June 25 - July 15  2023: Issue 589


Winter Sports On Hitchcock Park In Pittwater


Round 9 - Saturday June 17th 2023 at Hitchcock Park, Avalon Beach: Avalon Bulldogs Vs. Narrabeen Sharks - 14 all - a draw. 

This Game was played under lights with the littlies running out with the Avalon Bulldogs A-Grade team at the commencement of the match.

A large crowd gathered at Hitchcock Park, Careel Bay playing fields. There were a number of Newport Breakers players and supporters attending - some players are part of  both the Avalon Bulldogs and the Newport Breakers (Rugby Union) so there is a cross-code support of each other that occurs - unless they are playing a hybrid game against each other!

Two who work hard behind the scenes, Jazmin Ball of the Bulldogs and Cameron Greaves of the Newport Breakers, were comparing notes at half-time.

Jazmin Ball of the Bulldogs and Cameron Greaves of the Newport Breakers

There is more to this Club than the 80 minutes of football each week though. Through the Grand Stand program the Bulldogs have committed to a Code-of-Conduct that sets the standards for players, coaches and officials. ''We believe that good men make better footballers!'' the club states

A few pictures from this mid-June match: