September 20 - 26, 2020: Issue 467


Saturday Afternoon Food Choices At Church Point

Bennett's Beach, Church Point A J Guesdon photo

Brilliant sunshine on Saturdays draws people to open spaces with waterviews like that found at Church Point and Thomas Stephens Reserve*, or just enjoying the water and passing boats from Bennett’s Beach.

When you go to Church Point wharf and environs for lunch you have three great options to choose from – The Church Point Waterfront Store and Café, the brilliant little food truck offered by the crew from Pasadena Pantry and Fresh, and the Pasadena itself.

With a wedding on at The Pasadena, and great offerings from the Pasadena Pantry and Fresh food truck and the Waterfront Café, and a furry companion present, the takeaway burgers and views option was our choice. One of us chose a scrumptious steak sandwich from the food caravan – crunchy fresh baguette loaded with lashings of perfectly cooked steak and salad – while the other chose to give the Waterfront Café a whirl and selected a Chicken Schnitzel burger with chips and cold drink ‘Combo’ package – seriously good stuff!

This was the basics of course, so we could sit by the ferry wharf and enjoy time with our dog and the passing parade – all these places have some of the best menus and food available in Pittwater.

At the Waterfront Store and Café there is a wonderful enclosed deck you can sit at (without dog in tow) where a choice between antipasto, Mains, Pizzas, Gourmet Burgers, Pastas and Salads will leave you spoilt for choice. There’s also a great line up of musicians on Sundays – but you do need to book.

A few examples from the Waterfront’s menu;

Mezze Plate; Five of the Waterfront kitchen’s signature dips: Hommous, roast capsicum, avocado, beetroot and olive tapenade served with a hot, cheesy pizza crust. Or Salmon Pie; Atlantic salmon, potato, leek & feta in a signature bechamel sauce. Topped with puff pastry & served with a side of steamed green vegetables. The Mixed Seafood Platter; Fresh oysters, smoked salmon, flathead fillet (grilled or battered), prawns, crab claws, calamari, octopus carpaccio, chips and salad. Pasta lovers will be back again and again for the Crab Meat Risotto; Pan fried crab meat in olive oil, asparagus, garlic, chilli and fresh basil, served with napolitana sauce topped with aged Grana Padano (GF) or this personal favourite - Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli; House made ravioli, filled with spinach and ricotta finished in a fresh traditional tomato and basil napolitana sauce.

Lots more available - have a look at:

Pasadena Pantry and Fresh is an upmarket delicatessen and convenience store in the newly renovated Pasadena building at Church Point. Long-time offshorer Colin Pitstock is the entrepreneurial spirit behind this great store and food caravan. A Bon vivant, Woody Pointer, Christmas choir host for a phenomenal five years, and willing Elvina Bay fireshed kitchen hand, Colin says PP&F is aimed at making life easier, tastier, fresher and more convenient for residents of the Bays and Scotland Island.

One word mumbled while the Steak sandwich was being consumed: YUM!

As the Pasadena was hosting a wedding there was no chance to sample their menu – so we’ll have to head over the bay again – this time ringing in advance to see if we can get a table.

In the meantime, those interested can visit: and peruse their current menu, which includes a selection for the littlies. 

* named to honour Church Point resident and Town Planner and Shire Engineer of the former Warringah Shire Council from 1951 to 1961.