November 12 - 18, 2023: Issue 605


transport for NSW Wakehurst Parkway $75+M for 4 lanes to Oxford Falls Road West Consult 2023 + Council to spend $31+M on Oxford Falls Culverts etc.: TfNSW feedback closes December 6

Council has stated it is supporting the state-managed project for capacity upgrades, and is also undertaking a flood improvement program on behalf of the NSW Government on Wakehurst Parkway.

The council states it has progressed the detailed design and environmental assessments for the culvert upgrades at Oxford Falls and have reviewed the options at The Bends to try and reduce the environmental impact in response to community feedback from its last round of community consultation. 

A significant amount of design work has been undertaken, the Council states, and it is working with stakeholders around complexities of the project sites.

Council is undertaking the flood improvement program (see their fact sheet) on behalf of the NSW Government and is aligning with Transport for NSW to optimise both parties' efforts and resources when working on essential upgrades for the road. View the Transport for NSW information on the Wakehurst Parkway Improvements – Frenchs Forest to Narrabeen for details on the road and intersection upgrades planned for next year.

The NSW Government is funding 100 per cent of the council-managed flood improvement project with $31.1 million to deliver the work, which includes:

  • $5 million from the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund
  • $26.1 million – from Transport for NSW in two stages, its initial $13.1 million committed in 2021 and the further 2023 election commitment of $13.0 million.

Transport for NSW's  proposal states three priority locations have been identified for capacity improvements on Wakehurst Parkway:

  1. Trefoil Creek to Dreadnought Road intersection
  2. Dreadnought Road to Oxford Falls Road
  3. Elanora Road and Mirrool Street.

The the proposal’s key features are:

South between Dreadnought Road and Oxford Falls Road

  • New southbound right turn bay at Oxford Falls Road
  • Additional lane in both directions between Dreadnought Road and Oxford

Falls Road

  • New southbound left turn lane into Dreadnought Road
  • New bus stop connection points for northbound and southbound travel at Dreadnought Road intersection.

South between Dreadnought Road and Trefoil Creek

  • Widening the southbound carriageway between Oxford Falls Road and Frenchs Forest Road to create dual lanes North at Elanora Road and Mirrool Street
  • Shoulder widening southbound to allow traffic to pass vehicles turning right into Mirrool Street, and creating new northbound left turn lane into Mirrool Street
  • Relocating the existing give way line and kerb line at Elanora Road intersection.

Residents are invited to visit at one of Transpor for NSW's pop up sessions:

Thursday 16 November: 3pm to 6pm Oxford Falls Main Hall Oxford Falls Peace Park, Oxford Falls


Saturday 18 November 10am to 2pm: Bilarong Community Hall, Narrabeen

Residents can drop in anytime to meet the team and find out more about the project.

Residents can also read the Review of Environmental Factors (REF) at:

The TfNSW webpage states the REF is on public display until 5pm Wednesday 20 December. View the REF (PDF, 37.13 MB).

Consultation period
From: 6 November 2023
To: 6 December 2023

Transport for NSW state they welcome all feedback on the REF and Biodiversity-Development-Assessment-Report (BDAR). To have your say please email by Wednesday December 6, 2023


  • Wakehurst Parkway Improvements Review of Environmental Factors (REF) (PDF, 37.13 MB)
  • REF Appendix D - Biodiversity Development Assessment Report (PDF, 52.46 MB)
  • REF Appendix E Arborist Assessment Report (PDF, 5.89 MB)
  • REF Appendix F - Noise and Vibration Impact Assessment (PDF, 6.34 MB)
  • REF Appendix H - Landscape Character and Visual Impact Assessment (PDF, 2.12 MB)

The proposal involves the removal of 2.38 hectares of native vegetation and 1.42 hectares of non-native vegetation. Vegetation removal would primarily occur between Trefoil Creek and Oxford Falls Road as a result of the proposed road widening.

Further information about the proposed vegetation removal can be found in Section 6.1 of the REF.

Transport for NSW states it is doing everything possible to minimise the impact to vegetation and fauna habitat, however, no rope fauna passes, fauna underpasses or overpasses form part of the Review of Environmental Factors, although widening Wakehurst Parkway to 4 lanes in these sections, and adding in the proposed cycleways, would make this road even more dangerous for local wildlife.

However, the documents do state Transport for NSW will install Fauna protection fencing at targeted locations along the proposal area. 

'Fauna protection fencing will be designed to minimise impacts to threatened fauna species and species subject to vehicle strike. Locations selected will consider connectivity requirements of fauna, utilise existing crossing structures and potential fauna crossing infrastructure (i.e. canopy bridges and underpasses) to maintain connectivity.'

These fauna protection measures locations and proposed types do not appear on the proposal diagrams as yet, although Transport for NSW has worked with locals who have cllected data along their route over decades to establish sites for previous fauna fencing

The proposed drawings show the sites to be changed to four lanes to allow for more capacity:

Council states its work at Oxford Falls and on the Oxford Road Falls West culverts, costed at $17.5 million, is expected to commence in early 2024. There is no timeframe for works to reduce the frequency of flooding at two other locations - The Bends, and the Sydney Academy of Sport, although the council identified these sites and recommended flood management options as a part of the Wakehurst Parkway Flood Mitigation Feasibility Study.

The council stated 'These options are designed so that the Parkway (north of Warringah Road, would only close in storm events exceeding a 1 in 2 year Average Recurrence Interval (ARI). However these options result in significant environmental impacts.'

The Transport for NSW work at Wakehurst Parkway and Oxford Falls is expected to commence late in 2024, if approved, and will take about approximately two years to complete, weather permitting.