July 5 - 18, 2020: Issue 457


Surf Life Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Awards of Excellence 2019/2020

Bungan Beach SLSC recognitions - 2019/2020 SLS SNB Awards of Excellence - Bungan Beach SLSC photo

On Friday night, June 26, 2020, we hosted our COVID inspired Awards of Excellence.

I would also like to congratulate and make special mention of our new SLS SNB Life Members David Sams from Bungan Beach SLSC and Michael Fitzhardinge from Manly LSC.  

Congratulations to Clare Hagon from North Curl Curl SLSC on receiving Distinguished Service, and to Matt Molinia from Dee Why SLSC and Stephen Bennett from Freshwater SLSC on receiving Outstanding Service Honours.

Thanks to you all for your continued work throughout Branch. 

Congratulations to all the winners of the Awards and especially those with High Commendation.  It is sometimes particularly hard to choose a winner especially given the calibre of nominations put forward.  

Good luck to our winners as they now progress through to the SLSNSW Awards of Excellence.

Thank you to everyone who came along last Friday night.  It was certainly nice to see everyone being able to stop and talk and catch up with each other having not being able to do so for some time.

As we head into the middle of winter and school holidays, please stay safe and well if you are going away.  

Please stay in touch with all COVID-19 updates via our website along with events such as our Golf Day, Gear Inspection and AGM which are all coming up.

Tracey Hare-Boyd – President


SLS SNB Awards of Excellence:

2019/2020 Trainer of the Year: Andrew Hjorth, Mona Vale SLSC

2019/2020 Assessor of the Year: Joe Mastrangelo, North Steyne SLSC

2019/2020 Facilitator of the Year: Clare Hagon, North Curl Curl SLSC

2019/2020 Innovation of the Year: Soldier On, Newport SLSC

2019/2020 Services Team of the Year: Emergency Call Out Team, Avalon Beach SLSC - The Emergency Call Out team comprises Mel Akehurst, Terry Barber, Todd Barber, Ash Cardiff, Pete Carter, Richard Cole, Jason Dale, Zach Dale, Xanthe Friend, Jen Harper, Matt Mayall, Alan Moran, Nick Sampson, Chloe Scott, Mike Stanley-Jones, Giles Stoddard and Nathan Wellings.  In addition to weekend beach patrols, this team are on call 24/7, responding, usually within minutes, to numerous after hours events this year. 

2019/2020 Youth Volunteer of the Year: Trae Hare-Boyd, North Steyne SLSC

2019/2020 Volunteer of the Year: Cameron Powell, Warriewood SLSC

2019/2020 Youth Athlete of the Year: Jake Morris, Newport SLSC

2019/2020 Team of the Year: U15 Male Water Team, Newport SLSC

2019/2020 Official of the Year: Mark Mackenzie, Dee Why SLSC

2019/2020 Coach of the Year: Michael Clues, North Curl Curl SL:SC

2019/2020 Administrator of the Year: Wayne Freakley, Freshwater SLSC

2019/2020 Community Education Program: The Gaza Surf Lifesaving Project: North Steyne SLSC

2019/2020 Patrol Captain of the Year: Doug Lucas, Palm Beach SLSC

2019/2020 Patrol Team of the Year: Bronze Patrol, Newport SLSC

2019/2020 Youth Lifesaver of the Year: Tyson Dulieu, Bungan Beach SLSC

2019/20920 Surf Lifesaver of the Year: James Crittenden, Freshwater SLSC

2019/2020 Rescue of the Year: Archie Viesis and Brock Dose, Collaroy SLSC

2019/2020 High Commendations: 

Masters Athlete Brooke Perry, Collaroy SLSC

Youth Volunteer Courtney Campbell, Dee Why SLSC

Surf Lifesaver Rod McGibbon, Collaroy SLSC

2019/2020 Director’s Choice Awards:

Harry Ragan Outstanding Service Award: Peter Finch, Newport SLSC

Matthew Raymond Brown Radio Operator Award: Sacha Dawson, Bungan Beach SLSC

Cedric T. Walton Recorder’s Award: Gavin Simmonds, Newport SLSC

Support Services Outstanding Service Award: Peter Probert, Newport SLSC

Youth Services Outstanding Service Award: Adam Kovac, Warriewood SLSC

President’s Award: Hanna Clare, North Steyne SLSC

2019/2020 Life Membership:

David Sams, Bungan Beach SLSC

Michael Fitzhardinge, Manly LSC

2019/2020 Service Honours:

Distinguished Service: Clare Hagon, North Curl Curl SLSC

Outstanding Service: Matthew Molinia, Dee Why SLSC

Palm Beach SLSC's Saturday morning Patrol of January 25th, 2020 - with Patrol Captain of the Year Doug Lucas, 2nd from right. A J Guesdon photo.