December 10 - 16, 2017: Issue 341

Christmas Cheers From The Critters

Christmas Cheers from the Critters

It has been a busy and difficult year for our wild ones.  Burgeoning human growth and all the things we humans seem to 'need' for our convenience are taking a toll on their existence.  There are many people who don't place any value on the wildlife's contribution...

Thankfully, however, our community is also overflowing with superhuman beings who pour all their passion, energy, time, money and their very souls into making things better for the wild babies!  These are the people we would like to thank profusely.  

Concerned members of the public, all wildlife rescue organisations, our Police, our Firefighters and SES, all our educators, our environmental representatives and wildlife advocates in Council, our veterinarians and their staff, our Zoo clinic, our wildlife-trained dogs and their trainers, our bush regeneration teams, our volunteer environmental advocates and groups, our roadkill prevention team and our wonderful media without whom the wildlife would be lost.  

Over the Christmas period, temperatures go up, more people will be on the roads and there will be lots of fireworks for celebrations.  

Just like our pets, the wildlife will be affected by all these things, too.

In hot weather, you can help immensely by leaving a bowl of fresh water at the bottom of the garden for thirsty little critters.  Not a metal bowl as they get too hot.  A nice ceramic bowl works best in a shaded area with some tree/bush for cover.  Make sure to replenish it daily.

When driving, try to keep alert for wildlife at the edge of the road and slow down if they look like they are attempting to cross.  If you see any marsupials (mammals with pouches) that have been hit, call for help as a joey could still be alive in a pouch.

If you see any wildlife in distress or in an odd location during or after the fireworks, please call:

Sydney Wildlife 9413 4300 (24-hour service)
WIRES 1300 094 737

Wishing you all a safe, happy and WILD Christmas and New Year!!!

Lynleigh Greig
Sydney Wildlife