallest jobs to our huge homes largest jobs that every item that is taken away in a truck to the tip or goes into the bin, that we have inspected and directed everything.   We know that all efforts every time are made towards our REUSE, RECYCLE then RUBBISH policy.

First and foremost we purchase services or goods from local businesses. We feel this not only helps our local economy but it reduces our environmental impact saving on petrol etc. We strive to use local reupholstering services, auctions, ebay trading assistants, charities and book specialists that  purchase old books that clients no longer need.  We ALWAYS use our rubbish contractor from Pittwater, one that takes pride in separating rubbish. We try to connect with businesses that also have a similar philosophy in regards to environmental impact if possible.
You also teach Small Business for Northern Beaches College of TAFE. What is one thing you would advise all potential new Small Business owners to consider before starting ?

Give it a go and “HANG ON for the ride!”  Having your own business  is the biggest learning curve and personal development that I believe you will go through at work!  Be prepared to adapt, learn and change as you go.  Keep up with technology and always be open to feedback and improvements and you won’t look back. 

How do you balance being a mum of two with all your other jobs in Senior Movers, teaching at TAFE and BG Property Styling? 

This is the biggest challenge for parents who run their own business.  The key is to block your time, allow people to help and be super, super productive in the time that you have.  I have two VA’s overseas and really good people who work with me that I have trained and I really trust.
What is your favourite place in Pittwater and why ? 

My favourite place in this area has to be where we married – Edgar Gornell Wildflower Garden at Collaroy Plateau, while my favourite place in Pittwater is riding along Narrabeen lake with my lovely family.

What is your 'motto for life' or a favourite phrase you try to live by ?

Believe in yourself and your vision, help others first and you will receive.  Every day is new - enjoy it.