May 23 - 29, 20021: Issue 495


Improving aged care to support Narrabeen’s seniors and veterans

May 20, 2021: Senator the Hon Richard Colbeck, Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services

Seniors and veterans in Narrabeen, their families, loved ones and carers are benefiting from the largest investment in aged care in Australian history, announced as part of this month’s Federal Budget.

Minister for Senior Australians and Aged Care Services, Richard Colbeck visited the RSL LifeCare ANZAC Village in Narrabeen today to see how the Australian Government’s aged care reform agenda can deliver benefits to the village residents.

“In response to the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety, the Government has committed an unprecedented $17.7 billion to improve quality care, increase viability in the sector, and provide services with respect, care and dignity at their heart,” Minister Colbeck said.

“Australia’s seniors and in particular our veterans are our nation builders, our parents and grandparents, our founders and protectors who have contributed so much to Australia, and we are ensuring the care available to them as they age meets their needs and is based on principles of respect and dignity.”

Minister Colbeck said residential aged care services and sustainability was one of the five pillars of the Government’s response to the Royal Commission.

“RSL LifeCare operates 15 home care services and 29 residential aged care services, including one in the process of being established, in New South Wales and the ACT. In 2020–21 RSL Lifecare received $144.1 million in Australian Government funding for its services,” he said.

Member for Mackellar, Jason Falinksi, said the Budget investment into aged care was good news for providers of care across the electorate.

“Visiting ANZAC Village Narrabeen and having an opportunity to meet with some of the residents and staff, shows how important hardworking, compassionate and committed aged care workforce is to providing quality care,” Mr Falinksi said.

“As we see our Government’s reforms put in place over the coming five years, $7.8 billion is being spent improving and simplifying residential aged care services.

“Aged care providers, like RSL Lifecare, will be supported through a $3.2 billion investment to deliver better care and services with a new Basic Daily Fee supplement of $10 per resident per day.”

Minister Colbeck said a further $3.9 billion will increase the amount of frontline care delivered to residents of aged care and respite services.

“Residents of aged care facilities will see increasing levels of care as the mandatory 200 minutes per day, including 40 minutes with a Registered Nurse, are introduced in 2022,” he said. 

“The levels of care will be reported and built into a star rating system to make choosing a great residential aged care provider easier for senior Australians and their families.”

More information about the Australian Government’s response to the Royal Commission and its reform agenda is available online.