January 23-29, 2022: Issue 523


NSW Surf Boats State Team Announced

Queenscliff NSW State Team Selection 15/01/22 (U19/23): Surf Boats

Rowers in New South Wales were treated to some EPIC racing at Queenscliff carnival on 15 January 2022. Due to the Tsunami warning on Sunday, day 2 of the competition was cancelled. Photos are of U19/23 crews who competed on Saturday.

Photos credit to Malcolm Trees who continues to do an outstanding job promoting our great sport! Full album HERE - a selection runs below.

Full results can be found on the Team Navy ASRL app on your mobile/tablet under 'all results'. The winners were;

Under 19 Male - South Curl Curl Burley

Under 19 Female - Collaroy Redbacks

Under 23 Male - South Curl Curl Sneaky Nuts

Under 23 Female - Palm Beach Panthers

NSW Surf Boats State Team Announcement

January 20, 2022 
Huge congratulations to the following crews in making the 2022 NSW Surf Boats State Rep Team!!

U19 Male South Curl Curl  Burley
Sweep Mark Spiteri
Alan Perry
Owen Saunders
Angus Campbell
Toby  Skelton

U19 Female Collaroy Redbacks
Sweep Gavin Scott
Frankie Webster
Hannah  Gilmartin
Abbie O'Sullivan
Lauren Deane

U23 Male South Curl Curl Sneaky Nuts
Sweep Mark Spiteri
Julian McKay
Tom Opie
Tyler Hyde
Bailey Skelton

U23 Female Palm Beach Panthers
Sweep Peter Spence
Meg Conlon
Elizabeth Anderson
Rachel Balcomb
Gabriela Chubb

Reserve Male North Bondi Blade Runners
Sweep Steven Larnach
Charlie Bodkin
Jake Cassell
Mathew Murray
Ben Celermajer

Reserve Female North Bondi Shredders
Sweep Steven Larnach
Koozee Huybers
Emma Hayes
Tilly Strain
Ellie Larnach

Open Male Palm Beach Projectors
Sweep Peter Spence
Campbell Watts
Scott Ellice-Flint
Angus Robinson
Angus Cooke

Open Female South Curl Curl Sharkers
Sweep Mark Spiteri
Braede Cox
Genevieve Horton
Michela Verwey
Lara Campbell

Greg Heard
Nick Sampson