February 7 - 13, 2021: Issue 482


Café By The Sea + Cellar By The Sea Launches This February!

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Mel and Dave Moss

Serving Pittwater From Bayview To Palm Beach: Launches Friday February 19, 2021

Operating Hours
Friday, Thursday and Sunday: 10 am to 6 pm
Monday to Thursday - accepting all pre-orders; up to 14 days in advance.

Email: cheers@cellarbysea.com.au
Ph: 0492 900 194
Website: www.cellarbysea.com

2020. The world had shifted on its axis, stress and anxiety became more prevalent than ever as we tried to deal with the challenges that were thrown at us. 

Getting away from it all, reconnecting with family and quality time are now a number one priority. The boating industry has exploded with Summer on Pittwater busier than ever!

Launching this February 2021, Café By Sea is a locally run, family start up business brought to you by the same creative visionary behind the Avalon on the Green music festival fundraiser for Avalon Public School in 2019, Mel Moss and husband Dave Moss. 

Mel says; 

''Our dream of a big, beautiful timber boat putting around Pittwater, serving best quality coffee by Seven Miles Roasters, fresh made La Banette bakery treats, Pittwater Seafood prawns and Streets ice-creams to boating enthusiasts and their families is so close to fruition we can almost smell the beans!

We are committed to providing professional and responsible service whilst ensuring our impact on Pittwater and its surrounds is minimal. Uncountable hours have been spent sourcing biodegradable, plant based takeaway coffee cups and lids, ethical, straight from the farm coffee and locally made edible treats. We wouldn't accept anything less and nor should our customers.''

Running alongside the Café By Sea coffee boat will be the team's second start up business to launch this month - Cellar By Sea, the first in Australia, an on water alcohol delivery service servicing boats on Pittwater and fixed addresses. Yummy prawns, fresh bread, and lots of great locally-made beverages can be delivered to you without you having to leave your boat.

Cellar By Sea is an on water beverage delivery business launching this February 2021. 

Mel said this week of this great new venture

''We endeavour to provide boating enthusiasts with alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, snacks and substantial food delivered by boat. Once customers place their order at www.cellarbysea.com.au they can sit back and relax on their boat knowing their needs are completely taken care of. 

We are committed to providing professional and responsible service of alcohol whilst creating an enjoyable experience and negating the job of carrying a heavy excess when heading out to enjoy time on the water. There is now no need to leave the perfect spot to purchase drinks and snacks.

We are excited to put our experienced palettes to use providing the best wines, sparkling and beer from small boutique producers as well as some amazing healthy mixers and non alcoholic newcomers to the market, all of which will enhance the joy of being out on Sydney’s incredible waterways.'' 

Orders must be made via www.cellarbysea.com.au due to the license conditions and once made, their high powered delivery boats and handpicked, RSA qualified A-team are ready to bring the fun. The party really doesn't start until we set sail. 

''Our business is new and completely original. We are local people, committed to enhancing our community. Cellar By Sea is the only company to have successfully obtained a packaged liquor license to deliver on water in Australia and as far as we know the world!'' Mel explained

To launch locally in our home of Pittwater is an honour. We have been entrusted with a great deal of responsibility and there is huge potential to join our Cellar By Sea family and ride the bow wave with us. It would be our pleasure to have you aboard.''

As a thank you in helping a little start up with a huge heart we’d love to provide Pittwater Online News readers with a 10% discount code they can use when placing their order with us: CBSFRIENDS10**''

So next time you've cleaned the boat until it sparkles, emptied your calendar and set out for a weekend of family fun on beautiful Pittwater and then find, as you round the heads you've forgotten something, Cellar by Sea is ready to answer the call, delivering ice cold alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages, catering, snacks and more straight to your boat. 

Don't waste a glorious day heading back to shore - get the Cellar by the Sea team on board and keep enjoying your boating.

''Think of us as your party assistant - simply place an order online and we will deliver ice cold drinks and delicious food platters directly to your boat.'' Mel says.

More information can be found on the website: www.cellarbysea.com.au

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**only one offer per vessel. Expires March 31st, 2021

NB: The Liquor License conditions require that the crew wait one hour after receiving your order to deliver it. They highly recommend using their scheduling service and plan for your needs in advance.

The Cellar by the Sea crew can stock your boat for you at a marina or meet you at a specific time and place. You can pre-order up to a fortnight in advance and ensure we have everything you need! They can also arrange great food for you.

The Liquor License Conditions allow the Cellar by the Sea crew to delivery to the following only:

  • Registered boat. The boat can be on a mooring, jetty, quay, marina, at anchor or inside enclosed waters.
  • House or building with a jetty or beach access - you must be able to prove you are residing within that building.
  • They cannot deliver to beaches, inlets, parks or any open outdoors area.

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