March 6 - 12, 2016: Issue 254

2016 Hybrid Match: Battle of the Bends
Avalon Bulldogs and Newport Breakers

The Hybrid 'Battle of the Bends' match between the Avalon Bulldogs and Newport Breakers on Saturday evening was fast, intense and one of the most exciting matches witnessed. People who haven't attended a football game of any sort went to have a look, the host of youngsters who filled the field at halftime, kicking balls to each other, proved how inspired they were, while the stands of Rat Park roared with each run, each pass, each tumble for all of the 20 minute quarters.
There was still lightening and thunder in this rematch and two teams of players able to adapt to showing some finesse in each other's code and pretty fleet in their own, for a pre-season match.

Avalon were first to score, finishing the first quarter 7- nil. with Sam Meehan dashing over the line, chased by Hugh Lamrock, and then a very neat conversion by Zac Meechan.
As soon as the players came back onto the field, Newport countered - Sam Powell took a run, dived, pushed....pushed....made it, and then converted. - 7 - 5 at halftime.
Avalon came back strong during the third quarter, Jack Webster sprinting down the field - end of third quarter 14 - 5.
Newport kept going, scored again - 14 -10 with only minutes to go.... in fact, it was so fast and intense out there that the last minute was kept going for at least another minute.

The 'cameos' by Mr. Lyons and Hopate weren't cameos at all - they both were full members of the team when on field and didn't take their eyes off the action when off the field. During the last minutes f the last quarter both wanted back on the field.

2016 Hybrid 'Battle of the Bends' photo album is HERE for those who want to see all that intensity (fuzzies left in for coaches: program still loading up all pictures at 8am - so check back for more) a sample runs below as this week's pictorial.
The 2016 Hybrid Teams are listed below, for the record. Saturday April 2nd is the scheduled start of season - get along to either club, or any of the other footy codes and clubs that thrive locally, and get some lightening in your veins too!
Avalon Gains a Newport convert!

2016 Avalon Bulldogs League Club Hybrid Game Team
13. Nathan Johnson    NUG
11.Kurt Stevenson      STEVO
12. Tim Goozee          GOOZ
14.Mitch Levett           VETA
8. Aaron Groome       GROOMY
10. Mark Bryant          BOX
9. Chris Seymour       PIG
15. Sam Blundell        WESTY

1. Sam Meehan          MIERGE
3. Will Haines              HAINESY
4. Jack Webster          WEBBY
19. Cliffy Lyons           CLIFFY
20. John Hopate         HOPPA
16. Ryan Clissord       KEN
5. Oscar Barry             BAZZA
17. Craig Womorsley TRUCKY
18. Michael Bowdon   BOWDO
7. Alan Avis                  AL
6. Ryan Evans              RHINO  CAPTAIN.
2. Zac Meechan           ZACY
Director of Coaching/Coach: Gaven Sheehan
Coach: Craig Goozee
Avalon Bulldogs President: Michael Birtwhistle

Avalon Bulldogs would like to thank Corporate Energy Services, National Provider of Electricity, for their generous sponsorship of their 2016 Hybrid Match Jerseys

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2016 Newport Breakers Rugby Club Hybrid Game Team
15 Hugh Lamrock    Fullback
14 Evander               R.Wing
13 Jackson Barry    Outside Centre
12 Max Fletcher       Inside Centre
11 Tynan Linton        L.Wing
10 Luke Duesbury    Fly-half
9 Sam Hewitt            Scrum-half
1 Laiatea Fotofili      Loose Head Prop
2 Michael Martin       Hooker
3 Moses Keresi        Tight Head Prop
4 Daniel Mohenoa   2nd row
5 Neil Glassie          2nd row - Captain
8 Tom Priddis          No 8
16 Sam Powell    
17 Jake Roberts    
18 Jay Alatimu    
19 Illy    
20 Ish    
21 Tomas Anderson    
22 Marcus Brandon    
23 James Vanisi    
24 Uitime Loefkvist    
25 Joey Osborne    
Director of Coaching/Coach: Adam Griffiths 
Newport Breakers President: Piers Warren

Newport Bulldogs would like tot hank L J Hooker Newport for their generous sponsorship of their 2016 Hybrid Match Jerseys
Rugby + Fun at Newport
Newport fields for 4 Senior teams and 1 Colts team. They play in the Barraclough Cup competition which commences on April 2nd 2016.
We are "The Breakers" with a love and record for enjoying success on the field and great camaraderie afterwards - at one of Sydney's finest rugby locales behind Newport Beach.
You are welcomed to Training now - Thursdays 6.30pm. New players - call Adam Griffiths (0410 565 752) He will welcome you along and explain where to attend.
Facebook: www.facebock.corntNewportBreakersRugby
Mr Hopate put in a full effort!
Rules of Hybrid Rugby incorporating the Hybrid "SHOT CLOCK"
The Hybrid game combines the 'rules of Rugby League' and the 'laws of Rugby Union', with the addition of a number of unique 'Hybrid Rugby' rules that will enable a Rugby Union side to play a Rugby League side in a proper contest.
When the team in possession is in their own (defensive) half of the field, the game is played in accordance with the rules of Rugby League ('Play the Ball'). When the team in possession is in the (attacking) half of the field, the game is played in accordance with the laws of Rugby Union ('Ruck and Maul').
The unique Hybrid Rugby rules listed below are applied in conjunction with the rules of Rugby League and laws of Rugby Union, hence an understanding of these codes is required.
Thirteen (13) players are allowed on the field at any single time, six (6) forwards and seven (7) backs, with an additional ten (10) reserves. A total of 23 players - all interchangeable during any quarter.
A try is worth five (5) points; conversions and penalty goals are worth two (2) points; a field goal is worth one (1) point.
A Shot Clock is used to restrict the attacking side to sixty (60) seconds of possession in each half of the field (no tackle counts are used). NB - The average time for a set of six tackles is (48-50) seconds.
Two (2) referees, one from each code, are to umpire Hybrid matches similarly to the NRL style of refereeing currently used in Rugby league.
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 Above and Below: 2016 Newport Breakers Hybrid Match Team + Man of the Match: Hugh Lamrock


Photos by A J Guesdon, 2016.