April 23 - 29, 2017: Issue 309

'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall: Motion to Fight To Restore Pittwater Council Passes 

Pittwater Pathways 

Published on 18 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
Would you rather have 6 storey developments - or places like this? 
Fight to save Pittwater, oppose the NSW Government’s forced development agenda. 
Interim Chair of the Friends of Mona Vale Committee Mark Edwards acted as adjudicator at the April 9th meeting of residents concerned the B-Line Bus Service is the forerunner of developing Mona Vale in a manner in opposition to the core intrinsic values residents wish to maintain in Pittwater.

As with all these recent rallies the subject of the forced amalgamation of Pittwater was also spoken of and a Motion was put that
‘This Meeting calls for immediate action against the forced amalgamation of Pittwater" which was passed unanimously.

Further to this Motion, plans to launch a crowd funding page have been discussed by former Pittwater Councillor’s Sue Young and Bob Grace along with community members Sue Colvin and Stacey Mitchell.

“This will enable the community to support an opportunity to contribute to obtaining a solicitor and take action to have Pittwater Council restored through the rescission of the forced amalgamation." Mr. Grace stated yesterday, Saturday 22nd of April.

"We may take action for wrongful dismissal and will seek a mandatory injunction to restrain this Northern Beaches Council from acting as if Pittwater is part of their council.” Mr. Grace continued.

“We aim to finalise what we determine should now be done and set up this facility this coming week. We believe we have a good case and can win.” 

Those who wish to contact the Pittwater Council councillor of 20 years service may email him at bobhgrace@gmail.com or telephone 0416 222 103

On April 21st the Save Our Councils Coalition (SOCC) forwarded the following:

'The massive swings against the NSW Liberal Party in the April 2017 by-elections of North Shore and Manly were a direct result of the Liberal Government’s forced council amalgamations agenda, a failure to hold plebiscites, an inability to genuinely listen to the community and a dramatic loss of trust from the people.

“The ongoing battle between the left and right factions of the Liberal Party and the influence of property developers and political lobbyists on party policy, has compounded the problems faced by the Government,” says Save Our Councils (SOCC) spokesman Phil Jenkyn.

“The Court of Appeal in the Ku-ring-gai case recently found that the council was denied procedural fairness by being refused access to relevant documents underpinning financial conclusions in the Government’s public KPMG analysis. This refusal to provide basic material applies to all merger proposals including proposals implemented and is a fundamental legal flaw in the process adopted by the Government,” Mr. Jenkyn said.

Five other councils with similar claims await the decision of the same Court of Appeal. Woollahra is shortly before the High Court with its special leave application.

The Government’s whole process in attacking local communities and their elected local councils is in a shambles both legally and politically. The Government has no mandate from the people. It has refused to allow plebiscites in the process. It is frankly fearful of the people.

“Save Our Councils Coalition calls upon the Liberal/National Government to withdraw its forced council amalgamations and to do so now,” SOCC President Brian Halstead stated.

“If it fails so to act, it is probable that the courts will continue to set aside the merger proposals, community anger will continue to increase in the run up to the Local Government elections in September and further increase in the run up to the State elections in March 2019.

“This is a Government that has seriously lost its way. Now is the time for it to act decisively, withdraw forced amalgamations and work cooperatively with communities on genuine reform,” Mr. Halstead said in closing.

John Illingsworth attended the "Don't Be Developed Out of Pittwater' rally organised by the friends of Mona Vale and shares videos of the Speakers below which encompass what insights were given and what was discussed.

The Friends of Mona Vale have a Facebook page where regular updates are posted.

Voices for Pittwater: Phil Walker

Published on 13 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall, 9 April 2017. Phil Walker exposes the Mona Vale Place Plan for what it is - a massive FAIL.

Voices for Pittwater: Bob Grace

Published on 11 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall, 9 April 2017. When we were Pittwater we had a vote! We are back to where we were (part of Warringah) but whereas it was 3 out of 12 we are now just 3 out of 15. People I speak to are over politics: politicians don't represent us anymore, they represent themselves. We will go back to as we were.

Voices for Pittwater: Dave Murray

Published on 12 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways

Voices for Pittwater: Bronwyn Bishop

Published on 9 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall, 9 April 2017. Bronwyn Bishop's impromptu speech a ripper: 
1) 'Local government local and close to the people.' 
2) 'to see that hospital now to be abandoned, to me, is just appalling.' 
3) We're not being nimbys ... this place matters ... it is important to the whole of the design of the entire city of Sydney.' 
Barrie Unsworth responds with 'Bring Back Bronwyn!' In Pittwater these issues transcend party politics.

Voices for Pittwater: Barrie Unsworth

Published on 10 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall, 9 April 2017. Former Premier and Transport Minister Barrie Unsworth: 1) ‘We are up against brutalism here, in Mona Vale, in respect to the development of the B-Line’. 2) ‘From todays meeting we have the opportunity to go back to the Government and say ’We want the B-Line bus stop – if we’re going to have a B-Line – back at Waratah Street’”. 3) ‘For local federal representative Falinski to interfere in State matters in saying the B-Line should be run by the private sector, and then secondly insulting all the people who are currently providing a service, I think it’s deplorable!’ 4) ‘We indicate from this meeting that we reject representative Falinski’s comments, and we also tell Premier Berejiklian what our views are – that we are very satisfied with the operation of Government buses.’ There’s more - watch the video.

Voices for Pittwater: Jenny Stone

Published on 11 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall, 9 April 2017. Jenny Stone’s eloquent address: 1) The importance of the social contract between governments and citizens, and the consequences of it failing. 2) The importance of environmental design – invest in inclusive public spaces. 3) Mona Vale Library and Village Park are perfect examples of inclusive public spaces that facilitate social cohesion. 4) Their erosion puts our community at risk.

Voices for Pittwater: John Peterson

Published on 17 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
'Don't be developed out of Pittwater' rally at Mona Vale's Memorial Hall, 9 April 2017. Pittwater Council strongly refused Bayview Golf Club’s 95 unit development application but it has just been approved by the NSW Department of Planning. Without a truly independent Pittwater Council there are just two chances Pittwater's environment will survive the impending development onslaught – 20% as discussed, and Buckleys.

Voices for Pittwater: William Bourke

Published on 12 Apr 2017 by Pittwater Pathways
The Sustainable Australia Party President and Secretary - Over one million Australians voted for our party in their top six Senate choices in the 2016 federal election. We are now using this momentum to launch state parties in NSW and Victoria.