June 30 - July 6, 2019: Issue 411


Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Branch Awards Of Excellence 2019: The Full List & Some Great Photos

President of Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches Doug Menzies awarded this years Presidents' Award to 'Dads Army at this years SLSSNB Awards of Excellence.

"Take a bow General Keith Abraham, Col Tansley, Ray Petersen, Bob Langbein OAM, Kevin Martin OAM and Ray Brennan OAM.

I would like to acknowledge and recognise this group of six men, who do and have in the past done a lot, much of which is behind the scenes. However, it must be said their work benefits many and sometimes their labour of love can be taken for granted.

These retired men come to the SNB Branch office every second Thursday and more frequently in the summer months attending to any gear maintenance and repairs.

They tackle anything, from minor tent repairs to fixing the plumbing. They keep the surf sports gear in top condition and help out with the surf school gear during busy periods. And should the warehouse become a little messy, it is soon clean once the general gives the orders. " Mr. Menzies said.

The 2019 SLSSNB Awards of Excellence, held at Dee Why RSL on June 21st, are the premier event for honouring and recognising outstanding contributions during the Season by Branch. 

"Our 5,989 patrolling members delivered a professional surf lifesaving service across our 21 beaches from Manly to North Palm Beach during the 2018-19 season." Mr Menzies said this week

"They racked up 155,000 patrol hours to keep safe some 2,400,000 beachgoers, performed 742 rescues, conducted 39, 850 preventative actions, provided 1268 first aids, and completed some 9,306 awards and qualifications.

Whilst roles, systems and standards are key to making it all happen, the human values of teamwork, passion, commitment and caring layered on top of that core framework is what makes us and what we do very special.

We will continue to manage our beaches from Warriewood to North Palm Beach without paid lifeguards on weekends and have negotiated a new Deed of Agreement with Northern Beaches Council on how we jointly manage water safety on all of our beaches.

I would like to thank council for their support to surf lifesaving. This year we have seen funding from all levels of government but, in particular, we thank council not just for the funds but also their heightened support to SLSSNB to allow for the redevelopment of clubhouses at Mona Vale SLSC and Long Reef SLSC. We have also had funding promised for the redevelopment of Manly LSC."

This year's Awards must be counted as a standout for Mona Vale SLSC.  Mona Vale won nine awards with Michael Wasley and Zali Beuzeville being named Westfield Lifesaver and Young Lifesaver of the Year respectively.

Ross James was rewarded with ICMS Branch Trainer of the Year, Kris Monnock was a very popular choice as Speedo Masters Athlete as was Paula Tocquer in being named the Northern Beaches Council Administrator of the Year.

Branch Masters Athlete of the Year - Kris Monnock

MVSLSC President Bryce Munro and Administrator of the Year, MVSLSC's Paula Tocquer

President Bryce Munro was on stage to receive four other trophies – Northern Beaches Hospital Most Outstanding Club Member Services, Bennett Board Overall Carnival Handicap Point Score, Speedo Most Outstanding Club Surf Sports and Streets Most Outstanding Club.

"I can only thank my members for these great results,’’ Bryce said.

"Way beyond expectations. We have individual winners but it is really a club thing and I am proud of all my members of the club. I am just a representative of 1200 members of my club and I am really grateful that I could represent them at the awards.

"Most Outstanding Club is a real thrill for all our members. We have great patrols, patrol captains and lifesavers, we have great competitors, we have great trainers and there are those who man the barbeque. I can’t thank my whole club enough for the members’ contribution.

"This award (MOC) represents us as an entire club. And clubs are made up of many different people from different areas and when they come together you have a really good season and that’s what we had.’’

Construction of the new and long awaited clubhouse for Mona Vale is expected to commence in January.

"We’ve been working with council that it all works out well for us and the community,’’ Bryce said this week.

"My dealings with the council has been really fantastic. I can’t praise the council enough and also the State Government for their support of our club.

“I can’t praise the Northern Beaches Council CEO Ray Brownlee enough. He’s a great guy and a real visionary when it comes to supporting local clubs.

He understands not just what surf clubs but all clubs mean to the youth and general population of communities.’’

