March 1 - 7, 2020: Issue 440


Volunteer Marine Rescue Sydney – Terrey Hills Base not just about “Saving Lives on Water” but On Board with Recycling

Volunteer Marine Rescue Sydney – Terrey Hills Base (MRS – Terrey Hills) is a 24 x 7 x 365 emergency services communications operation whose mission is to “Save Lives on Water”. In just 12 months MRS – Terrey Hills has been running a fund raising and environmental initiative through the Tomra Return and Earn recycling platform with over 20,000 eligible drinking containers collected. 

“In recycling what could have been trash polluting the pristine bushlands and water settings which the Northern Beaches and Pittwater are so blessed to have, we’ve raised over $2,000 and just as importantly we are doing our bit and our best to preserve the area’s natural beauty for our future generations to continue to enjoy. I personally am so grateful to our volunteer members and all our supporters” said Marg Chu, Operations Officer MRS – Terrey Hills.

Funds raised go towards upgrades to crucial radio communication equipment to better leverage Marine Rescue state-wide infrastructure enabling Marine Rescue NSW to provide enhanced radio coverage of our coastline.

An example of the importance of this sophisticated and broad reaching communication technology was demonstrated during the recent bushfires. “Whilst our members on the NSW South Coast were either occupied with trying to save their own homes or those of members of their community, and our Marine Rescue Vessels were fully occupied with either transporting people to safety or transporting food, fresh water, fuel, generators and provisions to communities devastated by the fires and cut off due to road closures, MRS – Terrey Hills provided 24/7 marine radio coverage for the NSW Southern coastline as far south as Eden. It was also at the height of our busiest period during the year with recreational vessels enjoying the spectacles of the Sydney to Hobart Race, New Year Eve Fireworks, Australia Day and generally ‘a summer of fun’ on the water with family and friends”, said Marg.

Eligible drinking container collection bins located at Marine Rescue Sydney - Terry Hills Base

Gary Lightfoot, Treasurer, Marine Rescue Sydney – Terrey Hills unloading eligible drinking container collection bins and bags at Tomra Return and Earn Recycling site.

Gary Lightfoot, Treasurer MRS – Terrey Hills, said the recycling Return and Earn platform is a welcoming initiative in broadening our fund raising activities to fund investment in ever advancing radio technologies to enhance capability with environmental benefit, a win-win for our community. Collection bins located at MRS – Terrey Hills Base are taken to feed the eligible drinking containers through the Return and Earn vending machines with donation vouchers then cashed at Woolworths for deposit into MRS – Terrey Hills bank account (unless MRS – Terrey Hills is listed as a donation partner on the machines from time to time).

Marg Chu, Operations Officer, Marine Rescue Sydney – Terrey Hills, recycling at Tomra Return and Earn. Acknowledgement to the kind and generous stranger in the photo who donated her funds to Marine Rescue Sydney.

MRS – Terrey Hills welcomes donations by voucher, eligible drinking containers and of course cash.  Volunteer Marine Rescue Sydney – Terrey Hills is currently a donation partner at the Tomra Return and Earn recycling vending machines located at Golf Paradise, Terrey Hills until 23 May 2020. 

If you are interested in joining our team to assist with fund raising & marketing and/or become a Radio Operator, please email or simply call 02 9450 2468. We’d love to hear from you!

Written by Marg Chu
Operations Officer
Volunteer Marine Rescue Sydney 
Terrey Hills Base