July 1 - 7, 2018: Issue 366

Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Awards of Excellence 2018

Whale Beach SLSC won Rescue of the Year at the Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Awards of Excellence 2018
L to r: Max Zagorski, Alex Burchett, Maddie Zagorski, Ben Rothery, Sophie Rothery, Liam George, Suzy Bownes, Lara Boyle, Tom Sanderson. Whale Beach SLSC's Sophie Rothery was awarded Young Volunteer of the Year! - Photo by Jen Huston
The Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Awards of Excellence recognises outstanding achievements and contributions in all aspects of Surf Life Saving. The awards celebrate the accomplishments of members and clubs in the 2017/18 season. This year’s awards were presented at the Surf Life Saving SNB Awards of Excellence function held on Friday 22nd June at The Dee Why RSL.

SLS SNB Awards Of Excellence 2018

Sponsor                               Name of Award                                          Name                                 Club
Bill Buckle Auto Group      Administrator                                                  Christine Gibbs-Stewart North Steyne
ICMS                              Assessor                                                          Frank Traugott                 North Steyne
Speedo                              Athlete                                                          Kendrick Louis                 Manly
Alan Fitzgerald              Branch Combined Point Score                   Newport                                 Newport
Lionel McDonald              Branch Handicap Point Score                   Mona Vale                         Mona Vale
Speedo                              Coach                                                          Damian Daley                 Queenscliff
ICMS                              Community Education Program                  Youth Networking Program SNB
ICMS                              Facilitator                                                          Mike Le Geyt                 South Curl Curl
Rfi Initiative                      Patrol Support with North Palm Beach          Palm Beach                          Palm Beach
Speedo                              Masters Athlete                                                 John De Mestre                 Freshwater
Streets                              Most Improved Club                                          Palm Beach                         Palm Beach
Dee Why RSL CLub      Most Oustanding Club Admin                          Freshwater                         Freshwater
ICMS                              Most Oustanding Club Education                  North Steyne                         North Steyne
Dee Why RSL Club      Most Oustanding Club Lifesaving                  Palm Beach                         Palm Beach
Streets                              Most Outstanding Club 1                                  Freshwater                         Freshwater
Streets                              Most Outstanding Club 2                                  North Steyne                         North Steyne
Streets                              Most Outstanding Club 3                                  North Narrabeen                 North Narrabeen
Streets                              Most Outstanding Club 4                                  Mona Vale                         Mona Vale
Streets                              Most Outstanding Club 5                                  Newport                                 Newport
Westfield Warringah Mall  Most Outstanding Club Member Services  Freshwater                         Freshwater
Speedo                              Most Outstanding Club Surf Sports          Mona Vale                         Mona Vale
Speedo                              Official                                                          Kaz Marks                         Bilgola
Bennett Board              Overall Carnival Handicap Point Score          Newport                                 Newport
SNB                               Patrol Assessment                                           Queenscliff                         Queenscliff
NSW State Govt              Patrol Captain                                                  Tracey Hare-Boyd         North Steyne
Cancer Institute NSW      Patrol of the Year                                           Bilgola Patrol 14                 Bilgola
SNB President              President's Award                                           Matt Molinia                         Dee Why
Dee Why RSL Club      Rescue of the Year                                           Whale Beach Dec. 2017 Whale Beach
Thredbo                              Services Team                                                   SNB TIPS Team                 SNB
Westfield Warringah Mall  Surf Life Saver                                                   David Price                         Freshwater
Speedo                              Surf Sports Team                                           Open F R&R Team         Freshwater
ICMS                              Trainer                                                           Tim Cuthbert                 Manly
URM                              Volunteer                                                           David Cowell                 North Steyne
Speedo                              Young Athlete                                                   Zach Morris                         Newport
St George Foundation      Young Surf Life Saver                                   Trae Hare-Boyd                 North Steyne
Nthrn. Beaches Council     Young Volunteer                                           Sophie Rothery                 Whale Beach
SNB Honours List Life Membership                      Adrian Hill                 Newport
SNB Honours List Life Membership                      Dennis O'Toole         Bilgola
SNB Honours List Distinguished Service              Gordon Lang         Palm Beach
SNB Honours List Life Membership                      Robbie Williams Manly
SNB Honours List Life Membership                      Ross Parry         Freshwater
SNB Honours List Life Membership                      Stuart Wye         North Curl Curl
SNB Honours List Outstanding Service              Adrienne Lowe         Dee Why
SNB Honours List Outstanding Service             James Shearer         North Narrabeen

SLS SNB Awards Of Excellence 2018: Some Awardees

Whale Beach Surf Life Saving Club
A celebration the amazing efforts of the season at the Surf Life Saving Northern Beaches Awards Of Excellence meant Congratulations to Sophie Rothery, who was awarded Young Volunteer of the Year and to Patrol 9 awarded Rescue of the Year- we are one proud club 

A team of surf lifesavers from Whale Beach on Sydney’s Northern Beaches who prevented a double drowning just days before Christmas last year have been honoured with the prestigious NSW Rescue of the Month Award for December 2017.

At approximately 3:00pm on Saturday December 23, two swimmers were swept off a sandbank into a powerful rip current.

It was immediately apparent that the men, aged in their 20s and visitors to the area, couldn’t swim as they were struggling to stay afloat.
Fortunately for the stranded duo Patrol Team 9 was on duty.

A number of lifesavers immediately raced into the water with rescue equipment at the ready.
While one patient had managed to regain his footing on the sandbank, the second could not be seen. As a result of this escalating situation the IRB was launched to assist.

While searching for the patient, Angus Bownes, observed bubbles coming up from below the water and saw a faint silhouette, dove down to retrieve the unconscious patient from the ocean floor, approximately two to three metres below and pushed him back to the surface.
The five rescuers and a member of the public got the patient onto a board and began the journey back to the safety of the shore.

When Patrol Captain Suzy Bownes saw the condition of the patient she immediately called for an ambulance and directed her team to clear the water and close the beach.

While this was happening, CPR treatment was commenced with four rounds being performed before the patient was stable enough to be moved further up the beach and handed over to the care of the paramedics.

During this time the condition of the second man who had managed to get himself to shore rapidly deteriorated and a second ambulance was called.

The rescue and resuscitation effort was particularly impressive considering that most of the lifesavers involved in the incident were aged under 25 with Captain Bownes saying the award was a fantastic achievement for one of the smaller clubs on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

“It’s huge for the club and hopefully puts Whale Beach on the map but what it really brought home for us is the importance of lifesavers on the beach and how we need to have the skills because you never know when they can be called upon,” said Suzy Bownes.

“We have a very young team on this patrol but that is what makes it so enjoyable as there is a lot of energy. What was most pleasing is during the rescue everyone acted with skill and professionalism and this was even commented on by others at the scene.

“It’s a special time of year and this incident did shake us all up, but we’re absolutely ecstatic with the outcome and the fact we were able to do our job by saving lives,” she said.

The SLSNSW Rescue of the Month is a prestigious award that recognises excellence in Surf Life Saving. Each month a ‘Rescue of the Month’ is awarded at State level for the most outstanding rescue performance for that period. Monthly winners are eligible for the National Rescue of the Month, and are also in line to be named the NSW Rescue of the Year which is announced at the season-ending Awards of Excellence.

The following lifesavers were involved in the incident;
Suzy Bownes, Iain Bownes, Angus Bownes, Oliver Bownes, Sophie Rothery, Liam George, Jack Bregenhoj, Lachlan Williams, Sydney Robertson, Sally Collier, Tom Sanderson, Nicholas Dijohn, Lara Boyle, Alexander Burchett, Max Zagorski, Archie Elliott, Angus Kellaway, Dylan Gay, Oscar Press, Edward Harrison, William Harte, Ben Rothery, Barney Allen, Harrison Penn, Maddie Zagorski.

Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club 
The Club and its members were humbled and honoured last night at the Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Awards For Excellence as it picked up 5 of 10 nominations.
- Most Outstanding Club (for Lifesaving)  
- Initiative of the Year: Support of North Palm SLSC
- Most Improved Club
- Distinguished Service to Surf Life Saving: Gordon Lang
- Open Men's Boat Premiership: Palm Beach Pigeons
- Volunteer of the Year: Nicholas Wood
- Trainer of the Year: Tim Markovitch
- Patrol Captain of the Year: Rebecca Cahill
- Lifesaver of the Year: Alistair Shields
- Sports Team of the Year: U23 Men's Boats Crew (Paperclips)
Many of the awards were the first time the Club has been nominated.

Alistair Shields, Club Captain of Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club provided us with a short overview of what the club has done during the season just finished, when requested in April of this year, as the Patrol season ended;

How many patrols - how many members on Patrol this season?
146 patrols from September 23 to April 29 with 271 patrollers.

Outstanding within club activities were?
Each our annual Brats, Brutes, Bruisers competition brings people of all ages together for the ultimate battle on the beaches - a day of pillow fights, man-made chariot races and wheel barrow relays. There isn't any day in the year that beats this one for me, and it held up to expectations yet again. Members young and old singing the likes of Piano Man and Khe Sanh, arm in arm, is what Palmy is all about. 
As the 2018 Surf Life Saving Nationals (a.k.a. Aussies) headed over to Perth this year, our annual club fundraiser for competitors was particularly important to cover the greater expense than previous years. Fortunately, our members answered the call at Comedy Night, with a sell out crowd and great auction items on display (all organised by the competitors themselves). Our competitors didn't let the funds go to waste either, securing 2 Bronze and 2 Gold at Aussies in the highly competitive boats comp.

Jack Carter Cup was another standout for me, as our members competed in what was one of the longest cup races we have ever done, at a huge 14km course covering a swim, ski, run and board leg! While there is certainly some lean mean fighting machines competing (usually our Master competitors), my favourite part is to see the less experienced giving it a crack. It really doesn't matter if you finish in record time, or take a few hours, there is always a cheer when you cross the finish line to celebrate what is a great achievement. And it is all to honour life member and all-round Palmy legend Jack Carter, who has taught more generations of Palmy locals (myself included) than I can count.

Palm Beach SLSC is placed where it looks after an extraordinary amount of visitors to the beach - how do members ready themselves for this and what happens during the off-season to maintain that readiness?

Each and every season, the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club continues to watch over the safety of all those who visit our shores. From the fans of Home & Away searching for Summer Bay, to the Sydney residents looking for a holiday getaway, it is a beautiful place to be and our members are so grateful to patrol such a beach and volunteer their time to the community. It is something we take seriously, and this year we saw our members gain over 150 new SLSA recognised awards - 7 of which were the Gold Medallion, which is the highest achievement in Surf Life Saving.

While the end of another season has come, the Club and its members will be back underneath the red and yellow cap with a smile and a wave for next summer.

With a calendar stretching 9 months, many of our members put in countless hours a season to keep the Club up and running - and it doesn't stop in winter. While many take a well deserved break over the winter, there are a select few members who keep the wheels turning over the remaining 3 months. Whether it be training a new group of IRB Drivers, maintaining club grounds or preparing next season's committee, the Palm Beach Surf Life Saving Club never truly sleeps.  

Initiative of the Year: Support of North Palm SLSC

Distinguished Service to Surf Life Saving: Gordon Lang with wife Robyn

Open Men's Boat Premiership: Palm Beach Pigeons

Most Outstanding Club (for Lifesaving)

Avalon Beach Surf Life Saving Club
Avalon Beach SLSC were winners of the inaugural Youth Services Award.
Winners of Community Education Program of the Year for the Youth Networking Program.
Congratulations to our record breaking four boat crews who won the Branch Pointscore this year (best overall in their divisions over all the Branch carnivals): the Chanels, Double Denims, Avocados and Bandits.

Youth Services Award

Avalon Beach SLSC Boaties winners 2018

Community Education Program of the Year for the Youth Networking Program

Congratulations Jim Shearer on your Outstanding Service Award at the Sydney Northern Beaches Awards of Excellence for Surf Life Saving. Fiona Roberts (with youngsters at Avalon Beach SLSC) tells us; 'Dad helped start nippers in the 60's and to this day is still very involved with the North Narrabeen surf club.' 

Jim Shearer on left.

Bilgola Surf Life Saving Club Inc.
Patrol 14 wins inaugural Patrol Of The Year - Patrol 14 Captain & Club President, Romilly Madew, accepted the award
Our Kaz Marks was the winner of Competition Official of the Year award. 
Kaz Marks also won along with colleagues the Services Team award for the SNB Traumatic Incident Peer Support. Not one but two awards for Kaz Marks at the SNB Awards of Excellence.

Kaz, a member of both Bilgola SLSC and Narrabeen Beach SLSC, was first on stage at Dee Why RSL last Friday night (June 22nd, 2018) as part of that very valuable TIPS team, who received the Services Award. 

''While I was absolutely surprised, it was nice to see TIPS recognised for the work that they do,'' said Kaz.
Kaz has been officiating for quite sometime in First Aid, Championship Lifesaver, surfboats but is focussing now on IRB's.
In fact, she's the first female IRB referee with SLSNSW.

Kaz has been a Branch Volunteer of the Year award winner, but this is the first time as Official of the Year.
''When I looked at the other finalists I couldn't believe I'd won it,'' she said.
Also HUGE Congratulations to Bilgola Life Member Dennis O’Toole, made Life Member of SLSSNB.

Patrol 14 Captain & Bilgola Club President, Romilly Madew

Kaz Marks Competition Official of the Year

Kaz Marks and Traumatic Incident Peer Support team

Bilgola Life Member Dennis O’Toole (centre) and Co.!

Newport Surf Life Saving Club
Newport took out 5th place in the Most Outstanding Club point score.
Congratulations to Zach Morris who won the Youth Athlete of the year at the Sydney Northern Beaches Awards of Excellence!
Congratulations to the reserve men and U19 male surf boat crews as well as Newport for winning the overall competition point score at the Sydney Northern Beaches Awards of Excellence!

Congratulations to Adrian Hill who was awarded Branch Life Membership tonight at the Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Awards of Excellence night.

Zach Morris

Adrian Hill

Newport SLSC Surf Boat Crew winners 2018

Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club Inc
Great success Mona Vale!
Branch 4th place - Most outstanding club! 
MVSLSC overall competition branch handicap point score winners and,
Most outstanding club for surf sports!

Branch Facilitator of the Year Mike Le Geyt's - South Curl Curl SLSC member.
When Mike was announced winner of the award at the Branch Awards of Excellence at Dee Why RSL Club last Friday night , he was shocked.
''Given the calibre of the education team at Branch and, on the back of being awarded Branch Trainer of the Year the previous season, this was totally unexpected,'' Mike said.
"We are very fortunate to have a really strong, engaged and supportive education team across the Branch.
''What I enjoy most about facilitating and assessing for Branch is meeting members from other clubs and getting a feel for how the different clubs operate across the Branch.''
Mike joined South Curl Curl when his eldest son Sam joined nippers.
Sam is a former Branch Junior Lifesaver of the year. He does patrols, along with his mum Jodi and younger brother Alex.
Mike's wife Jodi is also a Trainer and trained the SRC squad at South Curly last season.

Michael Le Geyt at the awards night: Picture: Vicki Huston

Patrol Captain of the Year Tracey Hare-Boyd North Steyne SLSC
Young Lifesaver of the Year Trae Hare-Boyd North Steyne SLSC
Tracey took out the inaugural Patrol Captain of the Year and Trae was named Young Lifesaver of the Year at the awards function at Dee Why RSL Club last Friday night.
Tracey described this award as very special: ''You are on the beach and having such a great patrol makes it (my job as patrol captain) easier,'' she said.
''But to see your son win such an award is very, very special. It's huge.
''Trae is certainly very good at what he does and doesn't expect accolades. He loves doing what he does in surf life saving. He was also an advisor on the Member Services panel for Junior Lifesaver of the Year this past season.''