Kieran Menzies (Newport SLSC) won the ICMS Facilitator of the Year award, while Newport Members Kieran Menzies and Peter Finch were recognised as part of the SLSSNB RWC training program which won Services Team of the Year, their U23 Women’s boat crew “The Thunder” won Surf Sports Team of the Year, Lance Barnes was awarded SLSSNB Distinguished Service, and congratulations to all the Newport Patrols who were assessed in the Branch Audit this season - Newport won first place in the SLSSNB Branch Patrol Assessment.

Mike Le Geyt (South Curl Curl SLSC) who was the Facilitator of the Year last year was recognised again this year in a different role, for that of ICMS Assessor of the Year. South Curl Curl were also the winners of the ICMS Most Outstanding Club Education.

South Narrabeen SLSC took out the ICMS Community Education Program of the Year for their outstanding Beach to Bush Program while their President Martin Hayward was announced as the Northern Beaches Hospital Volunteer of the Year.

Warriewood SLSC were judged the Most Improved Club in the Branch and weer also recognised with an Award of Excellence for Support to Youth Services. Great work by President of Warriewood Jen Spencer and big support from the Wazza team are doing great things.

Doug Menzies, Warriewood SLSC's Jen Spencer, Warringah MP Zali Steggall and Mackellar MP Jason Falinski

Warriewood Recognition The Hon. Brad Hazzard and Tracey Hare-Boyd, Deputy President of Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches 

Bilgola SLSC's prowess in surf boats during the season mean their U23 women 'Bilgola Rippers' will be etched forever on the Don McManus trophy while the Bill “Woofa” Barnett trophy for SNB boat premiership will record Reserves the 'Bilgola Bends'.

Dee Why SLSC's Shaun Stacey was named Coach of the Year. Shaun joined Dee Why SLSC six years ago as a boat sweep ‘’fill in’’.

‘’I just went there to help out as the club had a problem,’’ Shaun said.

In April this year he guided the Dee Why men’s open boat crew to a sensational victory at the Aussies on the Gold Coast. 

There was a second success story for Dee Why SLSC at the awards with Orange resident John Collins taking out the Dee Why RSL Patrol Captain of the Year.

Dee Why SLSC's Shaun Stacey 

Bungan Beach SLSC had numerous nominations this year including Innovation of the Year, Lifesaver of the Year, Patrol Captain of the Year and also Patrol team of the Year.

This year their 'Building Bungan' won the Innovative award for 2018/19 season. As a club they also managed to place in the overall point score from inspections/assessments and will now receive funding next season for the hard work and quality life savers they have on patrol.

The hard work put in by Bungan members has most certainly paid off and put Bungan on the map!

One of the highlights of the evening was the standing ovation given to Newport SLSC Member and Branch President Doug Menzies who was awarded SLSSNB Life Membership at this year's SLSSNB Awards of Excellence.

Pittwater's MP the Hon. Rob Stokes with Doug Menzies and Tracey Hare-Boyd, Deputy President of Surf Life Saving Sydney Northern Beaches - Life Membership presentation 

Another highlight of the evening was SLSSNB Life Membership being awarded to photographer Bill Sheridan at the 2019 SLSSNB Awards of Excellence. Bill's photos of Branch carnivals and others across Australia over many years are a record for the ages as much as bringing a smile to many with his great shots.

North Palm Beach SLSC's Geoff Raper was also recognised for his long term investment of time and energy in the surf life saving movement with Life Membership, a great recognition of his work and that of his club. 

"Congratulations to all winners and to those who were nominated." SLSSNB President Doug Menzies stated this week,

"A number of our Branch winners now advance to the SLSNSW Awards of Excellence, to be held in Sydney on August 31. Good luck to those finalists.

It would be remiss of me not to mention three Directors, Shannon Job, Lance Barnes and Glenn Tolan, who are moving on. Thank you for your contributions and shaping our Branch as it is today."

It was great to see local Councillors, State and Federal MP's at this year's awards again too. Whether presenting the Certificates of Recognition at Branch's annual Awards of Excellence or trudging beside and with all those who patrol our beaches during the Season, staying in touch with a movement whose members range from 5 year olds to 85 year youngs is being part of that democracy that happens on the sand!

Full results run below. Photographs by Bill Sheridan (of course!) and SLSNSW's Sally Macintosh.

