August 4 - 10, 2019: Issue 415


Spring Wildflowers Are Now Coming Out

Although mornings are still cold the first Spring Flowers are following on from Winter wattle blooms. Now is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy what's happening in our bush reserves and that mellow late Winter sunshine.

This week some of what's been seen out around here lately. Our thanks to Penny Gleen of Church Point Ferry Services, Marita Macrae of the Pittwater Natural Heritage Association, and for their wonderful captures for all of us stuck inside!

Sydney Golden Wattle - Acacia longifolia

A species of Acacia native to southeastern Australia from the extreme southeast of Queensland, eastern New South Wales, eastern and southern Victoria, and south-eastern South Australia - photo by John Vaughan

On Chiltern Track- Ingleside

Some wonderful photographs by Pittwater Natural Heritage Association's (PNHA) Marita Macrae on the Chiltern Track at Ingleside.

Pods of Acacia terminalis Sunshine Wattle on our favourite Chiltern Track Ingleside. Backlit in the morning.

Amazed to see Honeybees buzzing around flowers on male Allocasuarina distyla., a first for us, and interesting because there‚Äôs only pollen on these flowers which flies on the wind to pollinate female flowers on separate bushes.

Prickly Moses Wattle on the Chiltern Track. We just love the sandstone heath understorey.

On The Elvina Track

Photos by Penny Gleen


Banksia ericfolia

Red spider flower, Grevillea Speciosa

Hibbertia - Guinea Flower

Darwinia fascicularis

Dillwynia elegans - Eggs and Bacon Bush Pea

Pultenaea - Bush Pea

Pink Spider Flower Grevillea sericea