March 25 -31, 2012: Issue 51


Margot Paul presenting Family Ties

Uta Hoffmann demonstrates Music to Go

Getting ready for the lucky door prize, Trish Kalf, President Paul Purvis and Brian Hindes

 Avpals Seniors Week Seminar
Friday 23/3/2012
By Michael Mannington

Avalon Computer Pals held their Seniors Week seminar at the Newport Community Centre. Opening the series of presentations, local member Rob Stokes spoke of the exciting new world of communications that is available to computer uses. He went on to highlight the important work that Avalon Computer Pals does in providing the chance for seniors to take advantage of the new opportunities particularly in communicating with family and friends. Avalon Computer Pals president Paul Purvis told the audience that new courses were now available at Newport in addition the continuing the one to one training at Avalon

The first presentation of the afternoon was a history of computing by Andrew MacGregor of Exran Computers in Avalon.  The history of computing may be just a  few years but the technology advancements are almost incomprehensible to most of us. And there is no end in sight so get on board now and join the fun. 

The next presentation of the afternoon was one of the latest technologies the Apple iPad. Avplas trainer and iPad tablet expert Jenny Chan gave a live demonstration of some of the exciting features of these portable devices. Photos, music, video and connecting to the internet make this a a great tool to share with family and friends and you can take it anywhere with you.

Pittwater has one of the highest rate of volunteering in Australia and in the presentation "Social Media for Social Good", Michael Mannington gave an insight to using social media with charity and volunteer and not  for profit organisations. Communication through social media such as Facebook and Twitter  is now common place with large organisations but small groups in Pittwater can also take advantage on this new and powerful media.

Some time ago Margot Paul started researching her own family history and was soon hooked on this fascinating pursuit. Now she is sharing her experience with others wanting to find their ancestors. As Margot demonstrated there are now a multitude of resources, many free, that are available. Starting with a collection of photos even from relatives you have never met before, can lead to fascinating encounters with distant family members. There are several commercial computer packages but using the free internet resources can get you started.

Music on the Go is not just for the young. Uta Hoffmann, long time portable music user demonstrated the range of devices that allow the listening of music, audio book TV shows and photos. Even though the devices a now remarkably small they can store thousands of Cds. Once on the device such as an iPod they can then be taken in your car or when you are walking. Music can be arranged in 'play lists' which can be tailored to your mood such as background music or as a companion when your are walking. The winner of the lucky door prize won a iPod plus tuition from Uta on how to load the music and get started enjoying missing on the go.

Avalon Computer Pals has individual tuition classes at Avalon and to inquire about joining ring 02 8064 3574

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