October 28 - November 3, 2018: Issue 381


Funding Boosts for Mona Vale Surf Club and Currawong Cottages

Funding Boost for Mona Vale Surf Club

23 October 2018

Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes has announced the NSW Government has provided a further $2.5 million to assist with the upgrade of Mona Vale Surf Life Saving Club.

The funds are in addition to $1.4 million allocated to the project last year, bringing the NSW Government’s total contribution to $3.9 million.

The funding is part of the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund provided to progress key local projects in partnership with Northern Beaches Council. Following Northern Beaches Council’s decision not to pursue an acquisition of the Pasadena site at Church Point, the residual funding is now being secured to further support and expedite Council’s other projects.

“This generational upgrade will ensure the surf club continues to provide outstanding community services into the future,” Rob Stokes said today.

“Improvements to Mona Vale Surf Club have been sought for many years but funding has always been an issue.

“Mona Vale is one of Sydney’s busiest beaches over summer with people coming from all over to enjoy it.

“Surf clubs not only accommodate essential surf rescue equipment and training facilities – they’re also really important community hubs.

“I’m delighted this additional funding has been secured to further support Northern Beaches Council with this long-awaited and essential project,” Rob Stokes said.

Other surf club upgrade projects being supported as part of the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund include Newport Surf Life Saving Club and Long Reef Surf Life Saving Club.

Additional Funds to Restore Currawong Beach Cottages

26 October 2018

Member for Pittwater Rob Stokes today announced the NSW Government will provide a further $1.68 million to support Northern Beaches Council with the refurbishment of the historic Currawong Beach cottages.

This follows $1 million provided to the project last year, bringing the NSW Government’s total allocation to $2.68 million.

The funds have been provided to Northern Beaches Council through the NSW Government’s Stronger Communities Fund and have been made available from funds that were previously allocated for the acquisition of the Pasadena site at Church Point.

Restoration works on the heritage listed Currawong Beach cottages will ensure they are comfortable and functional for guests into the future. Northern Beaches Council, which manages Currawong State Park, has commenced detailed design, with construction works planned for after the peak summer season.

“Currawong has been a unique holiday destination for generations of Sydneysiders,” Rob Stokes said today.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult for families on holiday to escape the presence and attraction of modern devices and technology. Currawong offers the opportunity to step back and unwind.

“These upgrades will ensure the cottages are more inviting and comfortable – but still provide opportunities for families and conference groups to switch off in a natural and historic waterfront setting.

“Currawong’s key attractions are its simplicity and tranquil surrounds – however it’s also really important to ensure its facilities are functional, inviting, and meet modern standards.

“I’m delighted the NSW Government is able to assist Northern Beaches Council with their ongoing work to ensure this very special area is protected and enhanced for future generations,” Rob Stokes said.

In recent years other significant improvements have been introduced at Currawong through collaboration between the NSW Government, Northern Beaches Council, Pittwater Environmental Foundation and The Friends of Currawong.

Currawong was purchased by the NSW Government in 2011 following a hard-fought community campaign against residential subdivision plans by a private owner. The NSW Government announced the creation of Currawong State Park in 2015.

Currawong cottages - photo by Michael Mannington, Volunteer Photography.