April 24 - 30 2016: Issue 260

Australian Surf Life Saving Championships – the Aussies 2016

 Bill Phillips - '70 years and over' - Whale Beach SLSC

Australian Surf Life Saving Championships – the Aussies 2016
The  Aussies 2016 finish at the end of Sunday April 24, with Surf Boat and Open events still to be run through to Grand Finals today.
Newport SLSC are at 5th place on the rankings, Manly LSC at 7th as go to press, and Palm Beach SLSC are sitting at 22nd position with 313 clubs participating and over 7000 competitors.  
Every Pittwater Surf Life Saving club participating has some points 
The iconic Australian Surf Life Saving Championships event has returned to the Sunshine Coast from 16–24 April at Alexandra Headland, Maroochydore and Mooloolaba for the first time since the 1980's. 
Across 9 days, over 7000 Surf Life Savers from 313 surf clubs will have competed in over 400 events from Youth, Open and Masters categories. 

Youth Championships: All events for the 2016 Youth Championships will be held at Maroochydore Beach.
Opens and Masters Championships: Masters and Opens Championships ocean events will be held at Maroochydore Beach. 
Boats will be held at Alexandra Headland and beach events will be held at Mooloolaba.

Saturday 16th–Sunday 17th April: Australian Youth Surf Life Saving Championships
Sunday 17th April: The Aussie Ocean Swim. Event info.
Monday 18th–Tuesday 19th April: Australian Masters Surf Life Saving Championships
Wednesday 20th–Sunday 24th April: Australian Opens Surf Life Saving Championships

An overview of results so far for the Pittwater clubs:

Palm Beach SLSC (NSW)
Masters: 50 points
Gold – 5
Silver – 2
Bronze - 1

Karen Begg: 55 - 59 Ironwoman – 6th, 150 yr Ski Relay – 3rd, 150 yr Board Relay – 2nd, 55 – 59 Board Rescue – 2nd, 55 – 59 Board – 2nd, 55 – 59 Ski – 7th, 55 – 59 Rescue Tube – semi, 55 – 59 Ironwoman – 7th, 150 yr Taplin – 6th,
Annabelle Chapman: 55 – 59 Rescue Tube – semi, 55 – 59 Ironwoman – 1st, Board – final, 55 – 59 Ski – 12th, 45 + Double Ski – 1st, 150 yr Taplin – 6th ,150 yr Ski Relay – 7th, 150 yr Board Relay – 2nd, 55 – 59 Board Rescue – 2nd, 
Tim Gates: 55 – 59 2 km Run – 1st, 150 yr Board Relay – 14th (5th in heat), 150 yr Ski Relay – semi, 150 yr Taplin – semi,
Gordon Lang: 60 – 64 Ironman – 7th, 60 – 64 Board – final, 150 yr Board Relay – 14th (5th in heat), 150 yr Ski Relay – semi, 150 yr Taplin – semi,
Fi Rae: 50 – 54 Ski – 1st, 45 + Double Ski – 1st, Board – 5th, 50 - 54 Ironwoman – 4th, 150 yr Taplin – 6th, 150 yr Ski Relay – 7th, 150 yr Board Relay – 2nd,
Quentin Reeve: 30 – 34 2 km Run – 1st, 
Adriaan van der Wallen: 45 – 49 Swim – final, 45 – 49 Ironman – 8th, 150 yr Board Relay – 14th (5th in heat), 150 yr Ski Relay – semi, 150 yr Taplin – semi, 40 – 49 Longboard – semi, 40 – 49 surfboard – 3rd 
Andrew Webster: 35 – 39 Rescue Tube – 9th, 35 – 39 Flags – heat, 35 – 39 Sprint – heat, 35 – 39 Board – heat, 35 – 39 Ski – semi, 35 – 39 swim – final
Fi  Rae - Gold again!
Karen, Annabelle and Fi

Surf boats (so far)
GOLD for the Palmy Pumas in U23 Women - undefeated all Aussies: 
Crew: Emily-Jane Sharpington-Recny, Georgia McCarthy, Alison Olmstead and Kate Molloy, Sweeps: Peter Spence, Stephen Cox
Silver in the Boat Relay: Thomas Webster, James Raleigh, Thomas Payne, Harrison Tuit, Sebastian Schwartz, Michael Bishop, Oliver Archibald, Alexandra Tyrrell, Kurt Spencer, Elyse Reynolds, Verity Boulton, Lucy Polkinghorne: Palm Beach SLSC Relay Team: Silver
Nick Wiadrowski is looking after two crews at the Aussies - the under 23 Palm Beach Punchers and the open women (Pterodactyl).as Sweep Stephen Cox is out of the boat following surgery. Nick took over the Pterodactyl crew as his mentor Peter Spence had enough on his plate (SLS SNB).

