November 4 - 10, 2018: Issue 382


Northern Beaches Council’s nice little earner

Hundreds of people are being booked at Mona Vale because of RMS incompetence and NBC laziness. They know about this but do nothing .... except continue to fine you. It’s probable that more than $20,000 has been ripped out of unsuspecting punters’ wallets because of this. Anyone for a GIPA to find out:

1. How many have been booked at $187 a pop and paid up?

2. How often has Northern Beaches Council been notified of the problem with the lines and the signs – and failed to act?

3. Why does the State Debt Recovery Office – the enforcer – autocratically refuse to acknowledge this incompetently marked pavement and poorly positioned signage? 

If you’ve been booked and you’ve not yet paid the fine consider an appeal in writing. And if they refuse you perhaps consider defending the matter in court as I successfully did.

If you’ve already coughed up could you appeal for a refund? After all, if it’s good enough for the banks why not State Revenue and the NBC?

This is not legal advice. This video is offered in good faith without prejudice.



Report and video by John Illingsworth - Pittwater Pathways