February 14 - 20, 2021: Issue 483


Bangalley Neglect Disgraceful: Lack Of Care Of Bushland Since Amalgamation An Indication Of How Much Council Is Out Of Step With Residents

The invasive weed Morning Glory strangles and kills all in its path

This week Pittwater Online received a plea for help from the Bangalley Head Landcare group; 

We Bangalley bushcare volunteers are really angry at Northern Beaches Council's neglect of this reserve. We work at the foot of the track on Whale Beach Road. Weeds are taking over the bush. The Morning Glory, Trad and other grass weeds and vines are smothering the native plants. 

The bushcare group cannot save this bushland without help from the contractors. Please demand proper bushland management from NBC. 

This mess shows how little the Northern Beaches Council values Bangalley Head Reserve, a Wildlife Preservation Area with a huge list of native plants and animals.

Our Bangalley volunteer bushcare group has been working on this site since 2004. We can only work for three hours on the second Sunday morning of each month when we get 6 volunteers if we’re lucky. Rain and COVID have prevented us coming here much in 2020.

Should we just give up? Stop caring? We love the bush and want to look after it.

You can help look after the reserve by protesting this neglect and asking for proper management.  Please email or write letters to the Councillors and CEO - this neglect must cease.

A Survey of Vertebrate Fauna of Bangalley Head Reserve (September 2019-November 2020) has just been completed by Jayden Walsh, engaged by Pittwater Natural Heritage Association. He found a total of 61 bird, 11 reptile, 3 amphibian and 11 mammal species in the survey period. 

The volunteers and residents state the NBC should accept care of bushland as one of the overlooked costs of the amalgamation.

The weeds are damaging the bushland and getting rapidly worse. The weeds named actually strangle the bush.

Contract bush regeneration funding must be increased for proper maintenance of this area.

''NBC is supposed to be looking after our natural environment.'' the group states.

They ask residents to not be fobbed off by claims that COVID has reduced NBC income - in fact, this problem at Bangalley has been developing for a few years, not just a few months - since Pittwater was usurped. 

The amount of rate payers dollars being spent sending us all spin-letters about 'rates harmonisation', or, this week, another telling all the 'Avalon Beach Place Plan' about to go on exhibition indicate where NBC deems our dollars can be spent. 

The group is asking all residents to write or email all councillors and the CEO and keep a record of their letter - it's time we all stood up for Pittwater again. The neglect of what Pittwater people hold to be important, the ignoring of where we think our rates should be spent, must cease.

Enough endless studies and consultations that ignore what 99% of residents have said, enough announcements about where to put in more concrete, or seeing those interminable sandstone blocks suddenly  flourishing like mushrooms all over our once green gentle landscapes without any announcements that a new row of these are about to be put in.

This is a disgrace and should be addressed immediately - it's time to get with the Pittwater Program!

Residents whose homes back onto the reserve have also been sending emails and messages in lately - they want a few Council rangers to do a stroll through this Wildlife Preservation Area and hand out a few fines to those taking dogs into this NO DOGS area. That's no dogs, not even on a leash.

Enough lurking around car parks handing out fines - get off the bitumen and into the parks, onto the beaches and Wildlife Preservation Areas and save our wildlife along with the peace and safety of all the other humans who go there.

In the meantime, Avalon and Whale Beach residents, the group meets today, 8.30 am, at the foot of the track on Whale Beach Road (between Numbers 81-83) to try and get some of these weeds out. If you can lend a hand for a few hours, those hands will be most welcome - let's not wait for the Council imposed on us, that is clearly so out of step with what really goes on in Pittwater.

Message the Bangalley group via their Facebook page if in doubt about the weather or phone 0420 817 574. There will be cake for morning tea.

The Bangalley Head Landcare group usually meets on the third Sunday each month but is giving up this Sunday morning, Valentine's Day 2021, to put some love back into this Wildlife Preservation Area.

Those 61 bird, 11 reptile, 3 amphibian and 11 mammal species who actually live there, along with all the flora species, and this group of local volunteers need our help.

Golden Whistler, male, one of the birds that lives on Bangalley - photo by Nick Hill