December 18 - 24, 2011: Issue 37

Above: Andrew as he is today. Below: as a younger lad .

Reflections of a Modern Man, 50 Tips to raising a business and managing a family


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 Andrew Holder

Andrew Holder has a large capacity of all we want our dads to be this summer; cool, calm and lots of fun to be around. Born in England in 1971 where he was educated and then served an apprenticeship as a young marketeer in an interior design business, Andrew became a partner at age 24. In 2002 he and his wife emigrated to Australia and settled in Pittwater, which shows he also has an appreciation of great Exterior design as well. At the same time he began new businesses here and in 2005, TDA Interiors was founded. Between 2005 and 2010, Andrew launched five more busi¬nesses. A father of four energetic children, he now spends his time between family and work commitments. His two passions, family and career, give him the purpose to experience all that this big modern life has to offer. Earlier this year he released a wonderful book, Reflections of a Modern Man, 50 Tips to Raising a Business and Running A Family, with often hilarious anecdotes that are compiled in a way that, ultimately, makes us exhale, smile, and decide to rise to the challenge, whatever the challenge is. Again. As our third summer gent he kindly agreed to share a few insights on how he keeps each day vibrant.

You have a very active life, running businesses, a young family to look after and engage with, and now a career in writing too. What do you do to exhale or relax ?

Family life and business life pretty much dominate the landscape of my life. It’s the in-between moments where I often find moments of peace and space. The commute to and from work, down time between business appointments, regular vacations etc. That said, I have learnt over the years never to resent the lack of “me” time. Sure there are constant pressures, but ultimately I am privileged and grateful to have so much love and success in my life and this means I am often able to relax and exhale at work and at home, in the moment, rather than seek relaxation diversion elsewhere.   My life is essentially one entity, not a clash of time demands. This mindset has helped me through all the pressure and stress points in my life. I think it was Gandhi that was once asked, “have you ever had a holiday”. His reply… “every day of my life is a holiday”

What do you enjoy most with your children ?

Watching them grow up is the most rewarding aspect of my life, particularly when they grow and develop with many of my own character traits. I love the fact that they hold the same sense of humor as me, always hold a positive outlook, and can always see the lighter side of life. If I could give my children just one thing, it would be the magic potion of always looking on the bright side. This is what has served me so well over the years, and I know it will serve them.

What are your future plans ?

The next 10 years for the business’ and the kids are very important development years and need my full attention. I plan to use this experience as rocket fuel to write more books about these two dominant areas of my life

Favourite funny anecdote ?

Actually, funnily enough there are a few in my book that I love.

1)      Love has no nostrils – always remember this when I am changing a nappy

2)      If you bit off more than you can chew, try chewing anyway. You may just surprise yourself – I live by this mantra

What is your favourite place in Pittwater and why?

Clareville Beach carries so many happy memories for me. I have watched all my children enjoy the serenity there. At dusk and at dawn the peace there is quite awe inspiring. It’s like a sanctuary for Family Holder. 

What is your 'motto for life' or a favourite phrase you try to live by?

If you help other people get everything what they want, then you will end up with everything you want. Zig Ziglar said this and it’s the way I live my life, every day, in every way.

 Clareville Beach - Pittwater

Clareville Beach in Late Afternoon Light, both images by Geoff Clarke. All Rights Reserved.