June 25 - July 1, 2017: Issue 318

Pittwater Lifeguards Reflect On Successful Summer

Pittwater Lifeguards Reflect On Successful Summer

Monday 19 June 2017
Summer may be fast fading into the rear-view mirror but planning is well advanced to ensure that for the Pittwater based Lifeguards from the Australian Lifeguard Service the 2017/18 season is just as successful.

The final numbers indicate another busy summer for the Lifeguards from Pittwater who were charged with patrolling 9 locations throughout Sydney’s iconic Northern Beaches.

Rescues performed by the team doubled this season with 360 carried out in 2016/17 in comparison to the previous season.

A continued emphasis on preventative actions to control situations before they escalate the point a rescue is required resulted in an increased number of these actions (78,000 up from 57,000), while total first aids remained relatively stable.

A hot summer and a warm start to autumn meant crowds flocked to the beach with an additional 200,000 beach visitations recorded this summer, which ultimately pushed the attendance figures to over a million.

Although the season has finished the work never stops with the ALS team busy conducting reviews of the season, planning training programs, and inspecting equipment.

Perhaps most importantly of all is the recruitment phase. The ALS prides itself on its people with many Lifeguards returning year on year. But they’re always on the hunt for new talent with many Lifeguards having a strong background in the surf club environment.

“As we look back on a successful summer it’s important to note that none of this would be possible without our professional team of lifeguards and lifeguard supervisors,” ALS NSW Lifeguards Operation Manager Oliver Munson.

“Lifeguarding is a challenging but rewarding career that can take you around the state and even overseas. “Were always on the hunt for new talent”
Applicants for Lifeguard positions will participate in a vigorous fitness and skills session ahead of the season to ensure that they are in peak physical and mental condition ahead of the demands of the season.

2016/17 ALS Statistics For Pittwater:
• Rescues – 360
• Preventative actions – 78,192
• First Aid – 3,081
• Beach Attendance – 1,276,511

For additional information about becoming a Lifeguard with the ALS for the 2017/18 season please visit https://lifeguards.com.au/NSW/become-a-lifeguard/

By Surf Life Saving NSW

Matthew Hastie, Pittwater Lifeguard of the Year for 2015/16 - photo courtesy SLS NSW. Surf Life Saving NSW will be announcing the Lifeguard of the Year shortly with winners going into contention for NSW honours at the Awards of Excellence in August.