May 12 - 18, 2024: Issue 625


Pittwater's Mother Nature: For Mother's Day 2024

Happy Mother's Day to all mums - we hope you have a wonderful day and get all the hugs and kisses you deserve.

This Issue a celebration of that other Mother - Pittwater's Mother Nature - the reason so many of us love living here, including some blue skies, which have been MIA in recent weeks.

Palm Beach On A Saturday Afternoon

Saturday Morning Swims At Paradise Beach, Pittwater

Turimetta Moods: Week Ending Friday 10 May 2024 
Photos By Joe Mills

Climb up on some hill at sunrise.  Everyone needs perspective once in a while, and you'll find it there. - Robb Sagendorph

Hi Folks

Another funny week, with a mix of clouds, rain, clear skies, calm seas, rough seas etc, but always surrounded by nature.  The sand is moving again, with about half the beach returning.  The gutter is still clear and available for swimming, but did not see anyone this week.

The birds were quiet, but did spot both Ospreys active over the Lake Narrabeen entrance, and a bit higher up was a Kestrel.

This week was also the start of the Sydney Surf Pro surfing contest at North Narrabeen Beach, with the administration parked at the NN Surf Club.

I did manage to capture the gold glow & sea mist of the northern headland in a picture, which I like very much.  Hope you also like it.

Some of the pics feature:

  • Turimetta Beach sunrises & clouds
  • Erosion at the northern end
  • Sunrise & golden mist
  • Rock slip update
  • Northern end rocks
  • Middle beach rock shelfs & sunrise
  • Storm out to sea
  • Last autumn leaf on the wet road
  • Pink sunrise
  • North Narrabeen Beach surf contest (Day 2)
  • Lake Narrabeen entrance sand update
  • Dead Banksia leaves

As always, enjoy nature.


Little Corella Pair: Spotted Gum Hollow

photos taken May 10 2024 by A J Guesdon

Bungan - Mona Vale Morning Bliss: Joe Mills Turimetta Moods

Bungan Beach, Pittwater. Photo: Joe Mills (Turimetta Moods) Friday morning, January 19, 2024

Swimmers at The Basin (Mona Vale Beach) just after dawn. Photo: Joe Mills (Turimetta Moods) Friday January 19, 2024

View over The Basin (Mona Vale Beach) to Warriewood. Photo: Joe Mills (Turimetta Moods) Friday January 19, 2024

Seagulls resting and cleaning. Photo: Joe Mills (Turimetta Moods) Friday January 19, 2024

View over Turimetta Beach Photo: Joe Mills (Turimetta Moods) Wednesday January 17, 2024

Avalon Beach, April 2024 photo by Joe Mills

Narrabeen Lagoon Breakout: Sunday April 7 2024

Post Thursday - Friday storms

Gerry and I went for a walk down to the Narrabeen Headland to see the results of the recent downpours and storms.  I took some pics as well.

It was late afternoon close to sunset on Sunday April 7 2024.