Whale Beach SLSC Inc
12 points
1st     6points    70 yrs and over Rescue Tube Race    Bill Phillips    
1st     6points    70 Yrs and Over Surf Race    Bill Phillips      

Avalon Beach SLSC
17 points – Masters

4th   3 points    Masters 2016  50-54 Male Board Rescue    Team A    Grand Final
2nd  5 points  Avalon Beach Antiques – Silver  180 yrs min Female Surf Boat  
6th 1 point     Avalon Beach Red 180 yrs min Male Surf Boat
3rd 3 points 60-64 Male Ironman    ChrisMcGuckin – Bronze
4th 3 points    60-64 Male Board Race    Chris McGuckin
5th 2 points 200 yrs min Mixed Surf Boat    Avalon Beach Krusties
Bob Richardson and Alan Channells: competitors in board and ski events
Alan is actually a member of Newport but did a competition switch to Avalon. ‘’There are just more guys to train with,’’ Alan told SLS SNB during the week.
Avalon’s Grant Salmon, competitor in (50-54 board;
“I made it through to the semis. There were 58 starters,’’ Grant said during the week (to SLS SNB)
‘’It is just an indication of the level of standard in the competition up here,’’ said Palm Beach veteran Gordon Lang.
“There are some really good competitors from Branch and State who aren’t doing well up here in very tough conditions.’’ 
Gordon (the former Branch president) made it through to the board final in his age group. “In the ski, I was coming second or third but got wiped out by a wave on he way out,’’ Gordon said.
Picture (SLS SNB): Sydney Northern Beaches mates Grant Salmon (left), Gordon Lang and Kevin Flood.
Avalon Surf Boat Teams in Aussies 2016: Avocados (U23 Girls), Pinkies (U23 Men), 

Bilgola SLSC
2 points
Masters – 

5th  2    180 yrs min Male Surf Boat Bilgola Old    Grand Final
Masters 2016    50-54 Female Beach Flags    Carol Forlonge
Bilgola Bennys, Gold (U23 and Open Womens and Open Men, and Reserve surf boat teams are also in Queensland competing.

Newport SLSC
29 pages of events and competitors from Youth to Opens and Masters all in together!
What is known, so far:
Georgia Miller: third successive open women’s surf title third successive open women’s surf title (April 23rd, 2016)
Jake Lynch: silver in Open Beach Flags
Linda Leck & Lily Tancred. GOLD in the U15 First Aid
Maddogs Surf Boat Team – made it to quarter finals
Jackson Borg: Silver in U19 Champion Lifesaver
Hugh McAlpine: Bronze medal in the U17 Champion Lifesaver
Isabella Stevens: Silver medal in the U15 Surfing
Maddie Spencer Lara Moses and Georgia Miller: Gold in Open female board relay
Ollie Signorini, Guy Rees and Remy Hill: Bronze in under 19 rescue tube
Sam Wilcox, Olivia Heaton and Janice Quinn: Gold in under 19 board relay, in finals for Under 17’s, same event
Newport U17's and Opens ski relay GOLDS!
Charlie Brooks, David Euers and Guy Rees: Silver in the under 19 board relay
David Euers, Jackson Borg and Charlie Brooks: Gold in under 19 ski relay
Luke Morrison, Luke Jones and Mitchell Trim: Gold in the open men’s ski relay
Jan Proudfoot, Lise Barry and Christine Hopton: Gold in the 150 years Taplin
The ladies also won 3 points in the Ski Relay for Newport
Christine Hopton, who competes with the Newport Masters Team, also made the final in the 55-59 Board race, placing 5th and winning another 2 points for the Newport Masters Team.
Chris, Jan, Lise: Gold!
Ted Smithies placed 5th in the 65-69 Beach Flags Finals, adding a further 2 points to Newport's tally.
Nick Carroll: Bronze in the 55 years board
Nick Carroll!
Toby Newey: Gold in the under 14 sprint
Kevin Flood made the Finals in the 60-64 years ski.
Newport Surf Boat Teams: the Maddogs and Sharknado(U23 Women), Manta Rays (U23 Men) Makos (Open Men), Sea Cucumbers and Jollytails(
Reserve Grade) have made the sojourn north.

Mona Vale SLSC
Masters 33 points
5th    2points110 yrs min Female Board Relay (3 team) Team A:Sophie Stokes, Paula Tocquer, Kristyn Monnock    
6th 1point   40-44 Female Board Rescue  Team A: Sophie Stokes, Kristyn Monnock
4th 3 points  55-59 Female Rescue Tube Race  Lisa Critoph
 4th  3 points    Masters 2016    55-59 Female Surf Race    Lisa Critoph
2nd  5points 40-44 Female Rescue Tube Race    Kristyn Monnock    
3rd  4points  40-44 Female Beach Flags Kristyn Monnock
1st   6 points 40-44 Female Beach Sprint    Kristyn Monnock
6th 1point 40-44 Female Single Ski    Kristyn Monnock
2nd  5points 40-44 Female Board Race    Kristyn Monnock
 Paula Tocquer, Kris Monnock, Lisa Critoph and Sophie Stokes: Mona Vale Masters rule!
5th 2 points   40-44 Female Beach Flags  Sophie Stokes
6th    1point 35-39 Male Double Ski  Team A: James Morison, Stuart Innes
Mona Vale surf boat teams competing in 2016 Aussies: Junior Burgers, Mambas (Mixed U19's), Rude Dudes (U23 Men), Mavericks and Mchicken Fillets (Open Women crews), Rocks and Big Macs (Open Men) and Quarter Pounders (Reserve Grade).

Warriewood SLSC
Masters: 13 Points
Chris MacDonald, Ben Hargy, Adam Gee and Glen Bauder: Gold in 170 years male beach relay
Warriewood Beach Gold
5th 2 points  180 yrs min Female Surf Boat  Rustys (Louise Barnett, Tanya Deer, Alex Coates, Kathryn Maguire)
2nd 5 points  40-44 Male Beach Sprint Adam Gee
Warriewood surf boat teams: the Whips (U23 Women), Wahines(Open Women), Business Time (Reserve Grade) and Team A -200 years min Mixed Surf Boat.

Photos by and courtesy of SLS SNB, Alex Tyrell, Georgia McCarthy and Kate MacDonald (PBSLSC), 2016.