May 28 - June 3  2023: Issue 585


Aquatic Reflections Seen This Past Week: Narrabeen + Turimetta 

all photos by Joe Mills

The soft breeze blows on Narrabeen,
Bright lake of gleaming light;
The sky is deep and blue and clean.
With fleecy clouds bedight.
And steadily the slow oars beat
As drums mark time in music sweet.

The hills that hold the lake between
Their green and shining knees,
Are Jealous lest fair Narrabeen
Be won by creaming seas.
That break against the sandy bar,
Where peace and dreams and beauty are.

The sunlight shines on Narrabeen,
Prom Deep Creek to the sea;
By sandy capes the tall trees lean.
As though they long to be
Reflected where water lies, 
A mirror for the summer skies.   

The sunset falls on tree and tide, 
The leaping fish are still;
The little elves of silence hide
By reedy reach and hill;
Only the soft sound of the oars     
Wakens old dreams along dim shores.

The night wind sings to Narrabeen,
A lover tried and true;
From purple skies the white stare lean,
To light the waters through; 
And slow, so slow, the timed oars beat,
Light as soft drums in music sweet.

LAKE NARRABEEN. (1931, November 14). The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954), p. 9. Retrieved from