Sponsor                                   Name of Award                                       Name                                      Club

ICMS                                   Trainer                                                       Ross James                               Mona Vale

ICMS                                   Assessor                                               Mike Le Geyt                               South Curl Curl

ICMS                                   Facilitator                                               Kieran Menzies                               Newport

ICMS                                   Community Education Program               Bush to Beach Program               South Narrabeen

ICMS                                   Most Outstanding Club Education       South Curl Curl                               South Curl Curl

Northern Beaches Hospital   Young Volunteer                                       Vicki Cuthbert                               Manly

Northern Beaches Hospital   Volunteer                                               Martin Hayward                               South Narrabeen

Northern Beaches Hospital   Innovation                                               Building Bungan Program               Bungan Beach

Northern Beaches Hospital   Support to Youth Services                       Training & Retention program       Warriewood

Northern Beaches Hospital   Most Outstanding Club Member Services   Mona Vale                               Mona Vale

Northern Beaches Council   Administrator                                                Paula Tocquer                               Mona Vale

Northern Beaches Council   High commendation Administrator        Sharon Raper                               North Palm Beach

Northern Beaches Council   Most Outstanding Club Admin                Freshwater                               Freshwater

Bennett Board

                                                  Overall Carnival Handicap Point Score         Mona Vale                                Mona Vale

                                                  Branch Championship Handicap Point Score  North Curl Curl

                                                  Branch Championship Point Score           Manly

Speedo                                   Athlete                                                          Jackson Borg                                 Newport

Speedo                                   Coach                                                          Sean Stacey                                 Dee Why

Speedo                                   Masters Athlete                                          Kris Monnock                                 Mona Vale

Speedo                                   Official                                                          Louis Tassone                         North Curl Curl

Speedo                                   Surf Sports Team                                          U23 Female Boat Crew                 Newport

Speedo                                   Young Athlete                                          Naomi Scott                                 Manly

Speedo                                   Most Outstanding Club Surf Sports           Mona Vale

Westfield Warringah Mall   Young Surf Life Saver                                   Zali Beuzeville                         Mona Vale

Westfield Warringah Mall   HC Young Life Saver of the Year                   Hannah Clare                         Long Reef

Westfield Warringah Mall   Lifesaver of the Year                                   Michael Wasley                         Mona Vale

Dee Why RSL Club                   Patrol of the Year                                           Palm Beach                                 Palm Beach

Dee Why RSL Club                   Rescue of the Year                                   Savage                                         North Curl Curl

Dee Why RSL Club                   Patrol Captain                                           John Collins                                 Dee Why

Dee Why RSL Club                   Services Team                                           RWC training team                 Various

Dee Why RSL Club                   Most Outstanding Club Lifesaving           North Steyne                                 North Steyne

Streets                                   Most Improved Club                                    Warriewood                                 Warriewood

Streets                                   Most Outstanding Club 1                             Mona Vale                                 Mona Vale

Streets                                   Most Outstanding Club 2                            Freshwater                                 Freshwater

Streets                                   Most Outstanding Club 3                            Collaroy                                 Collaroy

Streets                                   Most Outstanding Club 4                            Dee Why                                 Dee Why

Streets                                   Most Outstanding Club 5                            Palm Beach                                 Palm Beach

URM                                   Patrol Assessment 1                                     Newport                                 Newport

                                                  President's Award                                     Dad's Army                                  Various

SERVICE HONOURS Club                      Category

John Fahey                Collaroy                      Distinguished Service  

Shannon Job                North Steyne              Distinguished Service  

Lance Barnes                Newport                      Distinguished Service  

Geoff Raper                North Palm Beach      Life Member 

Bill Sheridan                various                      Life Member 

Doug Menzies                Newport                      Life Member 

Steve Atkins                North Curl Curl              Outstanding Service  

Frank Traugott                North Steyne              Outstanding Service  

Peter Madden                South Narrabeen      Prominent Service

Innovation of the Year - Building Bungan Program

 Services Team of the Year - RWC training team

Most Outstanding Club for Support to Administration - Freshwater

Most Outstanding Club for Support to Lifesaving - North Steyne

Whale Beach SLSC Members  bring some colour suited glamour to awards evening! 

Some of the 'nicest smiles/hats on the night'!