Artists Of The Month July 2021 - Bernadette Kelly & Joanne Seve: Sunrising At Avalon Beach

During the recent Winter School Holidays, and every morning since stay-at-home orders have been in place, a mother-daughter stroll to one of the favourite lookout points for residents, South Avalon Beach headland, has been an opportunity to take some rather nice sunrise photos. In fact, of all subjects chosen to take an image of locally, sunrises and sunsets are the most popular, especially if they are focused on local landmarks and water, that can reflect, is involved. With Winter being a time of changing weather, the day to day difference can be quite marked.

We asked Bernadette and Joanne a few questions about these dawn strolls, which they call 'Sunrising at Avalon', and asked if we could run these great images. All the Avalon sunrise photos from 27.6.21 onwards are taken by Joanne Seve or Bernadette Kelly on their early morning exercise walks together at Avalon Beach during lockdown. Joanne says most of these were taken by Bernadette.

Readers may recall Bernadette sending in numerous images over the years, some of which have run on the Front Page, so it's nice to share a little insight into her current focus - enjoying where you are!

Bernadette’s 'eye for a good photo' has shown for years now, so it will be interesting to see how it develops as the years progress.

A few questions and answers:

Have you been enjoying your walks/exercise during current lockdown?

We have loved our early morning walks at sunrise during lockdown.

What has been your favourite ‘capture’ image taken and why is it your favourite?

We find it hard to pick a favourite among the sunrise photos because each one captures something so uniquely beautiful.

On the morning of Monday 5 July, the rays of light emanating from the rising sun were vivid, tranquil and mesmerising. 

The other photo is one that we like to call “Family members running into one another on a walk”.

Monday 5 July, 2021 sunrise at Avalon Beach

Family members running into one another on a walk

What is the best thing about living in our area during winter?

The wonderful thing about sunrise and sunset is that they happen everywhere, every day and are available for everyone to see and enjoy, if they are free to venture outside at those times.

For those who are unable to do so, photos are a lovely way of sharing the beauty.

A friend commented that Sydney may be in lockdown but God is still smiling.

First night of lockdown in Avalon, June 27, 2021

First night of lockdown in Avalon, June 27, 2021

At the beach, June 29, 2021

Each morning at Avalon Beach, the sun peeks through the rock formations and reflects colours in the sky, on the ocean and wet sands, with light refracted by the clouds and waves.

In Winter, sunrise is later than at other times of the year and the cool air and ocean breezes are refreshing. 

There is always something beautiful to see in nature and Winter gives us an opportunity for new perspectives.

It’s important to appreciate wherever we are, especially in lockdown.

Joanne Seve & Bernadette Kelly, July 2021

Avalon Sunrises In Lockdown  

June 27th, 2021:

June 28th, 2021:

June 29th, 2021:

June 30th, 2021:

July 1st, 2021:

July 2nd, 2021:

July 3rd, 2021:

July 4th, 2021:

July 5th, 2021:

July 6th, 2021:

July 7th, 2021:

A sunlit stairwell

Sunset over Paradise Beach

July 8th, 2021:

July 9th, 2021:

July 10th, 2021:

July 11th, 2021:

July 12th, 2021:

July 13th, 2021:

July 14th, 2021:

Bernadette's from same morning:

July 15th, 2021:

July 16th, 2021:

July 17th, 2021:

July 18th, 2021:

July 19th, 2021: