April 15 - 21, 2012: Issue 54

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 Sweet Mid-Autumn Swells

There’s something about the middle of autumn in Pittwater that brings home how vitality fills life here. With air and water still warm, despite a few south boding middle of winter winds this week, it’s a wonderful part of this season and a great time of year. There are a few clean swells, the sea has a mellower crystalline quality, and quietness settles a soothing lulling over the beaches and bays. Golden hues, more alike metal brasses and gold itself then the watery bubbling golds of Spring, brim from earth, plant, water and the sky. On Saturday morning(14.4.2012), air filled with so much salt it makes you want to dive into the ocean, slough off the last of the end of Summer skin, those out and about were mostly in or beside the water. A few colours from them…