December 1 - 7, 2019: Issue 431


Barrenjoey 365

Please enjoy a year in the life of Barrenjoey High School!  Barrenjoey 365!

Our aim with this video is to celebrate everything our students experience across one year - from the Year 7 Lighthouse Walk, various carnivals, excursions to Year 12 Graduation and the Year 12 Dawn Walk to the Lighthouse.

Our vision, in concert with parents and the wider community, is to consistently deliver quality education within a safe and nurturing environment where we foster opportunities for students to contribute to the ethos of the School.

Our aim is to develop respectful future citizens and leaders with a self-awareness exuding pride and confidence, students who are active, lifelong learners who embrace responsibility.

Barrenjoey aims to provide an individually tailored school experience that is created from consistent processes, innovative strategies and enriched with relevant teaching practices.

Barrenjoey aims to support the wellbeing of all students while consistently rewarding student effort, setting high expectations and promoting academic rigour.

The community can expect Barrenjoey to be a comprehensive centre for academic and creative excellence.


Summer In Pittwater games on Hitchcock Park, North Avalon
Is... a Mona Vale pool sunrise - photo by Joe Mills
Is... Lilli pillys flowering at the beginning of Summer that will be fruit in a few more weeks

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