August 26 - September 1, 2018: Issue 373


Next Phase Of Infrastructure Improvements To Commence At Mona Vale Hospital next week

Mona Vale Hospital fly-through of new structures for MVH - 

Next Phase of Infrastructure Improvements to Commence at Mona Vale Hospital

Friday August 24, 2018

Work will commence next week on the construction of a new Support Services Building at Mona Vale Hospital.

The modern building will accommodate necessary hospital support services including kitchens, laundry, cleaning, waste, staff facilities and engineering.

The building will join other new hospital buildings constructed at Mona Vale Hospital in recent years, including the Community Health Service Building in 2016, the Beachside Rehabilitation Unit in 2014 and the expansion of the Palliative Care Outpatient Unit in 2013. 

Work will also commence on the relocation of the hospital’s helipad to enable the construction of a new in-patient building to accommodate specialist inpatient palliative care and inpatient geriatric evaluation and management. The hospital’s emergency building will also be refurbished to provide a new 24/7 Urgent Care Centre.

“This is another important phase in the introduction of modern infrastructure at Mona Vale Hospital,” Rob Stokes said.

“We’re seeing millions of dollars continuing to be allocated to Mona Vale Hospital to ensure services in the future are provided in modern, purposely designed buildings.

“Over the past 7 years there have been huge changes at Mona Vale Hospital as new buildings have been constructed and older buildings have started to be removed. 

“The Mona Vale Hospital campus looks vastly different today than it did only a few years ago.

“Construction crews are again back at Mona Vale Hospital and further infrastructure works will soon be underway,” Rob Stokes said.

Over 250 public hospital staff will continue to work at Mona Vale Hospital in the future and all inpatient, urgent care and community health services will be provided by NSW Health. The entire Mona Vale Hospital campus remains in public ownership.

Mona Vale Hospital will continue to provide a range of existing and new health services including: 24/7 Urgent Care, radiology, pathology, pharmacy, inpatient rehabilitation and assessment, inpatient palliative care, inpatient geriatric evaluation and management, outpatient palliative care, adult and child dental surgery, hydrotherapy, paediatric occupational therapy, paediatric speech pathology, paediatric physiotherapy, adult, youth and child mental health, adult musculoskeletal physiotherapy, acute post-acute care, podiatry clinic, diabetes clinic, community drug and alcohol services, early childhood services, community nursing service, chronic disease community rehabilitation services, carer support services, community aged care/rehabilitation service, continence service, dietetics, outreach maternity antenatal clinic and cardiac rehabilitation.