October 2 - 8, 2016: Issue 283

Lock Crowther 2016 Multihull Regatta

Lock Crowther Multihull Regatta 2016, hosted by RMYC Multihull Division - Day 2, Sunday Spinnaker run back from Barrenjoey - AJG photo

Lock Crowther Regatta 2016 

Hosted by Royal Motor Yacht Club Multihull Division

Starting with the Ocean Race on Friday, followed by a barbecue Friday night, where 50 plus sailors, Skippers and families were treated to some great food and good music, the 21st running of the Lock Crowther Regatta, hosted by the Royal Motor Yacht Club’s Multihull Division and the club itself, began in great style.

Saturday proved a little testier though, gale force winds with white caps and waves coming out of Elvina Bay when the start boat went out to set up the marks caused Rob Brown OAM and those aboard to confer with Alan Brand. 

The RMYC has a strict ‘safety first’ policy, which goes double for the Multihull Division and craft like Multihulls, built to fly in even a slight breeze, and so after an hour, with the Northwest- Westerly rising, the morning races were abandoned. 

Back on the dock Alan Brand said, 

“It’s disappointing. We put so much into Lock’s Regatta over so many months to make sure everything runs well and smoothly and provide a great time for the entrants onshore as much as great sailing inshore and offshore. The only thing we can’t control is the weather though, and we have to put our visitors and sailors safety first and foremost every time.”

“We’ll have a look this afternoon and may be able to begin the races for the Cruising Division and the Race boats then.”

swell and whitecaps coming out of Elvina Bay, Saturday 10 a.m.

There are always a lot of positives for the Lock Crowther Regatta every year though – the people who visit to sail in this great event honouring one of Australia's finest designers and sailors are easily some of the friendliest sailors and have a great time on the water and at the social events organised as part of the regatta. 

The Lock Crowther Regatta is held over the October long weekend, when many RMYC members have departed for a weekend away and so the clubhouse and its facilities are readily available for those who travel to join in each year.

The RMYC provides a great dinner for entrants in the Lock Crowther Regatta each year on the Saturday night, and with newly installed windbreaks in the open area downstairs, the great food, lovely setup by the water, and some live music in the lounge upstairs, easily one of the best views in Pittwater, a relaxing evening sets sailors up well for the Sunday races.

Held the same weekend Grand Finals happen in Aussie Rules and Rugby League, the flags flown for sailing weren’t the only ones apparent around the RMYC on Saturday and won’t be Sunday either. A few would have put their feet up to watch the first, the AFL, instead, ensconced in a comfy RMYC chair with a frosty beverage.

As soon as it began to get dark on Saturday afternoon the howling wind dropped, of course, and should set the fleet up for some great sailing on Sunday. 

With 24 boats in the Cruising and Racing Divisions this year, and another early start, morning and afternoon races are scheduled to test the skills of those competing in races, or cruises, from one end of Pittwater to the other.

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Results and more on the 21st Lock Crowther Regatta next Issue. 

Lock Crowther 2016 Crews and organisers

Report and photographs by AJ Guesdon, 2016

Lock Crowther Regatta 2016 - Hosted by Royal Motor Yacht Club, Broken Bay - Multihull Division

Photo Albums
LCMR 2016 Day 3: Start and legs of Inshore Race (a.m.) 
Presentation Dinner
LCMR 2016 Day 3 Album II: finish of Inshore Race (morning) and beginning of Offshore Race (Afternoon)
Crews and Briefing: Saturday 1.10.2016