September 10 - 16, 2017: Issue 329

Threatened Species Day 2017:

Wildlife Protectors 

Threatened Species Day 2017

I would like to thank all of those who do their bit to protect wildlife. Rescuers, carers, veterinarians, veterinary staff, journalists, editors, National Parks staff, our Police, Firies, trained rescue dogs and their trainers, educators, politicians, environment preservers and concerned members of the public. 
And our long-suffering but ever-patient planet - Lynleigh Greig

What better day than today to share Kayleigh's free verse about Wildlife Protectors:

Those who protect wildlife don't get thanked.
They don't get praised.
They don't get paid.

Those who protect wildlife stand to gain nothing financially.
They are willing to risk it all for something of little economic value.

Those who protect wildlife get scorned for being 'greenies' and 'tree-huggers'.
They seldom get public adulation.
They seldom get awards.

Those who rescue wildlife don't get repaid with tail-wags and a licky kiss.
Wild critters have no thankful owners wishing to repay their kindness.
Or family members typing up posts of appreciation.

People who rescue wildlife bring broken and bleeding souls into their homes.
They mend them and breathe life back into them. 
Only to set them free.
And never see them again.

If you're looking for appreciation, financial rewards and endless admiration from those you've protected...
Don't save wildlife.

But if you care about those that are wild, and majestic, and free, and untameable...
And the privilege of crossing paths with them is the only thanks you need...
Then you were born to save wildlife

Kayleigh Greig, 2017