May 12 - 18, 2019: Issue 404


Federal election 2019: Candidates for Seat of Mackellar and Senate

Election day polling places in the electoral division of Mackellar (NSW)

Election day polling places open at 8am and close at 6pm sharp. 

Suburb Polling place Opening times Polling place accessibility
AVALON Avalon Recreation Centre 
59A Old Barrenjoey Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

AVALON BEACH Avalon Public School 
11 Old Barrenjoey Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

AVALON BEACH Barrenjoey High School 
1-3 Coonanga Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

BAYVIEW St Luke's Grammar School Bayview 
1977 Pittwater Rd 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

BEACON HILL Beacon Hill Public School 
6 Tristram Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

BELROSE Belrose Public School 
26 Ralston Ave 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

BELROSE Wakehurst Public School 
8 Glen St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

BILGOLA PLATEAU Bilgola Plateau Public School 
148a Plateau Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

COLLAROY Collaroy Masonic Hall 
1183 Pittwater Rd 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

COLLAROY PLATEAU Collaroy Plateau Public School 
41 Plateau Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

COLLAROY PLATEAU Collaroy Plateau Youth & Community Centre 
36 Blandford St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

CROMER Cromer Public School 
Carcoola Rd 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

CROMER NBSC - Cromer Campus 
120 South Creek Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

DAVIDSON Kambora Public School 
37 Woolrych Crescent 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

40 Kingsway 8am - 6pm Wheelchair accessible

DEE WHY Dee Why Public School 
Regent St 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

DEE WHY St John's Anglican Church 
87 Oaks Ave 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

DEE WHY St Kevins Church Hall 
57-59 Oaks Ave 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

ELANORA HEIGHTS Elanora Heights Public School 
43 Elanora Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

FORESTVILLE Forestville Public School 
7 Melwood Ave 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

FRENCHS FOREST Frenchs Forest Public School 
10 Ann St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

FRENCHS FOREST Mimosa Public School 
1 Mimosa St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

FRENCHS FOREST The Forest High School 
135 Frenchs Forest Rd W 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

MONA VALE Mona Vale Memorial Hall 
1 Park St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

MONA VALE Mona Vale Public School 
15 Waratah Steet 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

MONA VALE Pittwater High School 
1668 Pittwater Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

14 Tengah Cres 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

NARRABEEN Lakes Parish Hall 
21 Lagoon St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

NARRABEEN Narrabeen Lakes Public School 
1299 Pittwater Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

RSL ANZAC Village 90 Veterans Pde 8am - 6pm Wheelchair accessible

NARRAWEENA Narraweena Community Centre 
74 Oceana St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

NARRAWEENA Narraweena Public School 
78 McIntosh Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

NEWPORT Newport Public School 
Stuart St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

NEWPORT Newport Surf Club 
394 Barrenjoey Rd 8am - 6pm Not wheelchair accessible

NORTH NARRABEEN Narrabeen Sports High School 
10 Namona St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

PALM BEACH Palm Beach Kindergarten 
1053 Barrenjoey Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

SYDNEY Sydney Town Hall 
George St 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

TERREY HILLS Terrey Hills Public School 
Cooyong Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

WARRIEWOOD Nelson Heather Centre 
4 Jacksons Rd 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

WARRIEWOOD Ted Blackwood Youth & Community Centre 
cnr Jacksons & Boondah Rds 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

WHEELER HEIGHTS Wheeler Heights Public School 
36 Veterans Pde 8am - 6pm Assisted wheelchair access

New South Wales: Senate

There are 105 candidates for the Senate in New South Wales.

Six seats are up for election. The Labor Party is defending one seat. The Liberal-National Coalition is defending two seats. The Greens are defending one seat. One Nation is defending one seat, although sitting senator Brian Burston has defected to the United Australia Party. The Liberal Democrats are defending one seat. Senators Concetta Fierravanti-Wells (Liberal), Kristina Keneally (Labor), Jenny McAllister (Labor), Deborah O'Neill (Labor), Marise Payne (Liberal) and Arthur Sinodinos (Liberal) are not up for re-election.

There are 35 political parties in all and 14 Ungrouped Candidates.

2019 Candidates in Ballot Paper Order (105 Candidates) HERE and those that have provided 'How To Vote' (for them) cards on the ABC's Senate How to Votes: NSW webpage.

The AEC provides a search function webpage for you to view what candidates are listed. Simply enter your postcode and then click on the links.

AEC Practise voting - Senate webpage

This practise voting tool is designed to help you cast a formal Senate vote. The tool depicts a sample ballot paper only. The number and name of parties and Senate candidates for the federal election will be declared by the AEC during the election period at a public declaration of nominations.


Select numbers using the drop down fields contained within the boxes on the sample ballot paper below. When you believe you have completed a formal vote, click the 'check my ballot paper' button at the bottom of the ballot paper. To cast a formal Senate vote, you can choose to vote either above the line or below the line.

Above the line

Number at least 6 boxes for parties or groups in the order of your choice (with number 1 as your first choice).

Below the line

Number at least 12 boxes for individual candidates in the order of your choice (with number 1 as your first choice).

You can number as many additional boxes as you choose when voting either above the line (i.e. more than six boxes) or below the line (i.e. more than twelve boxes).

2019 Candidates for mackellar in Ballot Paper Order 

(7 Candidates)

Information provided by Candidates and/or their political parties. Polling places listed above.

David Lyon
United Australia Party

David is a computer system and business IT software developer with experience on major projects including developing the original business case which led to the construction of the Kurnell Desalination Plant in Sydney. He also worked on high-speed rail business cases with many of his recommendations being implemented including technology used in Sydney trains. David is a keen political observer who has travelled to more than 20 countries.

David says:

The United Australia Party seek to address Wage decline and rising costs.

We seek to lift Pensions by $150 per week and make Home-Loan Interest Tax Deductable. So on a $1M Mortgage with a Couple or Person earning $150K per annum, they'll end up around $300 per week better off.

How will we pay for this? by increasing Exports in Metal Processing and Farming. 

The United Australia Party are working with Farmers across NSW AgriBusiness and will attempt to have the Murray-Darling-Basement-Plan scrapped.

For Transport, I'll be seeking to have more rational Designs presented to the NSW Government for the Northern Beaches Tunnel to ease Traffic congestion. I'll be looking for Federal Funding to make the project happen quicker.

On the Environment, I did the original Business Case for the Sydney Desalination Plant to run on Renewable Energy about 15 years ago when Sydney had it's Water crisis and Sydney was about to run out of Water. 

I'm looking to create 10,000's of Jobs in Water Technology in the Northern Beaches helping solve Water Issues across NSW. 

All our Policies are focused on increasing Exports and handing the benefits of doing that through to Pensioners and Wage-Earners to stop Wage decline and preserve Living Standards.

Suzanne Daly
Sustainable Australia

Suzanne was raised in the western suburbs of Sydney alongside the Hume Highway when it was a two lane country road surrounded by trees, nature and houses with great backyards. Suzanne received one of the first Whitlam scholarships that enabled her to finish high school with a Commonwealth scholarship. She was able to study medicine at the University of NSW. In 1975 Suzanne and her husband travelled extensively throughout Europe and Asia. She was shocked by the density, overcrowding, traffic congestion, pollution and the destruction of nature in the emerging, modern high rise cities back then. lt was a relief for her to be able to come back to Sydney in 1976.

Upon her return she became a GP and loved it. She has now been a family doctor on the Northern Beaches for nearly 40 years. Suzanne was a member of the board of the Manly Warringah Division of GP's for 17 years, until it was amalgamated with the Northern Sydney Network. Suzanne was the driving force behind the implementation of some innovative ideas with the community and the Department of Health. She has trained in counselling and has a Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis. Suzanne believes in positive psychology and being proactive. She was attracted to Sustainable Australia Party which has positive solutions to what seem like unsolvable problems that are causing widespread stress and distress. 

The Pittwater electorate has lost its local hospital, its local council and its democracy. Suzanne wants to give the people in her community that are disillusioned with the established political parties another option.

Alice Thompson

Alice Thompson Bio:

Alice is an expert on urban policy, strategic planning and infrastructure investment. Her career in state and federal government spans almost 20 years. She joined KPMG in 2017 as national lead for cities and regions as part of the transport and economics practice, and resigned late last year to run for politics. 

Alice lives in the electorate with her partner Matthias, an architect, and their boys aged 7 and 8.

I live near Pittwater bringing my young family up close to nature as I had enjoyed as a child. Surrounded by national parks I am teaching my kids to cherish the environment and understand their role in protecting it.

Alice has held various roles at the Australian Bureau of Statistics, served as director in the Major Cities Unit of Infrastructure Australia, and the Department of Infrastructure and Transport's Major Cities Unit,and director of economic policy in the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet. Alice was a Senior advisor to former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on cities, infrastructure, regional development and local government. Among her achievements in the PM's office was her role advising on the government's decision to build the Western Sydney airport, and driving the Commonwealth’s Smart Cities Plan, including implementation of City Deals in Australia including Western Sydney, Townsville and Launceston.

Alice was born and raised in Canberra and studied at the Australian National University where she gained a BA degree in Population Studies and a BSc in Geography. She also holds an MA in International Law and International Relations from UNSW Sydney.

Alice says:

“I don’t report to a political party, their donors or vested interests. I’m free to represent the views and values of the whole community. Canberra takes notice of independents. And we can be a powerful force when we collaborate on the big issues like climate change and government integrity where the major parties are not showing leadership. So with your support on May 18th, the Northern Beaches can have a stronger voice in the big decisions we face as a nation.” -- Alice Thompson

The role of Independents

I’m a qualified public policy leader and advisor. I’ve advised Premiers and Prime Ministers on some of the top economic issues facing our nation, including multi-billion-dollar infrastructure projects. This means I have the knowledge and experience to hit the ground running in Canberra and be a very effective advocate for our local community.

An Independent like me will negotiate more for the Northern Beaches than a Liberal MP in opposition or on the backbench. I know that because as advisor to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull I supported negotiations with key independents such as Cathy McGowan and Andrew Wilkie. They worked with government, not against it. I’ve learned how they keep government accountable and deliver for their local communities. 

Accountable to the community

As an Independent, I don’t report to a political party - I am directly accountable to you. I’m not bound by entrenched party hierarchies, factions and vested interests and so have freedom to vote on my conscience and the will of this community. I’m not spending time on internal party infighting or working out how to knife the leader. I will have much more time to spend working with you and driving better policy and government. 

My positions on select issues:

Urgent climate action

The experts say we need transformative change - not incremental and timid approaches - to decarbonise our culture and economy. It’s up to the decisions of the next term of government  to avoid dangerous levels of global warming. Our children’s future, the economy, our health and wellbeing depends on assertive action now. We have run out of time to act.

And if you continue to vote the way you have in the past, you will vote in a Liberal MP who will continue to obstruct real action on climate change while he reports to a party that’s been hijacked by the far right. 

If you are worried about the future of your children as I am - I am asking you to use your vote strategically and Vote 1 Alice Thompson. Every seat counts, even the safe ones like Mackellar. We can show leadership, it’s in your power.

I will fight to Stop Adani and fossil fuel exploration off the Northern Beaches. Opening up vast new reserves of fossil fuel is completely incompatible with sustaining life on Earth and  our health and wellbeing. 

I will collaborate with independents and force Parliament to negotiate urgent, ambitious action to reduce emissions and a managed transition to clean energy as soon as humanly possible. But we have to get it right and responsibly manage the economy. I won’t hold out for the 100% solution if it delays action. I am focused on outcomes, and will work with government and across Parliament to agree the most effective, least cost options to get us moving. And I promise you I will keep fighting the very next day to ramp it up.

You can read more specifically here about my position on climate change as presented at the Stop Adani forum in Mona Vale in April.

EDS: here is the link (

Open and honest government

The major parties have an interest in maintaining the structures that they benefit from. 

As an independent, I’m not taking orders from donors or vested interests. I’ll push for a raft of measures to level the playing field in our democracy and encourage transparency and accountability, including political donations reform, election funding laws and publishing ministers diaries. 

There have been serious allegations of misconduct that need to be investigated. That’s why we need a federal corruption commission with real powers who can investigate these issues at arms length from government.

Secure Public Health

Two public hospitals were closed or downgraded for the new Northern Beaches Hospital. It’s outrageous our public hospital services are being sold to a foreign corporation based in the tax haven Cayman Islands. Our MP Jason Falinski has not shown the leadership we expect. So I’ve written along with Zali Steggall to the Treasurer to stop this sale. 

Services at Mona Vale Hospital should not have been downgraded. It will be difficult to get services restored but we expect an MP to fight harder for our community’s health. It’s a state issue, but as federal MP I’ll work across all levels of government, health practitioners and this community on what can be done.

I’d like to see a more wholistic approach to health, including more support and coordination of mental health services.

Business and innovation

Our most important resource is our people - not a lump of coal in the ground. I’ll back more funding for education and research, and tax cuts for small business to encourage growth and innovation and jobs closer to where we live. 

Business is also asking for stability. Independents can provide a moderating influence in Parliament and between parties. We need to stop the constant changing of the goal posts with every new government. Four year election terms will help provide more certainty. 

Infrastructure before growth

We can’t build our way out of congestion. We need smarter investment in transport and better planning and coordination across governments.

We’ve got to get the planning on the Beaches Link right, and can’t afford to wait a decade for improvements. With my infrastructure experience, expertise and personal contacts in both the NSW and Federal government, I will negotiate more funding for smart upgrades to local roads, public transport, pedestrian and cycleways to improve safety and get our transport moving again - for all users. These sensible upgrades can be done quicker, lower risk and at a fraction of the cost of the $14 billion Beaches Link - why aren’t we getting on with it?

I also support reducing immigration levels to more sustainable levels. Our economy relies on population growth and businesses on skilled immigration, so any reduction needs to be carefully managed and should not be used as a proxy for populist, divisive politics. Our Parliament needs to be capable of respectful discussion and debate. Without trust and respect, we can’t possibly navigate the difficult decisions and trade-offs we face as a nation.

Tim Flannery on Extinction, in Conversation with Alice Thompson

Hosted by Alice Thompson Independent for Mackellar
Tuesday May 14th, 2019: at 7 PM – 8:30 PM
Mona Vale Surf Lifesaving Club
Surfview Road, Mona Vale
Free; Register to attend here

Tim Flannery, author of The Future Eaters, and public policy advisor Alice Thompson, discuss extinction and why this matters for our society.

To discuss what's happening, why this matters and what we need to do to tackle this crisis, author, explorer, biologist and climate activist Tim Flannery talks with Alice Thompson, a public policy leader and former advisor to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull who is also standing as an Independent candidate for Mackellar in the Federal election on May 18th.

Pru Wawn
The Greens

About Me

I’ve lived most of my life on the Northern Beaches. This is my community and I’ve always been pretty involved in it. Throughout my 35-year teaching career in public high schools and while parenting, I’ve campaigned for and supported many local causes.

My parents built their first home in Avalon, in the late 50s. I’ve always loved the bush – the spotted gums and all the wild creatures that also call this place home. As a young woman, I surfed at Newport and still swim all year round at Avalon pool. My family includes surfers and sailors: Dad was commodore of the RPAYC (Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club); a founding member of Newport Rugby club. Mum did Meals on Wheels.

My daughter and I both went to local public schools - Newport Primary and Barrenjoey High. I believe the local public school is the hub of the community and one of the important ways we connect. As P&C president at Barrenjoey, I pushed for the community garden to be located within the school grounds and gained a community partnership grant of over $50,000 for a much-needed art space. I also volunteered with the parent-run Barrenjoey Bush Care group, which maintained the school’s native garden.

Over the years, I’ve also been involved in protecting Careel Bay, saving Currawong, the fight to save Mona Vale Hospital and am on the Protect Pittwater committee - campaigning to recover our council. More recently I’ve helped on a citizen science project called Ausmap, monitoring microplastic waste along our coast. Last weekend I joined the huge community protest at Umina Beach, with over 1,000 people, absolutely outraged by the federal government’s decision to approve seismic testing off the coast here, between Newcastle and Sydney.

Pru Wawn at last weekend’s Hands across the Sand protest at Umina against seismic testing for gas offshore - between Sydney Harbour and Newcastle. 

Why the Greens? 

Our local environment is under threat on multiple fronts – sea level rise, overdevelopment, seismic testing for gas off the coast, pollution, tree loss and land clearing, loss of biodiversity and of course the dramatic weather events and extremes of climate change. That’s why I’ve decided to stand as a candidate for the Greens – the only party with a comprehensive policy to deliver 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Scientists are telling us we have less than 10 years before our weather systems start breaking down. We must listen to our young people and act now to provide a future for them.

The other reason I joined the Greens is because of their integrity. We are the only party that does not accept corporate political donations. We can’t be bought and we won’t sell out. The Greens are seriously committed to donations reform, and increased transparency. All our policies are fully costed by the Parliamentary Budget Office and available online at

So you certainly know what you’re getting with me. 

Clearly if we want action on climate change, we must stop the massive amounts of money flowing to the major parties from fossil fuel companies – and slam shut the revolving door between politicians, their staff, lobbyists and lucrative corporate ‘jobs’ post politics. Because effectively the fossil fuel industry and the government are one and the same. A prime example of this is the Liberal’s Environment Minister Melissa Price, who is a former coal industry executive.

(see The Greens’ website, Democracy for Sale, which highlights the web of connections between politics, the fossil fuel industry and their enormous donations. Also the recent Greenpeace video Dirty Power, featuring investigative journalist Michael West.) 

We have been calling for a federal corruption watchdog since Bob Brown was leader back in 2010 and are delighted to see that our pressure for reform has finally won support from the crossbench. 

Community Involvement  

I participate in issues that matter to my community, regardless of political affiliations. I’m a member of Protect Pittwater which is a politically-diverse group, united by our commitment to local decision making and for the return of our local council. Forcibly amalgamated against the wishes of the majority of Pittwater residents

We’ve held public forums and organised protests outside Parliament. Our campaign successfully gained a promise for a plebiscite from Labor’s local government spokesman Peter Primrose, supported by Greens MLC David Shoebridge, and the Shooters and Fishers. 

Protect Pittwater helped revive the Save Mona Vale Hospital campaign after we held a public meeting with health care experts. I’ve attended and promoted all the events and protests (you may have seen me with the big puppet Nurse Draddy, which I made. By the way, Pittwater Council fully supported the community in saving Mona Vale Hospital. Our new Northern Beaches Council does not. 

We Greens have always supported saving Mona Vale Hospital and led the call to return our hospitals to public hands. Richard Di Natale wrote to Treasurer Frydenberg earlier this year about the sale of 43 public hospitals to Brookfield - a huge foreign company located in a tax haven, that also happens to be a big donor to the major parties. Just last week Richard, NSW Senator Mehreen Faruqi and I spoke with the media and met with health professionals and patients outside the new hospital. All of them expressed concerns with the structural problems of the private/public model - which we are fundamentally opposed to. 

Our local community has been repeatedly let down by the Liberals – they’ve dissolved our council, shut down our hospital, delivered a dodgy NBN, increased tree removal by 800 per cent, dried up our rivers and failed to respond to climate change.

I’m proud to belong to a party that values scientific research and world’s best practice. With comprehensive and fully costed policies that put community first. 

Key issues

Renewable Energy  

Our plan is to transition to 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030 and take advantage of our abundant clean energy resources. We’d build a publicly-owned power company and grid, to generate, distribute and retail green energy while keeping costs down. We’ll also support rooftop solar, provide incentives for household batteries, electric vehicles and public transport. There’s 170,000 new jobs in the transition from coal. And we could become a renewable energy superpower, exporting to the world.

Protecting the Environment

Protecting the environment is at the heart of our policies. Not only koalas, but nearly 2,000 other native species are facing extinction. So we’d invest $2 billion per year to protect our precious biodiversity, securing their habitat. We’ll also overhaul Australia’s weak environment laws and establish a new Environment Protection Authority – a tough cop on the beat - to independently assess projects, monitor them and enforce the laws.

Clean Up Politics

To clean up politics, we’d end political donations from corporations and establish a federal corruption watchdog.

However, it’s not just at this level that reform is required. Our public service was decimated by Tony Abbott and the government is now reliant on services provided by the big four accounting firms, PwC, Deloitte, Ernst and Young and KPMG. They are all big donors to the major parties. As well as draping a veil of secrecy around decision making (as we found when researching the background to the NSW government’s decision to amalgamate councils) and advocating for the sale of public assets, these same four auditing firms design the complex tax avoidance schemes for the very same corporations buying up our assets. Surely a condition of sale should be - must pay tax in Australia!

We’d also like to see an increase in public servants to return the experience and knowledge bank to infrastructure projects, introduce a cap on the use of consultants, as well as enshrining free speech for bureaucrats in law.

Free Uni and TAFE

To relieve cost of living pressures and increasing anxiety amongst young people, the Greens will fund free university and TAFE, by cutting the diesel fuel subsidies to Gina’s mining trucks. I benefitted enormously from a free education and I don’t want young people to be burdened by debt. We need to properly fund unis and increase the student allowance, so students can focus on their studies, not paying the rent.

Close the Camps

We want a return to a more humane and compassionate society and will work to close the cruel offshore detention centres. And provide a safe pathway for people who need our help.

Greens Preferences

If you vote Green, you can allocate your preferences in whatever order you like. 

Our How to Vote paper simply provides suggestions to voters – based on which candidates’ policies we believe are closest to The Greens’. We’d like to see a change of government and the Labor Party’s progressive positions on education, health, indigenous justice, social services and taxation, are the most closely aligned with our values. 

Unfortunately, the ALP’s intention to open up the Northern Territory to new gas extraction, using public money, is very disappointing.

However, should the Greens hold the balance of power in a minority government, Greens Senators like Mehreen Faruqi in NSW, will hold both the major parties to account, shine a light on injustices and block approvals for new fossil fuel projects. 

Declan Steele

Declan Steele is the Australian Labor Party Candidate for Mackellar.  Declan has lived his entire life in Collaroy.  He was educated at Collaroy Public School and completed his secondary education at Manly Selective Campus.  Declan is currently a student at Macquarie University in his third year of a Business Administration degree course.  Declan also woks part-time as an Optical Dispenser at Brookvale.

Declan Steele represents a ‘New Way for Mackellar’.  He is a local who cares and has seen the Liberals take our community for granted.  Declan cares about the people in our community and knows they deserve better.  As a young person Declan Steele knows that younger generations on the Northern Beaches are being priced out of our area and that climate change will affect our beautiful way of life for generations to come.  Declan will fight for housing affordability and real action on climate change under a Labor government

  • Declan will stand up for you.  Our community has been neglected by the Liberals.  Declan will:
  • Deliver real action on climate change through a strong focus on renewable energy;
  • Stop the cuts to local schools, TAFE and universities to give our children the best start in life;
  • Protect Medicare and adequately staff the Northern Beaches Hospital;
  • Fight for housing affordability and help level the playing field for first home buyers;
  • Ease the cost of living for local families by putting downward pressure on electricity prices;
  • Fully fund our ABC; and
  • Build a strong economy that works for all.

Declan is confident that Labor’s economic management policies will result in a very much fairer Australia.  The Liberal’s plan to cut taxes to the big banks and big companies will not help the average Australians on lower and middle incomes.  Labor’s tax plan which will give a bigger and fairer tax deal to those on lower and middle incomes is preferable to the Liberal’s plan for this group.  Rewarding the big banks and large companies is not the way to achieve a fairer Australia.  Declan is in favour of restoring penalty rates of pay and of achieving a reasonable increase in a living wage.  This will boost our economy and reduce the economic burden on those of modest incomes.

Declan realises that housing affordability is a big issue in Mackellar.  This was an affordable housing area until the 1970’s, but now it is rare for a house to sell for under $1,000,000.  An end to negative gearing on existing dwellings will help promote the supply of new dwellings and help improve the affordability of housing to first home buyers. 

Hospital waiting lists have increased significantly since the Liberals were elected in 2013.  During this time treasurer, Scott Morrison cut $715 million from Australia’s hospitals.  Now as Prime minister, he is planning to cut another $2.8 billion from public hospitals if he wins the next election.  A Bill Shorten Labor Government will blitz hospital waiting lists because we believe in more money for hospitals, not multinationals.

Declan is pleased that Labor will invest $2.3 billion in Medicare making it the biggest cancer care package in Australian history.  As part of Labor’s $2.8 billion Better Hospitals Fund we will dedicate $250 million to help reduce elective surgery waiting lists in public hospitals.

Declan understands the benefits to our local public schools due to Labor’s policy of providing more than $14 million in additional funding for local public schools.

Declan Steele as a local who listens and cares for our community truly represents a ‘New Way for Mackellar’.  

Jason Falinski

Jason Falinski's family has lived in the electorate for more than 70 years. Falinski holds an MBA from the Australian Graduate School of Management, a Graduate Diploma of Applied Finance from the Securities Institute of Australia, and a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from the University of Sydney. 

Jason is a former President of the NSW Young Liberals and worked as political adviser before working in Corporate Affairs roles with several companies and later as an Executive with Insurance Australia Group. In 2005 he set up his own company, CareWell Health, which was a health care furniture and equipment designer, manufacturer and provider. He also served on local Warringah Council for four years. 

For the 2019 Federal Election Mr. Falinski says:

I am committing to running on my record and the record of our Liberal Government.

We have increased funding for schools in Mackellar by 52 percent per student and we will be opening a fund of $200,000 available to schools in the electorate for local projects. 

We have increased funding for hospitals by a further 50 percent and locally  I succeeded in getting a Medicare license for the lifesaving MRI machines at Northern Beaches Hospital. 

I have stood with the community of Collaroy and together we succeeded in our fight against excessive clearway hours. I secured Over $2.5 million for upgrades to local sporting facilities including Cromer Park, Newport Rugby Club, St Matthews Farm Reserve and Narrabeen Athletics track

This is in addition to over $1.5 million worth of grants provided to over 80 local community organisations and schools over the last three years, such upgrades to Barrenjoey High School. Our Government will provide tax cuts for over 70,000 locals

I am the only candidate in favour of the Beaches Link Tunnel and I am proud to have secured federal funds towards this significant project, which will ease congestion, cut out up to 40 sets of traffic lights, and reduce travel times on the Northern Beaches by up to 100 minutes.

This campaign, I will be promoting these achievements while also highlighting just how Labor’s policies will adversely affect residents.

10,499 Mackellar residents would be hit by Labor’s Retiree Tax and 8,576 Mackellar residents would be hit by Labor’s Housing Tax. Bill Shorten poses the greatest threat to Australia’s economy in a generation, and his ill-conceived policies threaten our 27 years of consecutive economic growth.

Greg Levett
Christian Democratic Party (Fred Nile Group)

NB: the Christian Democratic Party preference Liberals and visa versa

Greg Levett is the Founder and Managing Director of Mortgage Excellence Pty Ltd and holds an Australian Credit Licence with in excess of 20 years in the Property & Finance Industry.

Nothing further supplied.