Trae and Tracey Hare-Boyd at the awards night: Picture: Vicki Huston

SNB Branch Coach of the Year Damien Daley  Queenscliff SLSC 
a remarkable debut season as a boat sweep.
While the former Australian kayak representative had coached some top notch ski paddlers in the past and was a brilliant ski paddler himself, he did not consider himself as a surfboat coach. 
Now he is SNB Branch Coach of the Year.
When he was talked into sweeping and coaching boat crews at Queenscliff SLSC 12 months ago, Damien took on no fewer than five crews.
Two of his most successful crews were the male under 19s who went onto win Aussies in Perth and the female under 19s, who also had a fantastic season and finished fourth in the final at Aussies.
''I wanted crews who were dedicated and liked winning,'' Damien said.
Damien certainly found rowers with the right attitude.
No sooner had he returned from Perth than two of his under 19 boys Richard Ledger and Nick Lesiuk were head hunted by Sydney University Rowing Club and are currently in Korea rowing at a university regatta.
Damien said he was excited about next season, especially as his girls crew will have another season in under 19s.

Photo: Damien Daley at the SNB Awards of Excellence. Picture: Vicki Huston. 

SNB Branch Lifesaver of the Year: David Price Freshwater SLSC
David Price spent a lot of his early years growing up in country NSW.
Even when he attended high school in Sydney and then spent time living on the Central Coast, the beach life still escaped him.
But he made up for lost time when he got married, settled in Allambie Heights and his kids became involved in nippers at Freshwater SLSC. 
''That's the closest I'd ever been to a beach,'' he said.
Once he did his Bronze Medallion, surf life saving had roped him in.
He became heavily involved in the IRB's, both for his club and SNB Branch.
He's an IRB trainer and Bronze trainer.
But he's also Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Lifesaver of the Year.
''Astounded,'' he said.
''Even to have a nomination was a surprise.
''I thought there were people head and shoulders above my achievement.''
He did 105 hours on the jet ski for the Branch last season and 80 patrol hours for Freshie.
He's proud as punch of daughter Caitlin who was rookie Patrol Person of the Year at Freshwater SLSC.
''She also won Branch Rescue of the Month for March (2018),'' he said.
''She is heavily into surf life saving.''
David is now off to the SLSNSW Awards of Excellence as one of the finalists for NSW Lifesaver of the Year.

Photo: David Price at the SNB Awards of Excellence. Picture: Vicki Huston.

Branch Volunteer of the Year David Cowell North Steyne SLSC
To receive Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Volunteer of the Year once is a great honour but twice in a row is something very, very special.
For North Steyne SLSC member David Cowell such recognition means a lot.
''Recognition of our members is the most powerful tool our club and surf lifesaving movement has for volunteers,'' he said.
''I am very humbled to again be the recipient of this award.
''It is an honour to be recognised for something that I love doing each year with a fantastic group of people.
''It has been very special as we have seen our Ripper Nipper program expand to 36 kids and their families with acceptance and inclusion being such a large part of what we do. We now see SLSA rolling out an inclusive beaches program that we have been a part of.
''As a Patrol Captain, nothing makes me prouder than having my sons on the beach with many of their peers that I have had the privilege as their Nippers Age Manager, see become exemplary young adults keeping our beach safe and accessible each summer.
''We do this with all of our members and families, continuing to broaden the appeal of surf life saving within the North Steyne SLSC tribe and our broader community, all on one of the best beaches in the world.
''This is an award I share with, especially my family for all their support, the North Steyne SLSC members and all of the families that have contributed to a phenomenal 110th anniversary season.''

David Cowell receives his award at Dee Why RSL Club. Picture: Vicki Huston.
Most Outstanding Club (for Lifesaving) - Palm Beach SLSC. Members 2017/18 Photo by A J Guesdon, January 2018