October 28 - November 3, 2018: Issue 381


Newport Sculpture Trail 2018

Christina Ambrose-Keyes, Nic Carroll and Patsy Clayton-Fry before Christina's 'Wave'. Nic has provided poetry which can be read on the finished mural.
The Newport Sculpture Trail for 2018 has opened and runs through to Sunday November 11th with Art, Music, Performances and Workshops running to and including Sunday November 11th. The village looks great with colourful flower planters outside many businesses, delicious food available to keep up your strength, great coffees at a variety of cafes and glorious artworks to be seen within a few paces of each other.

Once again Sculpture Trail Founder Patsy Clayton-Fry has pulled together a great collection of pieces which showcase the diversity of materials that can be used to make these works while the subjects chosen range from individual takes on the classical with each Artists' ideas shining through in minature form through to creations that need outdoor space to be appreciated in scale and setting. 

Patsy has been ably backed up by a great team of supporters and artists as was evident in what many call 'The Mural Arcade' beside BWS with a live Art demonstration. Some were working in collaboration, Angus Baldwin and Alex Thorby making a beautiful Tree Huggers statement, while Christina Ambrose-Keyes and Nic Carroll combined Christina's wave scrolls with a poem penned by Nic.

As well as these great works there are beautiful shops filled with items you won't find on a supermarket shelf. Anasa Bio (Shop 5, 326-330 Barrenjoey Road, Newport) is just one example. Anasa provides the means of sharing and enjoying the culinary treasures and traditions of Greece. As October is the beginning of the olive harvest season expect to see some high quality olive oil and gourmet olives available here. Anasa also stocks beautiful clothes, natural cosmetics, speciality food, handmade soaps and a lot more - well worth a visit.

Below is a list of what's where and a map - below this some of the Live Art and Artists captured today as well as just a few samples of what can be seen on this year's Sculpture Trail. 

The Newport Sculpture Trail 2018 invites all to take some time to stroll around the village of Newport and enjoy what's on offer.

Planter boxes filled with flowers are everywhere


ZUBI – Metanoia 2018, Katharina Wells and Eva Frengstad
CAFFEINE VILLAINS – Bali Dogs, David Livingston
BWS – Freedom, Anthony Brunskill
PRESTIGE PROPERTY – Venus, Ron Tuck | Flannel Flower Fairy, Cathy Cull | Carved Red Cedar Torso, Peter Blanchard
KNAPSTORE – Dwelling IV, Christine Simpson
ALEXIS LEIGH – Corals Etherial Spirit, Cherie Platen
RUSTI FIG – Woman, Patsy Clayton-Fry
GLASS AVENUE – Woman with a comb in her hair, Eamon Hamilton
KARAVAN – Island Girl, Cheryl Cullen | Island Boy, Victoria Norman

NEWPORT SURF CLUB – Family Tree 2018, Christine Simpson
DOMAIN – Colourful Torso, Nina Burridge
KAVE BAR – Erosion, Peter Blanchard | Woody Point, Eamon Hamilton
HARVEST RESTAURANT – I am a leaf in the wind, Nik Ballingall
NEWPORT DRY CLEANER – Femme Folly, Cherry Corr
LJ HOOKER – The Family, David Livingston
ANASA – Dragon Egg, Bridget Armstrong
SHOT LAB – Bheag Brae Bliss, Fiona Brien
NEW POT – Still Alive, Karen Blue Stuart
MAC & ME – Retail Recoil, Cheryl Corr
SOTTASOPRA – Bruce, Maria Romeo
NEWPORT BOWLING CLUB – Into My Arms, David Young

MRS ROBINSON – Cocooned in Spirit, Cherie Platen
PITTWATER PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH – Endless Column, Eamon Hamilton

ANGLICAN CHURCH – 'Like a River Runs Surely to the Sea' Canoe, Leesa Knights

ESSEM – Diamond Python, Nik Ballingal

BELAIRE – The Dancer, Anthony Brunskill
MY ORGANIC HAIR – Greyhound, Terese Eastwood

Events and Buskers Schedule. 
(music subject to changes.)

Sunday 28th October
11am BeachNUTS …… O/S Fruit and Veg
11.30am Smarty pants …… Fruit and Veg
12-1pm Paint a Pebble (workshop for 5-10 year olds) …… Bert Payne Park
2pm Northern Beaches Jive …… Coles
Saturday 3rd November
10 am Murray Rae …… Zubis
11 am David Hall …… Anasa
11am Steve Haig …… Shot Lab
11am Dhara Cullen …… Interior Furniture (opp fruit and veg)
11am Balin and Locana Cullen …… Essem Hairdressers
12 Noon Mathew James …… BWS
12 Noon Russell Pearce …… Mrs Robertson
2pm Vertica Dance …… Fruit and Veg
2pm Nik Twose …… New Pot
Sunday 4th November
11am David Hall …… Coles
12 Noon Russell Pearce …..  Fruit and Veg
12 Noon. BeachNUTS……. Coles
2pm Northern Beaches Jive …… Coles
Saturday 10th November
10am Murray Rae …… Karavan
11am BeachNUTS …… Florist
11am Happy Tappers …… Sotto Sopra
11am Dhara Cullen …… Anasa
11am Balin and Locana Cullen …… Fruit and Veg
12 Noon Mathew James …… BWS
1pm Jack Stoneham …… Zubi’s
2pm Vertica Dance …… NBB Forecourt
2pm Nik Twose …..  Caffeine Villans Café (behind Little Box Café)
Sunday 11th November
11am Happy Tappers……  NBB Forecourt
12.30 Lachlan Hamilton……. Fruit and Veg
3pm Jack Stoneham …… Mrs Robertsons

Flannel Flower Fairy, Cathy Cull

Flavia Julius working on 'Brazil Meets Australia'.

Carved Red Cedar Torso, Peter Blanchard

Len Brind - Artists at Work!

Luiza Monserrat working on 'Bird in the Moon'

Bird in the Moon finished - photo courtesy Cr. Kylie Ferguson

Dwelling IV, Christine Simpson - in Knapstore

Jess Owens is Knapstore's proprietor - husband Andy filling in for 5 minutes

Angus Baldwin and Alex Thorby - mural collaboration - commencing to place some Tree Hugging sentiments over the panle behind them - below, a little while later;

Nicole Ballingall 'Fishing for Fun & Profit'

Nic and Christina at Work

Finis! Photo from Christina Ambrose-Keyes Facebook page - hours later...