September 10 - 16, 2023: Issue 598


Turimetta Moods: August Becomes September 2023

North Narrabeen - Turimetta - Warriewood - Mona Vale photographs by Joe Mills

Where there is smoke, there's a fire
Where there is a fire, there's passion
Where there is passion, there's a girl smoking

- Chloe Thurlow

Hi folks 

I had a mixed week with visits to the skin doctor and car service, so a few less pictures.  

The big event was the RFS hazard reduction burns, which left all of Sydney and us here on the Northern Beaches up in smoke.  From the quote above, there must have been a lot of women smokers during the week?  Some of my pics will reflect this phenomenon.  

Some of the pics featured:

  • Cloudy & smoky sunrises
  • Rocks
  • Bees gathering nectar at Mona Vale gardens
  • Rat Park sunrise
  • Exposed barnacles
  • Yacht at rock pool
  • Tidal pool reflections
  • Sunset streaks

As always, enjoy nature.

Joe Mills, 

Friday September 8, 2023

Nature is not a place to visit, it is home.

 –Gary Snyder.

When I leave home in the mornings, and visit my regular spots such as Turimetta Beach, Narrabeen Rockpool, Warriewood Wetlands etc I feel right at home.  Most of these areas are relatively untouched and we can share with the regular inhabitants, including us humans.

Sunrise is much earlier at the moment, so I am missing this event with my timeline of about 6:40 am arrival.  Have to wait for daylight saving.

My interesting experiences this week included seeing a pair of Australian Kestrels landing on the cliffs at the northern end of Turimetta Beach.  I think from their behaviour, they also have a nest on a ledge high up towards the top of the cliff. 

The other one was to see a pair of Sea Slugs in the tidal pools near Narrabeen Rock Pool.  They were in a love ball and performing their hermaphroditic role.  Look it up in Google.

Some of the pics included:

  • Winter flowers
  • Mixed sunrises & clouds & beach reflections
  • Cliff rocks
  • High tide beach scouring
  • People taking sunrise portraits
  • Waves breaking of rock shelf at southern end (one wave was full of sand - see if you can spot it)
  • Sea Slugs in tidal pool (including love ball)
  • The first Spring Iris is from our home at Warriewood
  • Early morning fog layer at Rat Park ovals
  • Mirror reflections at Lake Narrabeen entrance (no wind at all)
  • White Faced Heron
  • Australian Kestrel pair (Male darker colours, female lighter colours)
  • Approaching storm from the south on Friday morning

Joe Mills,
Week ending September 1, 2023

"To grow up in intimate association with nature - animal and vegetable - is an irreplaceable form of wealth and culture."

Source : Miles Franklin (2017). “Childhood At Brindabella: My First Ten Years”, p.75, ETT Imprint - Miles Franklin

Part of the association with nature, as expressed by Miles Franklin, could surely be witnessing a sunrise.  Turimetta was it's normal brilliant best all week, but in particular this morning (Friday).  No clouds, light wind, the sun rose early and was warming.  A pleasure to enjoy, but better with a coffee at Nourished Cafe.

My interesting experience this week was to spot 2 birds sitting high up in the cliff tops about centre beach.  I thought they were the resident Ospreys having a rest, but in using the zoom on my camera they were a pair of Kookaburras.  It was unusual to see Kookas checking out a beach.  Must be looking for beach crabs as the local Crow did last week.

I have recovered from the flu, but it took a full week.  The red wine helped as well.

Some of the pics included:

  • Winter flowers
  • Mixed sunrises & clouds & beach reflections
  • Cliff rocks
  • Rock shelf at northern end
  • Sunset from my home window
  • Can you spot the little Toad Fish in the small rock pool?
  • Lake Narrabeen channel & Cormorant & reflections

Enjoy the pics.

Joe Mills
Week ending August 25, 2023