March 18 - 24, 2018: Issue 352


Visual Video Celebration Compilation In  Compass Points Destinations: Autumn 2018

In January Pittwater Online ran a small celebration of people enjoying the Australia Day long weekend on the Pittwater estuary. Since then a few other on estuary places have been forwarded with requests to showcase that blue and green heart of Pittwater and highlight all the compass points. Some of these are new celebrations while others stem from a few years ago.

As Autumn is one of the best seasons to enjoy where we're living (not too hot, not too cold = just right), a few of these run this week to show you what you can get up to, among them some great ideas for the upcoming rest many will have over Easter (March 30- April 3) or the not too soon after that Autumn School Holiday break (April 14-29).

Thank you to all who have sent in these reminders of all these other bays, semi-deserted beaches, walks, sail paths and treasured nooks.
This week's 'pictorial' is for all of you who have called out for 'MORE'!

South, South-East 

Welcome To The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club: RPAYC - On Pittwater

The Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club - RPAYC is a yacht racing and sailing club based on Pittwater.

The yacht club offers year round inshore and offshore racing, cruising, centreboard dinghy racing, sail training and courses plus has a large marina accommodating up to 352 vessels. There is also a modern boatyard with comprehensive marine services to help maintain your vessel.
Membership, including family membership, is available.
16 Mitala Street

Royal Motor Yacht Club Fly Over

Published on 7 Aug 2017 by Chris Plaat
The RMYC has Horseshoe Cove, with remnants of second clubhouse, on one side and faces Pittwater, look west, at front.


Published on 24 Nov 2016 by shirestormy
Another excellent Festival at Pittwater with a large contingent of vessels from the Wooden Boat Association of NSW. Supported by - Morrison Aerial Robotics - Drone Services NSW For - RMYC TIMBER BOAT FESTIVAL
The RMYC has Horseshoe Cove, with remnants of second clubhouse, on one side and faces Pittwater, look west, at front. 

West And South-West


Published on 30 Nov 2016 by Pittwater Pathways (John Illingsworth)
A concise history of Bayview's wharf/groyne, (the last remaining in Pittwater) and its adjoining baths. 

Boating At Church Point In Sydney Australia

Published on 23 Dec 2017 by Australian Adventures
A day on the water at beautiful Church Point in Sydney Australia.

McCarrs Creek & Church Point

Published on 1 Apr 2016 by KayakKapers
Kayaking the waters of Pittwater around McCarrs Creek and Church Point, just north of Sydney CBD area, is a delight. This is amazingly beautiful with urban spaces, as well as bush settings and isolation.

Elvina & Fredericks Tracks Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park - A Wonderland Walk

Published on 29 Mar 2016 by Birds In Backyards TV
The Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park is an Australian treasure full of wonderful wild animals and flora. This short video highlights the natural beauty of water, rock, native plants, bird sounds and sky.

Scotland Island. Pittwater

Published on 29 Mar 2012 by Gordon Hammond
Every hour a small commuter ferry leaves Church Point on a route around Scotland Island. It is the most beautiful secret of Sydney waterways. For a few dollars you have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of Pittwater. It is Sydney at its best.

Lovett Bay Pools

Published on 15 Feb 2017 by Adventure Blokes

Pittwater YHA

Published on 11 Feb 2018 by YHA Australia
An easy escape from the busy city of Sydney, Pittwater YHA hostel is nestled in Morning Bay, Ku-ring-gai National Park. 

An otherworldly oasis where you can reconnect, relax, rejuvenate - all only a ferry ride and an hour out of the screens and stresses of the city!

North And North-West

Palm Beach

Published on 19 Jan 2015 by tegor six
Do it all... or just do nothing.

Mackerel Beach - West Head Loop Walk

Published on 17 Jul 2011 by monroe3004
Nice 9km bush walk loop, starting and finishing at Mackerel Beach with great coastal views.
Track notes and map available at


Published on 9 Feb 2017 by Bita Emmett
The Basin Track offers wonderful glimpses of Pittwater through the trees before the (steep!) descend to the campground where you can enjoy a refreshing swim. You can either head back towards the Mackerel Track or catch a Palm Beach Ferry and enjoy some of the beaches of Pittwater.

The Mackerel track is on the right on the way back to the carpark, offering impressive views across Pittwater, and looks down upon Mackerel Beach to the north and Currawong to the south.

Of course, if you're in the national park, West Head lookout is a must! It has views panning from the Central Coast (Patonga Beach and Budderoo NP) to Palm Beach including Barrenjoey Headland and Lighthouse.

Eating Brownies At Resolute Beach | Ku-Ring-Gai National Park Hike

Published on 19 May 2017 by Kuyavian
Hiking part of Resolute Loop Trail at Ku-Ring-Gai National Park which takes us to one of most beautiful beaches in Sydney area - Resolute Beach. 
This part of the loop is known as Resolute Track and starts at the Resolute Picnic Ground. 
Access to that part of National Park and the trail is only by car and entrance to National Park costs $12 per vehicle.
Alternatively you can catch a ferry from Palm Beach to Great Mackerel Beach and hike up to the Resolute Beach from there (more expensive option, ferry is not cheap).
Hiking trails in this area are in my opinion one of the best coastal walks you will find around Sydney area so it's worth making few trips here. 
Breathtaking views, amazing beaches and abundance of native flora and fauna.
Plenty of fire trails to explore for mountain bikers as well.

Camera: GoPro Hero 4 Silver
Gimbal (wearable): Feiyu Tech FY-WG 3-axis

Music Credits: Chris Zabriskie - I Am Running with Temporary Success from a Monstrous Vacuum in Pursuit [Creative Commons Music] by Creative Commons Music is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

East And North East

Clareville Beach. 

Published on 24 Dec 2016 by Sam Bonkowski
Stunning aerial cinematography of Clareville Beach, Sydney

Clareville-Taylors Point-Careel Bay-Avalon Sweep

Published on 24 Feb 2014 by Pittwater Pathways (John Illingsworth)
The Enemark Collection consists of around 500 nitrate negatives made by John H Enemark and Anne M Enemark from 1917 to 1946. Consecutively, 6 of them comprise a near 360 degree panorama of the Avalon district in NSW circa 1917. Music by Enya, images from National Library of Australia, go to


by Elelvate Visual
Music: John Butler - Oceans

Pittwater, NSW By Air

Published on 11 Nov 2015 by Bryce and Pippa Patrick
Church point, Scotland Island
Videos and Photos by those credited. Thank you so much for your glorious celebrations of our home - beautiful!